Wednesday, 30 May 2007

high tide

High tide is making it's way to my door
and I, on the sand, feel the waves pound the shore
you're pulling me out and I'm wanting you more
and it's high time,'cuz high tide is coming~

I wait on the boardwalk where movies were shown
a hundred years later I silence my own
take a ride down to Edgars and play on my phone
well it's high time you called and I'm humming~

High tide. wait for the high tide
wait Love, see what it brings
shells on the sand, and not all are broken
rare beach glass and HEY, my heart strings!

And when I am lonely I go to the sea
I wait for the high tide, it won't wait for me
and I grab onto someone whose grabbing for me
feelin' high 'cuz ice water is numbing~

We swim out there longing and wait for the ride
we speak of excitment and full of our pride
and we take from each other, whatever's inside
and you, on my heart strings, are strumming~

We're out past the breakers, it's easy to be
but one day you find that you need to break free
and I'm out there alone, but not scary for me
riding waves and I know how to milk 'em~

Weary I let that old ride take me in
I float with the current, don't bother to swim
pretty soon I'm washed up on the sand, for the WIN
and like high tide, I wore out my welcome~

Low tide is awesome we all need a break~
we give till it hurts and quite often we take
and it's all for the best, find those treasures and rest
cuz it's low tide.... but high tide is coming!

High tide. wait for the high tide
wait Love, see what it brings
shells on the sand, and not all are broken
Rare beach glass and HEY, my heart strings!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

billowy clouds

Billowy clouds float through sapphire skies
the warmth on my shoulders and sun in my eyes
trees loaded with green leaves that dance in the wind
well it's something I'd miss if I stayed in again~

and I
here and it's good
to be free and at home
in this weather~
and I
grass that is green
and fresh air that is
scented with heather.

Farewell to the winter, a happy goodbye
yearned for this springtime, and though still I cry
for a lonely time gone, but there's no way to know
so I kiss it to God and I live and let go~

and I
here and it's good
to be free and at home
in this weather~
and I
grass that is green
and fresh air that is
scented with heather.

(we come to a bridge)

Riding the roadside less traveled this time
quiet back roads are my fa-vorite kind
and they lead to the beaches, no dogs are allowed
and my troubles roll past on a billowy cloud~

and I
here and it's good
to be free and at home
in this weather~
and I
love grass that is green
and fresh air that is
scented with heather.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

porch swing rythym

Minding our own.......
makin it rhyme.......
it's all coming out
theres dust in the drought
but the rain comes in time~

nothing held back.......
I've got nothing to say........
let it roll off my shoulders
puts less your mind
and it's better that way~

And isn't it nice.......
you like hot tea 'on ice'.....
thank you, yes
I can follow
so please,
don't think twice~

And isn't it great......
we can stay out real late......
watching millions of
sparkling stars,
while your're lickin' that plate~

I said nothing at all.....
it's that horse in the stall....
my foot fell asleep
but I'm not gonna weep
I can drag it or crawl~

Distracted, it's true......
idle chatter won't do.....
Better nothing to say
put the music on play
and be quiet with you.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Ol' Pearl

She reaches out for love but it eludes her
He spits her out but not before he chews her
she blames herself for his mistake,
for giving him a belly ache
no wonder she's left feeling like a loser.

and then one day she noticed she was slipping
the mirror never lies, she wasn't tripping
within her empty eyes she saw
the wear and tear had worn her raw
and tears behind the veil of shame were dripping.

Standing in the dim light of the morning
In want of something more of an adorning
she lifted up her golden hair,
and smiled though no one else was there
and realized she'd never heard the warning.

No one ever spoke of inner beauty
though the boys around her said she was a cutie
Daddy always wore the pants
but never asked his girl to dance
so she learned her moves from guys who loved her bootie.

Light music broke thorugh silence of dead winter
Warm rays of sunshine thawed the ice within her
the local farmer loved his Lord
would never take, but could afford
in his eyes, the perfect pearl, and not a sinner.

She stands with him before the mirror now
her heart refreshed, she's seeing more somehow
the rounded apple of his eye
and no one else should wonder why
he bought the milk... because he loved the cow!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

set me free

Been hangin' 'round the places I don't care to be
Deadwood's looking deader all the time to me
tracing back the years when I would choose to flee
and never make my bed in this society

It had a raunchy smell like something just expired
and left the stench up there after the scene transpired
the preacher ran from town after his wife retired
and the sheriff left his body when his gun misfired.

