Monday, 26 April 2010

in the depths- G Clair

How can I find rest when I am weary
struggling through this test, these days are dreary
losing hope when things go wrong
and life just drags my heart along
I'm down here in the depths but where are You?
Lead me in a way that I can follow
show me how Your love is more than hollow
words which can erase the pain
when trouble comes, something to gain
could you be here in the depths and see me through

Taking one more step in Your direction
learning that my thoughts need firm correction
grasping grace, I realize,
I'm running towards the greater prize
and want to hear your voice within my soul
Taking on a brand new inspriration
confessing all my ways in desperation
throwing off this bitter pill
my ways are not Your ways, Your will

We all need hope but sometimes lose our footing
and soon forget the proof is in the pudding
I tend to get my knickers in
the slightest pinch when I don't win
the thing which I had prayed for from on high
Forgiveness is the key for Neptune's daughter
loosed the chains which held her underwater
and surging towards the light of day
the swimmers pulled her out and pray
trouble taught her patience in the night

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sunset Love Song - G Clair

Reminding me of shorter days the orange globe sinks into haze
no longer casting heated rays but shadows on the beach
the warmth and softness of the sand beneath my back and in my hand
it cools as evening takes the land and sleep, within my reach

Words are written in my mind with colors I could only find
in sunsets which were left behind like paintings dried with love
I turn to face the laughing lush who paints the skies without a brush
and every stroke, poetic mush, which lingers high above

fiery red excites the soul and sets the mood in motion
orange and pink elicit sighs like a full moon on the ocean
streaks of purple are always fun and bring on the blue-green hues
a symphony is the setting sun but gimmee the midnight blues

I want to gaze into your glory tell me another story
oh bring on the colors don't let me sleep too long
I want to sing of Your greatness in spite of all my lateness
with all my quirks and troubles, you see in me no wrong

Oh God, you are amazing all creation should be praising
and I'll wait for you forever 'til the sun sets on my song
the days, they pass too quickly but sunset is the best
this moonless night, we hear the waves, which won't disturb our rest

I want to sing of Your greatness in spite of all my lateness
with all my quirks and troubles, you see in me no wrong
I want to gaze into your glory tell me another story
oh bring on the colors, don't let me sleep too long

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lost and Found- G Clair

"Hey G-Clear, I'm over here
behind a door with bread and beer"
he'd always hoped I'd step back through
to scare the he-bees from his brew
and freak the shrew, and shew the few
who'd like to think that we were through
he'd say they're lame, but just the same
would welcome those who played the game
"so step right up, and take your cup,
and drink it up, I'm glad you came!"

And there you are and here's the door,
and you can can leave, or play some more
behind Door One, a lot of fun,
but once it's over, said and done
And then Door Two... nah, not for you
you're asking what the others do?
"to each his own, a common thread
they all lead home, what's mostly said!"

"I knows whichever ones they picks
Threes or fours, fives or six
will take them down to number seven"
he spins around, then speak of Heaven~
"She stalls before the door of fame
the golden knob which calls her name
and breathing prayers for all the lost
who'll pass before they'll count the cost
But you, my dear, if you're like me, and into numerology,
and all the ways which men have thought,
would lead them toward the Truth, or not,
then kindly step this way with me,
for I live here, at Number Three.

"That open door without a number
broken down for snits who slumber
sleeping souls who've yet to rise
still wanting for some better prize
could choose That Door in hopes of finding
love and freedom from their binding
life is bloody rich with fools
who come HERE thinking drinking rules
The beauty of this starlit room
and cushioned seats for all who swoon
smitten in the midst of pain
come, have another, count it gain!"

I do declare! I have no stake
in Satan's games, he's quite the fake
and I say NO, I will not buy
your candy-coated popcorn lie
the stunning smile and handsome face
but underneath so void of grace
I cannot stand your pearly grin
and gazing eyes which pull me in
which mock the truth, it's no surprise,
I've lost my youth, but getting wise
I know your game, I know the hitch
you're all about the bait and switch
the leading lines, the smoothest angles
talk is cheap, like tarnished bangles

Theses doors are wide but getting out?
My testimony's lost it's clout
I've got my God, He is the Lord,
who stood behind another door
which rolled aside that bright third day
and washed my sin and guilt away
and though you think I'm still the same
there's been a change in my old name
I heard a knock there on the door
within my heart, He asked for more
and so you see, behind door three,
No longer room for you, so flee!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Excuuuuuuuuuse Eeeeeew!

