Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lost and Found- G Clair

"Hey G-Clear, I'm over here
behind a door with bread and beer"
he'd always hoped I'd step back through
to scare the he-bees from his brew
and freak the shrew, and shew the few
who'd like to think that we were through
he'd say they're lame, but just the same
would welcome those who played the game
"so step right up, and take your cup,
and drink it up, I'm glad you came!"

And there you are and here's the door,
and you can can leave, or play some more
behind Door One, a lot of fun,
but once it's over, said and done
And then Door Two... nah, not for you
you're asking what the others do?
"to each his own, a common thread
they all lead home, what's mostly said!"

"I knows whichever ones they picks
Threes or fours, fives or six
will take them down to number seven"
he spins around, then speak of Heaven~
"She stalls before the door of fame
the golden knob which calls her name
and breathing prayers for all the lost
who'll pass before they'll count the cost
But you, my dear, if you're like me, and into numerology,
and all the ways which men have thought,
would lead them toward the Truth, or not,
then kindly step this way with me,
for I live here, at Number Three.

"That open door without a number
broken down for snits who slumber
sleeping souls who've yet to rise
still wanting for some better prize
could choose That Door in hopes of finding
love and freedom from their binding
life is bloody rich with fools
who come HERE thinking drinking rules
The beauty of this starlit room
and cushioned seats for all who swoon
smitten in the midst of pain
come, have another, count it gain!"

I do declare! I have no stake
in Satan's games, he's quite the fake
and I say NO, I will not buy
your candy-coated popcorn lie
the stunning smile and handsome face
but underneath so void of grace
I cannot stand your pearly grin
and gazing eyes which pull me in
which mock the truth, it's no surprise,
I've lost my youth, but getting wise
I know your game, I know the hitch
you're all about the bait and switch
the leading lines, the smoothest angles
talk is cheap, like tarnished bangles

Theses doors are wide but getting out?
My testimony's lost it's clout
I've got my God, He is the Lord,
who stood behind another door
which rolled aside that bright third day
and washed my sin and guilt away
and though you think I'm still the same
there's been a change in my old name
I heard a knock there on the door
within my heart, He asked for more
and so you see, behind door three,
No longer room for you, so flee!

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