There ain't no place on Earth where I would rather be
than back in Howellbama with the folks you see
it's better than the deal I got in Asbury
where you gotta pay the rent and the utility.

Ma and Pa both went to college, earned a nice degree
but me, I just was workin' at the bakery
I took some flak for gettin fat on sugareee
making three fiteen an hour, and that was all tax free.

Drove a '68 Ford Falcon with a rosary
hangin' on the rear-view mirror for emergency
a three speed on the column was the thing for me
kicked the dust up on the dirt paths for posterity.

My boyfriend, all of 20, looked like 43
smokin' weed and suckin' burgers down at Mickey D.
I could write another for all that mystery
he taught me how to drive and now he feels guilty.

Accepted into nursing school, how great for me
spend my life avoiding germs from other people's pee
prayed and swam my way through classes thanks to Dunkin' D
and graduated 7th out of 33.

Thought I knew what I was thinking when I left Jersey
had to settle on the fault line out in old Cali
Sister Laura lived a Coronado fantasy
a navy wife who needed family desperatly.

So I packed up mama's Kenmore Vacuum- Legacy
A couple cheesy prints I thought were lovely
the Bible, a brass easel, and my hosiery
500 U.S. dollars and your memory.

my friend of 8 long years, who went by Allie V.
wanted one last road trip with old Mamma Gee
He sweetened up the deal with all that texas tea
we took the southern route, the rest is history.

I won't elaborate on what became of me
but the good times far outweighed most of the misery
I had a nice career, and in the end, you see,
settled back in Howell, it's my destinty~

So hoist your Howellbama flag and shout the victory
a moochin' and a squattin' and a milkin' me
Love ya Howellbama, you're the place to be
livin high off Daddy is what set me free.

("Sound's like you are pokin' fun at the South" - Dad )

Saturday, 19 May 2007

The Sarge

Bend the ear of a wise old man
telling him what this place is;
over and over, you'll waste your time
just shouting empty phrases~
He won't read lips, he's never has
he's spent his life just is he as
He's all mixed up and all that jazz
the words, his mind erases.

~~And yet somehow I never fail
to communicate frustration
it's always clear and never lost
in the aging or translation~~

Guide him gently down the aisle
He's got a limp, it takes a while
overlook the caustic tone
Commanding was his style~
Now take the time to softly smile
mind your manners, walk that mile,
Don't patronize, but recognize
he thinks you're Gomer Pyle.

He speaks of friends he lost at war
and thinks his kids are only 4
incontinent and up all night~
prefers you called him Sarge.
Sit beside him, don't you worry
let him eat without the flurry
let him lead, and listen well
you'll come to love The Sarge.

You never know how it'll be
if you reach that golden 93
you hope your mind will last as long
but there ain't no way of telling~
They say that it is in the genes
but who knows what brings down our beans
if we lose our ears and minds
let's hope there's no one yelling.

Friday, 18 May 2007

paintin' days and Fridays

Painting on the walls and feelin' bad
Sometimes I must pretend
as if it really seems to blend
Rollin' around~
Gonna have to sand this mound
painting days and Fridays always get me down.

What I bought, they can't match up the hue
something in the mix was wrong
they sold it to me for a song
Rollin' around
the color's dryin' into brown
painting days and Fridays always get me down.

Funny~ but it seems I always wind up with a mess
thought it smart to get a steal
Funny but it seems I always find I must digress
Go back and buy the real deal.

What I feel my dad puts into words
No need to balk and shout
He knows what I'm all about
shoppin' around
save a penny, lose a pound
painting days and Fridays always get me down.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

5 Minute Oats

Pacing the floor
in the middle of this
watching the kettle
'til steam starts to hiss
A strange fascination
we have with the bliss
with nothing behind us
but one heated kiss.

Underneath an umbrella
I stand in the rain
and wait on the platform
for the 6 O'clock train
well you never quite hold me
and I rarely complain
and soaked with frustration
I walk home again.

We bid for each other
in some Chinese auction
and you got the booby
one mixed up concoction
we checked out our prizes
at a much closer range
What were we thinking
and can we exchange?

