Monday, 21 May 2007

Ol' Pearl

She reaches out for love but it eludes her
He spits her out but not before he chews her
she blames herself for his mistake,
for giving him a belly ache
no wonder she's left feeling like a loser.

and then one day she noticed she was slipping
the mirror never lies, she wasn't tripping
within her empty eyes she saw
the wear and tear had worn her raw
and tears behind the veil of shame were dripping.

Standing in the dim light of the morning
In want of something more of an adorning
she lifted up her golden hair,
and smiled though no one else was there
and realized she'd never heard the warning.

No one ever spoke of inner beauty
though the boys around her said she was a cutie
Daddy always wore the pants
but never asked his girl to dance
so she learned her moves from guys who loved her bootie.

Light music broke thorugh silence of dead winter
Warm rays of sunshine thawed the ice within her
the local farmer loved his Lord
would never take, but could afford
in his eyes, the perfect pearl, and not a sinner.

She stands with him before the mirror now
her heart refreshed, she's seeing more somehow
the rounded apple of his eye
and no one else should wonder why
he bought the milk... because he loved the cow!


Anonymous said...

WASN'T this affectionatly called "OL'Bessy? why by the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

Gina said...

Yeah....the name is changed but the cow remains the same.

angelissima said...

wait, wasn't the blue falcon named Ol'Bessy?

Gotta watch that free milk. Is it from contented cows and is it pasteurized and homogenized?
Is it past its expiration date? Why does milk stay fresher longer in New York State? Ever notice that on a milk container? Strange brew.

Now what about the lactose intolerant?

Josie said...

You are too funny, Angela. Your comment has me laughing. :-)

Gina said...

She was sompin that old Falcon a mine...milked every mile out of her before letting her out to pasture...

Be it fresh, or spoiled, someone always winds up paying dearly for that free milk. The lactose intolerant? They get some serious gas followed by a severe blow out.

angelissima said...

hehehe! poor Bernie is slightly lactose intolerant...didn't stop him from the free milk though.
No one is immune!

Yeah, that ol Falconer was the bomb.
What was that other little jeepie you had? The little white one.

Anonymous said...

that was the Dodge Raider.

Don't Dodge it, Raid it...or how did that go?

Anonymous said...

Just Count it a blessing the cops didnt get you for all that crack hidden in the shifter! Could have been 3 hots and a cot for you!