Tuesday, 12 October 2010

keep the change - G Clair

There's a hole in my pocket where change used to be
for one cup of coffee, the second one's free
do I go where I'm led though I haven't a key
and eat what I'm fed without question of fee?
Across sits a friend who cares for my soul
he fears for my safety, my wholeness his goal
so without any greed or selfish intent
he pays for my dinner and cancels the rent.
He knew what I needed, like father knows best
food, clothing, shelter, a clean place to rest
I call him my savior, my king and the boss
He won't take the glory but points to the cross.
I soon find a job, and a home for my stuff
it's all that I have but it's more than enough
The courage to change what I could was the key
the burden's been lifted, I'm finally free.
Without faith in God I could easily fall back
'cause there's always that vice like a Big Mac attack
tested and tempted I use what I've learned
stick with The Truth and you're less often burned.
So where are you now, and where have you been
did you latch onto God, and spit out the sin?
just take a deep breath, you're here 'til your death
trust in the Lord and then start again fresh.
There's change in my pocket where a hole used be
for one cup of coffee, the second one's free

Thursday, 7 October 2010

pondering- G Clair

well you always give me reason
to believe that you'll come through
be it in or out of season
seems you're steady and you're true
never questioning my motives
never asking for my heart
never lighting up the votives
loving freedom from the start
yes. the love you give is fitting
always proper, keeping pace
with a girl whose sick of sitting
now you're motioning for space
you'll be waving from the sidewalk
as I'm running down the street
lest you'd have to hear that I'd walk
several miles with you in heat
so i have to stop and wonder
why you'd bother then to stay
when you hear the distant thunder
fear the rain that's on the way...