And without any memories
to dry up the tears
we long for the fire
and the comfort of years
but it's just one more lesson,
a good one we learned.
the slow-cooker is better
and we're less often burned.

And then as I ponder
you come in the door
I smile at your tired eyes
and looking for more
I stir up the pot
and you take off your Totes
and you ask me to make
you some 5-Minute Oats.

"I made em already"~
to warm up your cockles
the seat of your heart
and without the debacles
I sensed that the cold rain
would stir the desire
so I whipped up a batch
and rekindled the fire.

And inspite of my rambling
it seems rather clear
that 5-Minute oats
can mean something more dear
it's that person whose waiting
in your kitchen above
stirring 5 Minute oats
into passionate love.

Monday, 14 May 2007

concerning the morning

Concerning the morning, I'd sleep right on through
and not ever see it or drink in the dew
but for some silly reason I cannot explain
my eyes fluttered open without any strain
and in the position I happened to lie

I could look up and take in clearest blue sky
the window was open, the sweet smell of spring
wafts in on the breeze while the birds sweetly sing
I could easily remain here and let myself drift
but something inside calls for more of this gift

I pull myself out of that place of soft warming
and sit on the edge of clear consiousness forming
Still in my flannels I pull on a sweater
slip into my clogs and now feeling much better

walk down to the door and out on the deck
these babies need planting, I say, what the heck
dig into cool dirt, without much of a care,
and plant my petunias in the flower box there.

I let my mind rest as I breathe in fresh air
the rising sun filters through forests back there
I remember the 'red sky at dawn' weather warning
and ponder the beauty concerning the morning.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

lights my ways

To the tune of Bob Dylan's "Thunder on the Mountain" (Modern Times)

Was thinking 'bout my life and how it's gonna be
I left it up to God, He put it back on me
well I'm lookin' for direction, I'm just an average Jane
don't like all these decisions, the unknown mystifies my brain.

I pondered over all the things I've gone and done before
thought I could walk on water, knocked on every door
and nothing much was scary, and nothing much was out of place
Well I walked by faith, and left the rest to Grace.

I'm thinking that my life here is beyond halfway
I find myself with bills I can't afford to pay
well playing hard is easy yeah, but paying back is hard to do
And tracing all my steps, seems they somehow led me back to You.

When I said that I would follow, wasn't hard to do~
I stayed away from magic, idols, and taboo
and doing the right thing, the only thing that mattered
You planted the Word, and by the wind those seeds were scattered.

Turned my back on old religion, not the way for me
well you can have your catachism and your rosary
never being sure your gonna get into the promised land,
God showed how much He loved us when He took the nails in his hand.

Your raised me out of darkness way before I'm dead
left the puzzle all undone, and lit the way instead
I'm thinking again, but far much higher this time
It's not my will but yours that I am hoping to find.

I've got some time to spend and time is on my hands
I wanna do your will and follow your commands
I know it's not by might, and not by useless power
But by your spirit I will serve to my last hour.

And as I'm on my way, just doing what I do
I'm gonna try my best and kiss it all to you
Well I make mistakes and I've seen some wicked days
but out of every darkness, your faithful love, it lights my ways.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

just that into you

It's been a while,
and I can't stay too long
just not my style
don't wanna tag along
I lost your number
but hey, don't take it wrong
It's in the book,
you're off the hook, Fong Wong.

So is it true?
No longer with Val now?
And what is this~
She broke your heart somehow?
erased your ringtone
and closed the book you say?
Hello, my friend
try reading this today...

Yeah, 'She's Just
That Into You'
and it's high time honey
that you saw it too
you've got nothing left to say or do
but complain. what a drain~
Momma's just that into you
and when you get it, Eddie
you'll be drowning blue
but if you let it, Eddie
time will pull you through
though it burns your heart with pain.

I see your face,
and it's a haggard sight
you wanna cry
and I just think you might
but underneath
is a heart that's real
and it won't get tarnished
'cuz it's stainless steel~
And it won't get crushed
maybe bruised and busted
but not mangled up or bloody rusted.

Get it straight
and make it understood
she's moved out, brotha
from your neighborhood
she's taken off
she's taken up indeed
she's not your type
so suck it up and bleed!

