Sunday, 4 April 2010


It started with a couplet,
quiet easy to direct
but blossomed into something else
beyond my intellect

I am only one, I ask,
and what can one girl can do
You fed thousands fish and loaves
but only had a few, right?

You healed the sick and dying
saying "greater shall you do"
But I'm only human, Jesus
how can that be true?

And then you say you are 'I AM'
I AM alive in you
And I say "Okay, Good enough~
the Truth will have to do"

So how about we just keep in touch
if you're that close, sweet Lord
It won't take long to reach you
and that's a call I can afford

Very clever, little G
you're starting out just fine
and when the need is there
just speak the water into wine


Heal sick and broken hearted
lead a soul out of the flame
It's not your job to worry how
just do it in My Name

Do not worry how you look
or what you're gonna say
just be yourself and let me be
the Light that shines the way

Jesus was a real man
the books will verify
at thirty-three they nailed him
to a chunk of wood to die

And to be sure that he was dead
hanging naked on a cross
they speared him though and left him there
my Jewish carpenter boss

And not a word was written
that He would not fulfill
the scene was painted well before
the making of the hill

All men could be redeemed that is
bought back with His own blood
we cannot pay the price for sin
he freed us by His Love

Written long before his birth
their KING would rise day 3
and so it was, and so it is
that I AM lives in me

And to many this may seem absurd
but this is not a game
I am aware of the price He paid
and the power of His Name

I have no stake in religion
there is nothing there for me
I will follow Christ alone
His Love has set me free

And though I am just one girl
and crazy into rhyming
In prayer I find my comfort
and I trust him with the timing


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I seem to remember reading this before. Am I right? Anyway, I think it is very well written, both profound and practical......ain't that the best!

Gina said...

Yes, LG, this is my Easter poem. I am not often profound nor practical so it must have been inspired. God Bless!