Monday, 30 April 2007

begin to understand

share with me the highlights of your day
and if you choose not to say much
I will listen anyway.

Well I know that we all need some time alone
time to simmer, time to think
and time to not pick up the phone

and I need time to trust in what I feel
am I just thinking there's a distance
or is it something that is real?

It's hard to tell, just now, which is the case
I am not much for deciphering
your moods, it's not my place.

A vacant beach and somewhere a dog's bark
watched a full moon light the ocean
and the beach as it grew dark.

Pedaled past two lovers on a blanket in the sand
it's been so long that I've forgotten
the very memory of your hand.

Share with me of the doldrums of your day
but if you choose not to say much
I will listen anyway.

or just walk with me in silence, hold my hand
and if you're wanting not to touch me
I'll begin to understand.

just beyond the breakers

Aimlessly , so aimlessly
I ride the sea, our olive sea
I take the waves, approaching me
that slowly mount and crash~

they pull me out, beyond my height
and shove me down, with all their might
and spit me out, the lion's mouth
on glistening shores of glass.

It's not my fault that I can't surf
I bearly swim this dream I'm in
I've had before, and what is more
a life that's lacking truth.

Dreams spur me on, they make me wild
though middle aged, more like a child
when I wake up~ my body sings
hello again to youth~

I take the drive, it's not that far
down to the shore, there must be more
Stop in to check out longboards
at my friend's surfshop galore.

I'm 45 and though I strive
to maintain shaping, there's no escaping
that at the very time of this here taping
I may have weighed some more.

I do not think, I know I'd fail
to squeeze this body's blubbered whale
into any wetsuit made on Earth
by any stretch of a fisherman's tale.

I was, in highschool, a tiny pearl
a strong small waisted little girl
and what a waste, but still in haste
I dream to rip a curl!

I wandered out, stood in the stance
to watch the waves, as in a trance
no one was there, I do declare
to these ends I will be brave!

Before I go, don't go just yet
To meet my Makers, cold and wet
I'll paddle out, without regret
and set awhile beyond the breakers

It's not my fault that I can't surf
I bearly swim this dream I'm in
I have before, and what is more
but now i want the truth~

Dreams spur me on, they make me wild
and though I'm old, more like a child
when I wake up~ my body sings
hello again to youth~

my mentor

"There's a valley of sorrow in my soul / Where every night I hear the thunder roll / Like the sound of a distant gun / Over all the damage i have done..." -Emmylou Harris, "Prayer in Open D," 1993

There a mountain of love in your eyes/ Where every night I can see the smoke rise/ Like the steam from a hot shower, Hon / Clouding over the damage you've done.-
G-clair " Lost and found " 2007

There's a hole in the seat of your pants/ Where every night gas escapes just by chance/ Like the sound of a distant gun/ alerts anyone nearby to run.
G-clair " Past and Present" 2007

Saturday, 28 April 2007

I listen

Once owned a Ford Taurus though often it's said
a Ford on the roadside is probably dead.
I never let stuff like that go to my head
I know how it is to be down.
Ran my hand over the gun metal grey
if it was a horse we'd have galloped away
but the oil was blackened and so that fine day
I decided to take it to town.

My hasbund was known for mechanical skill
took pride in his work, though I battled his will
I knew he was right about everything, still
I wanted to have my own way.
It was his contention that I was a pain
he often made comments that seemed so inane
but still I knew he knew that I had no brain
for the technical end of the day.

He said he would change it the next Saturday
but I thought to myself there's a much better way
at Jiffy Lube, service is good and I say
that it takes them no more than ten minutes.
Five minutes to get there and five minutes in
they offered to clean up my dirty engine
I gladly accepted, and paid for the gin
or whatever that mixture had in it.

Back at the house feeling quite satisfied
a little bit nervous on account of his pride
but the Taurus can't wait, cuz what if it died
and think of the money we saved.
Well he wasn't at home, so then I could relax
Got dressed for work while rehearsing the facts
I drove up the parkway and in one hour max
the Taurus it bucked, and then caved.

Squeaked into the place where my money was earned
I called him and naturally he was concerned
we had it towed out, I felt angry and burned
now I needed a brand new transmission.
I try not to dwell on the past or roadkill
we all have our issues, they bother me still
I'm often quite stubborn, and always a pill
but once in a while now, I listen.