Yeah, Wang Chung's
just that into you
the old mare's
just that into you
and when you get it, honey
you'll be drowning blue,
and then your ol' steel heart
will split in two

and from your wounds,
not even gushing words
can glue
jagged edges back together.
Given time,
your eyes are gonna see
past blinding tears of stinkin' misery
you'll see to thank her later for setting you free
baby, you can sail through stormy weather.

Be glad she's gone
was something of a hick
maybe someday, brotha
something's gonna click
that the woman was plainly very sick
hard facts turn fiction, when you're with a chick~

And when you wandering
through love's valley of tears
and you pondering
your own secret fears
look for your writing
it's there on the wall~
well your just NOT
into her at all!

Heres to you~
'Not That Into Her'
and damn, that's nasty
count it as a slur~
but when you get it right
the thing your'e falling for
will be good and sometimes sad~
And then you'll know
she's truly into you
It's something strong
that makes you stick like glue
and it's the same for her
as it is for you
and it's the best you've ever had.

PS. Well meaning friends are always good for some painfully soothing advice.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

blue light special

5264919253847488402" /><
in the filtered
blue glow
of your favorite late show
with the light
from the bathroom
left on~
I can make out
your face
and it's hard
to erase
from my memory,
although you
are gone.

In our silence
a sweetness,
a comfort, it's true
needing less
to be said
meant much more~
we lived well
in our day
and had so much
to say
that your smile,
just cut
to my core.

And I sat
on the end of sofa
'twas your hand
on my elbow
that said~
I am here,
you are there,
there's no distance,
I swear
you still whisper
sweet nothings
in bed.

So forgive me
for getting
all sappy
but the late show
is on
and you're there~
in the blue
of the den,
I can't hear
'cause he's mute,
so the music can blare.

Monday, 7 May 2007

a time to forget?

well i don't believe I know you, tell me once again... your name?
when the sun gets down to setting, well my memory does the same.
How does this story go, or did I even write the words?
The wind blows gently through my mind, and upon it are Byrds.

For what I wore to work, i have to check the dirty pile
I can't remember what I ate, but haven't eaten in a while
the everyday routine is fine, I make it through my days,
but sometimes feel lethargic and get that blue and funky haze.

I noticed that a client was the same when she showed up
she tends to sit with head down, quite forgetful, often gruff
but when we give her lots to drink and serve a balanced diet
she snaps right out of limbo and I think I'm gonna try it.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

the run-around

It went around
and came around, and went around again.
Then it came around, went back around
and came around again.

"What's with all the run around?"
I asked my breathless friend.
"Guess what goes around, will come around
right up until the end."

"But what's all this you're chasing down?"
I asked the weary man~
"Been chasin' all these wimin,
and they've yet to slow me down."

"Who runs this ride you run beside,
and can't they cut the speed?"
"I have no clue, but maybe you
can jump this thing, and plead."

Just one last run around, dear girl
take a ride and wait for me,
I appreciate everything you do
I'm a sick sorry son of a b.

So I hopped aboard his dream machine
where painted ladies rode the poles
pushed passed the blown out bimbos
to the room which housed controls.

I peeked inside the window
and much to my surprise
there was no one manning anything
on this carousel of lies.

A sea of lovely lonelies
rode 'The Future' from the past
and my friend went 'round a few more times
didn't know how long he'd last.

Suddenly he was on the ground
and draggin' on his knees
with sweat upon his forehead, I said,
"Hey Jackass, let go. Please."

"One last run around, dear girl
don't you worry none about me
I appreciate your deep concern
but I'm a sick sorry son of a b".

Well, it took some major doing
to release his grip of fear
I prayed and jumped, and though bruised and bumped
was finally in the clear.

You've cashed in all your chips, my friend
but you'll be back for more, I see
for it's you who controls 'The Future'
my sick sorry son of a b.

We hobbled from the Carn-evil,
my weary friend and me
what comes around WILL go around
Hope the truth will set him free.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

sweet mysteries

A song for Bob Dylan- To the tune of " When the Deal goes Down".

At the end of the day
it could go either way
much like at the end
of this song~
Well I write for a while
then I sink to a smile
when I think how you
draw me along.

Well we came with a story
a beautiful song, unheard verses
locked deep in our soul~
and the way to discover
what lies locked in this lover
find the key that will fit
the keyhole.

