Sunday, 20 May 2007

set me free

Been hangin' 'round the places I don't care to be
Deadwood's looking deader all the time to me
tracing back the years when I would choose to flee
and never make my bed in this society

It had a raunchy smell like something just expired
and left the stench up there after the scene transpired
the preacher ran from town after his wife retired
and the sheriff left his body when his gun misfired.

There ain't no place on Earth where I would rather be
than back in Howellbama with the folks you see
it's better than the deal I got in Asbury
where you gotta pay the rent and the utility.

Ma and Pa both went to college, earned a nice degree
but me, I just was workin' at the bakery
I took some flak for gettin fat on sugareee
making three fiteen an hour, and that was all tax free.

Drove a '68 Ford Falcon with a rosary
hangin' on the rear-view mirror for emergency
a three speed on the column was the thing for me
kicked the dust up on the dirt paths for posterity.

My boyfriend, all of 20, looked like 43
smokin' weed and suckin' burgers down at Mickey D.
I could write another for all that mystery
he taught me how to drive and now he feels guilty.

Accepted into nursing school, how great for me
spend my life avoiding germs from other people's pee
prayed and swam my way through classes thanks to Dunkin' D
and graduated 7th out of 33.

Thought I knew what I was thinking when I left Jersey
had to settle on the fault line out in old Cali
Sister Laura lived a Coronado fantasy
a navy wife who needed family desperatly.

So I packed up mama's Kenmore Vacuum- Legacy
A couple cheesy prints I thought were lovely
the Bible, a brass easel, and my hosiery
500 U.S. dollars and your memory.

my friend of 8 long years, who went by Allie V.
wanted one last road trip with old Mamma Gee
He sweetened up the deal with all that texas tea
we took the southern route, the rest is history.

I won't elaborate on what became of me
but the good times far outweighed most of the misery
I had a nice career, and in the end, you see,
settled back in Howell, it's my destinty~

So hoist your Howellbama flag and shout the victory
a moochin' and a squattin' and a milkin' me
Love ya Howellbama, you're the place to be
livin high off Daddy is what set me free.

("Sound's like you are pokin' fun at the South" - Dad )

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