Monday, 26 April 2010

in the depths- G Clair

How can I find rest when I am weary
struggling through this test, these days are dreary
losing hope when things go wrong
and life just drags my heart along
I'm down here in the depths but where are You?
Lead me in a way that I can follow
show me how Your love is more than hollow
words which can erase the pain
when trouble comes, something to gain
could you be here in the depths and see me through

Taking one more step in Your direction
learning that my thoughts need firm correction
grasping grace, I realize,
I'm running towards the greater prize
and want to hear your voice within my soul
Taking on a brand new inspriration
confessing all my ways in desperation
throwing off this bitter pill
my ways are not Your ways, Your will

We all need hope but sometimes lose our footing
and soon forget the proof is in the pudding
I tend to get my knickers in
the slightest pinch when I don't win
the thing which I had prayed for from on high
Forgiveness is the key for Neptune's daughter
loosed the chains which held her underwater
and surging towards the light of day
the swimmers pulled her out and pray
trouble taught her patience in the night

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