Monday, 25 February 2008

Cry Baby

It's hard to think that we'd forget,
but harder still is writing songs about it
We never felt so bad and yet
th therapist is bent on getting us to pout about it.
for all eternity
left out of maternity
wearing funny clothes
feelin bad out my nose!

No one else could really care
about the heartache in my hair
how one word could scar a life
silent strife,a cross to bear
knowing it would come around
I forgave but it's still there

The only thing that mattered
the only thing we knew
was that our hearts were shattered
and still our bodies grew
and we were grown up,
the bag is filled to bursting

fed up
hungry and still thirsting
let down
turn around
see the mess we're in
carrying this bitterness
was something of a sin
what to do,
just walk away
or kick it to the curb
sort through stinkin garbage
jagged memories to disturb

A typical reaction
to our pain is to forget
to push it down and numb it out
something I regret
well somedays I can laugh about it
somedays wanna to keel
God above, if you are Love
melt this heart of steel
I've had enough of carrying
this burden on my back
jumping off the boxcar
throwing down this sack

if it's true that you are God
and in you there's no lack
wash away the dirt
and get this monkey off my back

sick of all the drama
tired of being shy
holding back, the pressure builds
The dam bursts
I cry...

and You say~

Tell Me.
Tell me what you think about Me~
Let Me
let Me tell you what I think about you~
Loved you
Loved you from the start of all creation
had you set apart for our relation~
Wanted you to need me
though I'm not the needy type
trying to be heard above the noise
and all the hype
now you're finally listening
Just know that you are mine
This is what you're made for
and it is not a pick-up line

I've got your back, you're covered now,
forgiven and set free
Nothing separates our Love,
and that's enough for me.

You're enough for me.
Cry baby.

Friday, 22 February 2008

just to know you

when there are no answers which will satisfy your questions
i can tell you
i can tell you
stop with all the questions, they won't help when there's no answer
i can tell you
i can tell you
you are only one small star but
can light the darkness with your smile
little child.
when you go to sleep at night you try to let go of the fright
and pain
in your brain
and when you rise and shine it might not be the way you feel inside
but someday
baby, someday
you will laugh and shine again and wonder how and wonder when
it happened
how'd that happen?
things are not the same for everyone, it's not a game, but still
we come back
we come back~
and if you do not know the way, there's someone by your side today
to guide you
right beside you~
He's the one and only one, the Father sent his only Son
to find us
to find us
lonely and in emnity, and searching for identity
we stumbled
then we tumbled
still we had our ups and downs, 'cause even in the depths there's clowns
that cheer us
demons fear us
but if you've got connections to the King of resurrections
you'll be lifted
free and gifted
so if at night, you can not sleep, count it right, you are the sheep
he shepherds
your loving shepherd
leaves the rest and comes for you, wants you back, to talk to you
just listen
wait and listen
rest in Him, He holds no grudge, hates all sin, a righteous judge
but loves you
deeply loves you.
don't be fooled there's nothing out in outer space but you need Grace
it's right here
always right here.
in a closet. on a shelf , in field all by yourself
he's present
ever present.
Waiting for the day when you will take him in and say
I want to know you
just to know you.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

You are Love

You are here
in the light
in the darkest
of the night
and you surround me
You surround me
I was lost
but was found
wandered off again
but you came out and found me
You surround me

speak softly
tell me not to be afraid or to consider
any other way, that which is bitter
keep me from religious law and letter
in You, all things work together for the better
for You are Love, simply Love.

not alone
never was
but I struggle
to be what
they have expected
and rejected~
once again,
not enough
while these words come off the cuff
there's something waiting~

speak softly
tell me not to be afraid or to consider
any other way , that which is bitter
keep me from religious law and letter
in You, all things work together for the better
for You are Love, simply Love.

match. bomb

beat for beat and measure for measure
grapes of gall, fermenting displeasure
tasted enough to know this can't be real
while mashing my heart in the search engine wheel

One If By Land

the back roads to Red Bank
are bumpy and narrow,
hard on the bones
but good for the marrow;

i looked at the clouds,
shook out the lining,
can't see the forest
for all of my pining.

ironic that shells
echo the sea
the old man batters 'em

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

and the wives grumble

cowboys and indians, old as the hills
enlightened by alcohol's forces;
like big children playing, this gives me chills
you'd think they'd be out riding horses.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Dear Moenhead

i am so deeply relieved that you are here for me
when I walk in the door
silently waiting to comfort me after a long day.
I look up at your beautiful head,
yes, I have neglected you~ there is rust collecting in your pores,
and tears welling up in your sparkling grey eyes
I wonder how long you have been going on like this?
Oh come now. Don't be cold. I'm home!
We can be together, right?
I turn up the heat and quickly undress
no wasting time
I turn you on, warm you up,
and step into your powerful flow of pure joy...
You shower me with kindness, gently massaging
away my every ache,
all the day's tension down the drain
oh you are the best~
under your washful forgiving eyes,
freed from from the distraction of self awareness,
lost in the luxury of suds and pelting pleasure,
i seem to melt into the cheap fiberglass casing.
but you...
you transform ordinary water into liquid gold and
make this place feel more like a resort
taking me away to places no Calgon bath could ever dream of
oh showerhead,
I can barely stand to be out from under your steaming streams~
your warming current of comfort
washing all the days crud off of me
making me feel clean, energized, vibrant and youthful again
ready to face the world or my dreams.
sediment notwithstanding,
I am happiest when I am with you.
I am a better person.
you make me feel alive again,
and though I have tried to articulate this into meaningful words,
words are unable express my gratitude, for alas,
you can never know what you mean to me.
Just know that you are the most wonderful and awesome shower i have ever had,
there is none like you.
from the bottom of my sole,
thank you.