Around lunchtime yesterday, I was approached by a staff member in the kitchen of the the Adult Medical Day Care where I work as a nurse. She asked me to please speak with Paulina, a stout Sicilian women who was adamantly refusing to eat, though two sandwiches had already been brought out her.

Approaching the table I could see Paulina's look of distain, her lips closed tightly, head shaking and eyes rolling as she looked away.

"What's the problem, Paulina?"
" I can't eat this."
"Why not?"
" I can't eat with that woman making noises. I've lost my appetite."

Indeed, the woman sitting to her right, still clutching her half eaten peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, has a vast assortment of strangities, including the terrble habit of making uncomfortable sound effects. Among her repertoire was the 'prolonged sneeze', Achoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0000000000000000000000000000000!!!!!

Understanding Angelina's disgust, I quickly found Kitty another seat with a group of more accepting clients, each taking the time to greet and shake her hand.

Life is good. Use plenty of hand sanitizer.

though blurry tear-filled eyes

Monday, 12 April 2010

Crooked Finger's Rant (of the Miserable Housewife) G Clair

Golden words penned long ago when I was young and zesty
occupied with lofty things perhaps a lot less testy

That which clouds my vision, tragic losses which destroyed
sweet perceptions, dark deceptions left me under-joyed;

of boyfriends unattainable, rejection would then smite
the hope of finding love, which left me just a bit uptight

In the stretch to earn a living well my boss is kind of rough
In trying to say something nice, I'm on ice 'cause she's hard-headed, driving, and tough

The high cost of living and then there's the tax, puts a strain on my old bank account

but that back-biting back-riding queen battle axe, can jump from the ground to the mount

And every day's the same old thing like a hamster on the wheel
the same old thing is getting old and I’m feeling cold as steel.

Still we ignore the passing of time and balance hard work with clean fun,
and believing that this is as good as it gets, we settle for less than the one

seeking distraction from everything dull and attracted to that which you are,
I read self help books whiles you eats what I cooks and we're lost in the Harper's Bazaare

My cellulite was ill replete and disappointments grew,
and long before the smog moved in it choked the thrill from you

and out of this stress comes the need to digress, so we sleep and we play and we drink,
and we drain our desires and screw up our wires and leave our sex life on the brink

Simple amusements, the clutter of things, common to man and his beast,
from the pretense of knowledge and so many things to the Thanksgiving holiday feast

And now we're blown out, you lie and I shout, there's a palpable distance that's haunted
I long for the day when you'd hold me and say I was always the one that you wanted

But now mediocre, you opt to play poker and run with a sweat-pool of stink,
and hoping to find something good on the street in the morning you feel like a fink

Left to your own devices, sleeping soundly, your heart's one desire
for passion it waits, while the office debates and will do so until you expire

Displacing my anger, I'm less satisfied and will never see straight, as you'll see
my own crooked finger was put through the wringer and now it points straight back at me.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The 50 Burton Blues-- G Clair

( To the tune of Mexicali blues- Just sayin')

just sayin', just playin' just singin' anything I
just singing I choose
just playin' just prayin', just singin' anything that
that brings me back to 50 Burton Blues

turning right on Burton Drive, well I thought I saw you there
standing in the middle of my youth
and approaching number fifty, shining brighter than the glare
that vision can't be further from the truth
Cause it's been several years now and I'm starting to get tired,
of seeing shades of you at every turn
well you'd think that I'd be grateful, but i guess that's how I'm wired
wanting for a better life, but never letting go of strife
sunlit Saturdays are surely fading fast
you look better now, than when I saw you last,
I cherish every memory, and the ones which make me cry
will stay inside my head until
I'm good and dead but still

just sayin', just playin' just singin' anything I
just singing I choose
just playin' just prayin', just singin' anything that
that brings me back to 50 Burton Blues

Dad's a decent man, worked hard to buy this place
taught us by example to be free
and not to let life's troubles get you down and in disgrace
relax, enjoy the ride and let it be
So I took off for the higher road and made myself a life
and never thought I'd ever come back home
but as it were, the way it went I'm back on Burton Drive
and now you're hanging over me, and how you sober me
I've had better days, but mom and dad believe
God has greater plans and He will never leave
honor your commitments and do well by those you know
and when your hearts not sunny honey, you can come on home

just sayin', just playin', just singin' anything I
just singin' I choose
just sayin' just prayin', just singin' anything that
that brings me back to 50 Burton Blues

life is better now and baby here's the key
i'm not going anywhere the rent's not free
the folks they fear I'm leaving here, that someday I will flee
to a double-wide where I can hide- my Burton Blues inside
and here you are again, my friend, you showed up in a dream
snake-skinned boots propped up against the rail
I brought us some refreshments, you slid over on the swing
and the day turned dark around us, and a million stars had found us, now we're
painting pictures of the way it's s'pose to be
Someone told you once that this one looks like me
this house is in the background, not for sale, but if you choose
you can park your carc at Fifty Burton Blues, yeah

just sayin', just playin',just singin' anything I,
just singing I choose
just playin' just sayin', just singin' anything that
that brings me back to 50 Burton Blues