And sometimes we're inspired
other times we're just tired
and it's sad when we don't
it's because of ourselves
talent sits on the shelves
in the darkness for the rest
of our lives.

It was trouble and strife
anger cuts like a knife
and it tore at the door
of my mind (and my pride)~
it was then your sweet voice
through the keyhole rejoiced
and released the deadbolt
from inside.

So how I can tell you
just what's on my mind
I am corny and wierd and unkind,
but I say what I feel
'cuz i know what is real
and it's better than what I
left behind.

Thought the answer was
the right key~
the thing that would then
make you whole~
but the Master
life's sweet mysteries~
is the love sown
in each other's

Friday, 4 May 2007

sewer break blues

To the Tune of Bob Dylan's "Rollin and Tumblin".

Well we smelled something bad and went lookin for the cause
I said we smelled something bad and went lookin for the cause
well we opened up the basement, and our minds gave way to pause~

there was a stench so strong that it gave my nose a pain
I said a stench so strong that it gave my nose a pain
well the floor was flooded and the ceiling pouring rain~

well the sewer line broke and it and it's arainin' down like crap
said the sewer line broke and it's arainin' down like crap
and never before have I seen this stuff on tap~

Dear Mr. Rooter, God bless ya, gonna pump out all our brown
Mr. Rooter, God bless ya, gonna pump out all our brown
but we can't use the can, and these sewer blues are gettin' us down.

and if we don't pay the plumber, well our bladder's gonna burst
Said if we don't pay the plumber, yeah our bladder's gonna burst
well I'd go outside, but I'm sittin here dyin' of thirst.

A billable job, said Phil, it's gonna be okay
Well it's a billable job, said Phil, it's gonna be okay
just give me a workin' man's bowl for the business of the day.

Well these sewer break fumes, enough make me wanna spew
I said these sewer break fumes, enough to make me wanna spew
and if you don't mind the outhouse, baby you can work here too.

Sound of Flushing toilet

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Mr. Moon ( in iambic pentameter)

Not quite but almost to the tune of Dylan's "Spirit on the Water". Just watch the bouncing ball.

(1- 2- 3- 4- 1- 2) Hey Mr. Moon ( dadunt dunt dunt)
shine a light on all of our blues (dadunt dunt dunt)
we passed around the bottle of gueze (dadunt dunt dunt)
while lookin' down at skuffied up shoes (dadunt dunt dunt dunt dadee)

hey Mr. Moon-(dadunt dunt dunt)
your gettin' on my hormonal rythym ( da dunt dunt)
my chemi hemi-spherical schizm
reacting to your lunar deluge

so strike up the band (dadunt dun dun)
won't ya shine a light on all of us crazies
we love you cuz your foolish and lazy
and you do it for attention and news(dadunt dun dun, dumpedy dun)

::well your the orchestrated leader
of the criminally insane
and the bona fide heater
of the hearts on lovers lane
and what's it to ya anyway
just what all do ya gain
when ya push the tides around
and do a number on my brain::

Mr. Moon! (dadunt dunt dunt)
I hope you come around real soon ( dadunt dunt dunt)
I'll try to write a song for the sun ( dadunt dunt dunt)
who keeps a dark old rock in his fun ( dadunt dunt dunt duntety)

Mr. Fool Moon ( Budunt dunt) un-
aware that you're a pain in my rump (badunt dunt)
keep the rhythym 'til we're over hump~
'cuz you know I like the light of your lump ( badunt dunt dunt bumpety oh)

Mr. Moon i love you,
Mr. Moon i love you,
Mr. Moon
i love you,
Mr. Moon.
Gueze (gooze): Beer term for a blend of young and old lambics.

which by the way, ryhymes with Iambic pentameter:

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Guess who...

I'm walkin' along
I hear him sing and get a skip in my step
I have to watch it cause I'm getting a rep
for acting crazy when I'm walking along

I got his song
and nothing else is makin' me tingle
not just the just the melody but also the jingle,
and so amazing all this talent of his
he's a wonder, 'bout the best that there is

and when I'm blue
his voice can reach me in the worst places
he bears the burden and he ties up my laces
and then he lifts me like the sun in his song

Just like he's with me when I'm walking along.