Music to my Ears!

Friday, 15 February 2008

keepin' it down

keepin' it, keepin' it down
sometimes you're such a jerk at
keepin' it, keepin' it down
I know he goes to work at...
mind your tone
as if we're on the speaker phone
i 'm fairly sure that we're alone
but lest we make a peep, or groan
or in our sleep, to snore or moan
let's just throw the dog a bone
I already gave him an ice cream cone!
shhh....we got a guy down there
oh man, it's true sometimes, I swear
like getting caught without
your underwear...
for all his 50 something years
I swear he's got the sharpest ears
yeah, I'm OK, don't mind my tears
but today I saw him on the stairs
and he looked at me
then looked away
as if he had heard "everything".

so let's try
keepin' it, keepin' it down
I know it's not your way but
Keepin it, keepin it down
we just can't live this way
when he's around
to think that he hears
most every sound
yeah that must
really sting
when you hear
but worse when
you say and do is

We need a house.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

cabbie's crown

Haling down a cab that's going far to fast
standing on the roadside as it's flying past
turn and watch the tail lights as the next one's slowing down
Picking up the pieces that were left behind
Thought that you were broken but I've come to find
all these things were welded into something of a cabbie's crown

you were cheap
you were easy
going my way
going sleazy
going anywhere, but jeezie!
not just anywhere, but Hell
then you prayed
and you pondered
and at once your sins were laundered
now your past won't weigh you down
looks like you're holding up quite well

once incarcerated for a job you did
spent a year in prison, you were just a kid
didn't even know enough to cover up the video
the drinking and the drugging and the life you knew
the music and the wimin and the cooties who
left you feeling dirty but I see you've got a whole new show

you were free
you were lazy
going my way
going crazy
almost pushin' up a daisy
you were halfway home to Hell
then you prayed
and you pondered
and at once your sins were laundered
now your past won't weigh you down
I see you're holding up quite well.

Choking on the ashes of your history
how you got away from them a mystery
the gas was on the burners babe and someone blew the pilot out
so now you drive a taxi for the NYC
working nights, you tell me, "no one rides for free"
Got to hand it to you, you're a hacker, but you've worked it out

you were rough
you were noisy
going my way
back to Boise
going anywhere, but Joisey
not just anywhere, but Hell
then you prayed
and you pondered
and at once your sins were laundered
now your past can't weigh you down
you wear your cabbie crown quite well.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

having trouble

I don't call on trouble, trouble calls on me;
I don't invite it through my door, it's got it's own house key.

Trouble knows my number, it follows in my wake;
at night it whispers in my ear, "it's all a big mistake".

I've learned a lot of lessons, with trouble by my side;
no point in second guessing, there's nowhere left to hide.

There seems no end to troubled times, but count it all illusion
troubles been a dear old friend, and this is my conclusion.

With a good old bud like trouble, there's trouble in the hood;
but I can trust that God is workin' everything for good.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28

Thursday, 7 February 2008

shoes to the floor

this old winter wind
that i'm standing in
can't blow me around anymore
I've taken a hammer
straight to my sole
and nailed my shoes to the floor.

Monday, 4 February 2008

The Wind

The beast from the East took my breath, but then ceased
when I ran towards the best from the Wast;
it was there that I met and I'll never regret
the Mouth from the South and his guest.

The North would be fourth, I'd be lying of course
if I said He was less than a blast;
We weather the storms from all headings, all forms
but that Old Man's the first and the last.

Sunday, 3 February 2008


taken to places i could not afford
with history's markings upon them
pondering, wandering, asking the Lord
what is the plan then, beyond them?

never say never and I'll be your Love
I've salvaged old things and restored them,
money's no matter my sweet little dove
not a problem that you can't afford them.

No if's, ands, or buts is the motto today
we all have our dreams~ don't ignore them.
Ask for direction and wait on the Lord
He's not one for lateness or boredom.

Friday, 1 February 2008

old love notes

In the Summer of Love
I was just a young dove
but for all my eight years
it was all I thought of~
and he slipped me a note
just a sentence or two
with my name and the words
"I Love You".

and I thought it was sweet
see, I knew him from Pete
a mutual friend,
we all played in the street~
and I never would think
that he'd give me a wink
less a note with the
words "I Love You."

Well I tucked it away
in my pocket that day
and I smiled at the boy and
said "Hey, let's go play".
But the recess bell rang
and I thought then, "Oh Dang",
since his classroom was one door away.

I never did kiss
that olive-skinned guy
with the dirty blond hair
that hung over his eye
I'd fallen for John
and I guess he moved on
and we parted
without a goodbye.

Many years later
I'd think about Glen,
that first little crush
the paper and pen
the thought and the hand
that bothers to write
with intent
and the courage
to send.

And one day by chance
I sat in a chair
entrusting a stranger
with all of my hair~
she pulled through the cap
the strands to be bleached
and though it was painful
they had to be reached.

I asked for her name
and discovered, the same
as the boy I had liked,
my childhood flame~
I made the mistake
of informing the goat
the wife of the boy,
about one little note.

And never you mind
she pulled my hair blind
I don't think I've ever
run into her kind.
And the moral I say
and my very hairs pray
"please leave your old love notes behind!"

In the Summer of Love
I was just a young dove
but for all my eight years
it was all I thought of~