Sunday, 4 April 2010

ig stuff- Ig Nobel Prizes of 2009

Bra Becomes Gas Masks And More

Dr. Elena Bodnar, winner of the Ig Nobel Public Health Prize, displays a bra she designed that converts into a pair of gas masks. (Steven Senne / AP Photo)

(Article by Frank James)
They are not to be confused with the Nobel Prizes, the world's most prestigious awards for intellectual achievement, which will be awarded next week in Stockholm.

As the name implies, the Ig Nobel prizes are dubious achievement awards and a spoof of the more famous prizes. They were handed out at Harvard University and actual Nobel laureates, like economist Paul Krugman, were on hand to take part in the now annual send-up sponsored by the Annals of Improbable Research, a science humor magazine. (No, that's not an oxymoron.)

Elena Bodnar, Raphael Lee and Sandra Marijan won in the public health category for "inventing a brassiere than can be converted into a pair of gas

Here are the rest of the winners, as provided by the Associated Press:

VETERINARY MEDICINE: Catherine Douglas and Peter Rowlinson for showing that cows with names give more milk than unnamed cows.

PEACE: Stephan Bolliger, Steffen Ross, Lars Oesterhelweg, Michael Thali and Beat Kneubuehl for investigating whether it is better to be struck over the head with a full beer bottle or with an empty beer bottle.

ECONOMICS: Executives of four Icelandic banks for showing how tiny banks can become huge banks, and then become tiny banks again.

CHEMISTRY: Javier Morales, Miguel Apatiga and Victor Castano for creating diamonds out of tequila.

MEDICINE: Donald Unger for cracking just the knuckles on his left hand for 60 years to see if knuckle cracking contributes to arthritis.

PHYSICS: Katherine Whitcome, Liza Shapiro and Daniel Lieberman for figuring out why pregnant women don't tip over.

LITERATURE: The Irish national police for issuing 50 tickets to one Prawo Jazdy, which in Polish means "driver's license."

MATHEMATICS: Gideon Gono and the Zimbabwean Reserve Bank for printing bank notes in denominations from 1 cent, to $100 trillion.

BIOLOGY: Fumiaki Taguchi, Song Guofu and Zhang Guanglei for demonstrating that bacteria in panda poop can help reduce kitchen waste by 90 percent

ig stuff

Never Die - G Clair

There is nothing left to say but what's between this life and... hey,
with our last breath the things we pray to stop the clock forever
best to take the narrow road no beaten path or secret code
it's all spelled out to save your soul still some say 'oh no, never'

He's the Way, the Truth,the Life,
oh, no never
turn away from sin,from strife
oh no never
never live to find
there's a better place
never die to self
never come to grace
never fear the end
this is not pretend
you say never, oh
I'll never ever die!

mmm-mmm, oh no never
mmm-mmm, oh no never

Can't do anything but sigh for all's been said, the time is nigh
for one more breath, the things you'll try to stop your death forever
best to take the narrow road no beaten path or secret code
it's all spelled out to save your soul but you say 'oh no, never'
Never die

He's the Way, the Truth,the Life,
oh, no never
turn away from sin,from strife
oh no never
never live to find
there's a better place
never die to self
never come to grace
never fear the end
this is not pretend
you say never, oh
I'll never ever die!

mmm-mmm...oh no never
mmm-mmm...oh no never

Let Him lift the load
you can live
the higher road
you say-oh no never!
let your anger out
give the Lord a shout
don't leave home without
pass away without
never have a doubt
it's my way, you shout,
never, oh I'm never
gonna die!

mmm-mmm...oh no never
mmm-mmm...oh never
ever die

That Old Tube Religion?


It started with a couplet,
quiet easy to direct
but blossomed into something else
beyond my intellect

I am only one, I ask,
and what can one girl can do
You fed thousands fish and loaves
but only had a few, right?

You healed the sick and dying
saying "greater shall you do"
But I'm only human, Jesus
how can that be true?

