Sunday, 25 December 2011

is this a dream? - ig clair

I'm not alone but still sometimes it seems
so much alone, and often in my dreams
just like the one who calls me "Dear"
you speak my name and draw me near
but leave me hanging, way up on these beams

and waking, suddenly it's very clear
I'm climbing on this bridge from there to here
eternal space surrounds me and
a sense of love confounds me, when
in reasoning, I think ought to fear

'It's gonna be alright', You say I ought to know
I've never been a stranger to the show
you play the song, I know the score
we wrote the music long before
You'll never leave, you say, come on, let's go.

I think too much I'm told, I know it's true
but that's okay, this traveling mind will do
it's time to put this girl to sleep
my thoughts will settle in the deep
but slumber stirs the climber in us too.