And then you say you are 'I AM'
I AM alive in you
And I say "Okay, Good enough~
the Truth will have to do"

So how about we just keep in touch
if you're that close, sweet Lord
It won't take long to reach you
and that's a call I can afford

Very clever, little G
you're starting out just fine
and when the need is there
just speak the water into wine


Heal sick and broken hearted
lead a soul out of the flame
It's not your job to worry how
just do it in My Name

Do not worry how you look
or what you're gonna say
just be yourself and let me be
the Light that shines the way

Jesus was a real man
the books will verify
at thirty-three they nailed him
to a chunk of wood to die

And to be sure that he was dead
hanging naked on a cross
they speared him though and left him there
my Jewish carpenter boss

And not a word was written
that He would not fulfill
the scene was painted well before
the making of the hill

All men could be redeemed that is
bought back with His own blood
we cannot pay the price for sin
he freed us by His Love

Written long before his birth
their KING would rise day 3
and so it was, and so it is
that I AM lives in me

And to many this may seem absurd
but this is not a game
I am aware of the price He paid
and the power of His Name

I have no stake in religion
there is nothing there for me
I will follow Christ alone
His Love has set me free

And though I am just one girl
and crazy into rhyming
In prayer I find my comfort
and I trust him with the timing

An Unlikely Story- G Clair

Like sugar from a shaker, snow falls on Saul, the baker
delivering steamy biscuits from the shop he calls his home
to a drafty run down mansion, where the princess on her pension
can be testy with her tension, hence she's living on her own.

Today he took her order, "One fresh bagel, for a quarter,'cause I haven't seen
the likes of one since I left my childhood home".
Well he'd never baked a bagel, but he's not one to finagle
and wanting just to please her, finds a recipe from Rome.

And he's thinking to himself, "I must be way out of mind~
no woman's gonna want a baker's life"
but he carries deep inside his heart, the will to be a friend
hoping someday she will come around and one day be his wife.

So to win her deep affection, he packs up his best confection
takes his chances on the back roads, now iced over in the storm.
She's there waiting in the foyer with her thrifty 5 cent lawyer
complaining 'bout the day old bread and... this bagel isn't warm!"

So..... he heats it on the fire, 'cause her heart is his desire
but she won't accept the bagel for it's not quite the right form...

And he's thinking to himself, "I must be way out of mind
no woman gonna want a baker's life"
but he carries deep inside his heart, the will to be a friend
hoping someday she will come around and one day be his wife.

So he runs back to his bagel board and pounds the dough and rolls a cord
and shapes the perfect circle to a bagel lovers dream,
He boils and then he bakes it and to her mansion then he takes it
piping hot but now she wants it with churned butter, from fresh cream!

Well he's starting to get antsy but he knows the farmer, Clancy
whose butter is fresh-churned known by counties far and wide.
He heads out to the pasture and he buys what he is after
and returns to find, 'tis so unkind, the princess, she had died.

The baker in his stricken state swallows the bagel off the plate
then he calls the cops pulls out the stops and serves the day old bread.
He gives the details more than once of how he ate the evidence
by now he'd thought he'd be let go but they arrested him instead.

"Tis a likely story", was the only thing he heard
although they bought his baked goods they would not buy his word.
"The Baker is a Butcher" Is what the tabloid said,
"better to take your bagel cold than take it in the head."

But all was not as it appears, she owed the butcher in arrears
and when they went to check her craw they found a hunk of mutton.
It ended all without a trial the butcher he did reconcile
posted-"pay the butcher now and do not to be a glutton."

And he was thinking to himself, " I must be way out of mind",
no woman's gonna want a baker's life,
but he carried deep inside his heart the will to be a friend
and it turned rather nicely as she willed him in the end.

Friday, 2 April 2010

What Does the Lord Require of Us?

1. To do justly
a. To act toward God according to His divine law - e.g., Mt
b. To act toward man according to His divine law - e.g., Ep
2. To love mercy
a. To show a compassionate warm-heartedness toward man
b. Toward widows and the fatherless - Jm 1:27
c. Even toward our enemies - Lk 6:35-36
3. To walk humbly with our God
a. The only way to enjoy His fellowship and continual cleansing
by the blood of Jesus - cf. Jm 4:8; 1Jn 1:7-9
b. Such close communion and fellowship with God requires
1) Listening to God - studying His Word to learn His will
- Jm 1:21; 1Pe 2:2
2) Talking to God - praying for strength and forgiveness,
praising Him for blessings received - He 4:14-16; Php 4:
3) Walking with God - by doing His will in humble submission
- Ep 5:2,8,15
-- By walking humbly with God, we are more likely to keep in
proper balance the demands to do justly and love mercy