And it's
all of my fault
this trouble I'm in
I'm screwing up things
and I KNOW it's a SIN
but I
to do something
right for a change!

Sept. 10, 2001. I was scheduled to work a double shift at my client's home, which meant an all nighter. The job was in Rumson NJ, not far from the ferry from Atlantic Highlands to NYC. We would often take a drive up the Atlantic Highlands with our client to get a view of the NYC skyline. He had been a well known banker in the city years before and had been decorated, so to speak, and hightly praised for his genious in saving the city from bankruptsy back in the 80s. Us nurses were really proud of our VIP, who had his own table at the 'Top of the World'. He had celebrated his 80th birthday there....a mentor of Jon Corzine. He was a lovely Democrat, a libral as I understood it. No matter, he tolerated me just fine, a role model for all liberals and I basked in his kindness. It wasn't his accomplishments that we loved, so much as his courage,dignity, patience and wonderful personality and humor which never left him thoughout his battle with illness. We love him still. Did I mention I had my oil changed? Yeah, the additive they put in the oil, an engine cleaner caused the sludge to break up in the oil pan and sending a steady flow of emboli to the transmission, killing it rather swiftly. I didn't know it at the time but I felt it was so suspicious that I hired House to check it out and those were his findings. He's another one....

Sept. 11, 2001. Because of the Jiffy Poop destruction, my hasbund at the time had to drive the 40 miles to my work the next morning to bring me home. It was around 7:30 that he arrived and we decided to stop on the way home and get a bagel on this beautiful September morning. I noticed the front page of the Asbury Park Press and remember thinking how nothing was really going on. The front page had some article about the investigations into Ciba Geigy plant. Anyway, Al dropped me off at home and I went to bed and he off to work. About an hour later from a deep sleep, the phone rang. My mother, telling me turn on the TV...something was going on.

Friday, 27 April 2007

hind sight

Suddenly something occurred in my soul
I didn't quite know what had happened and so
I stood here in silence and at the same time
realized you'd gone away.
Never before had I felt so alone
not that it mattered for I have a phone
I've always been fine when there's nobody home
And so I knew I'd be okay.

I did what I do when I'm wanting to rest
climbed up the stairs to my billowy nest
let out a sigh and then wondered why
I'm caught up in something I dread.
This life can be sweet even when it's insane
just look at our faces, not bothered with pain
nobody pointed us to the right train
so we all jumped the short bus instead.

I lay here and wonder how prisoners escape
how smart men can think they evolved from an ape
and how is it that I am now caught on this tape
when the answer is right here to see.
Mistaking my ignorance for a sweet smile
you followed me off the bus for a while
we never spoke much, but we'd walk the last mile
I loved you more than you loved me.

Somebody saw us there, watching that day
two little slow-pokes without much to say
in want of a plan, well our lives got away
and suddenly I'm on my own.
Taking my life in my hands but I'd pray
Father, please guide me, I know not the way
Always too quick at the gate, and the play,
but the 'hard way', I learned on my own.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

andy pettitte pin

A couple of days ago, I was having a youthful surge of energy as I loaded my bike into the trunk of my car. I had neglected it and my body, all last year and decided it time for a complete overhaul... Spare no expense! Needing directions to the bike shop, I walked into a 7-11 where the cashier, a lovely woman, easily 55, did her best to sell me on the Yankees collectors pins available with the purchase of the Post.

I tried to hide, but then she said it
"You want a deal? You wont' regret it!"
"But it's the Post and I've never read it"
"Bothers me too, though I won't let it"
" Like 20 lbs, I'd like to edit."
"Hey me too, but I just can't shed it."
"And my hair is a mess and I have to go wet it."
" Just this one.... you have to get it."
" No really, please, let's just forget it."
" It's only 3 bucks and you've got store credit."
"Okay, then give me the Andy Pettitte!!!"

Monday, 23 April 2007

Limbo with the Lord

I do not purport
to know why bad things happen
I can not tell the future
and I've stood on shifting sand.

A fading blade of grass
some days I am a sinner too
but even in my worst days
My life is in His Hand.

Sometimes like now, I'm tired
sometimes I can be jealous
and often overzealous
and other times uptight.

I only hope you see
God's perfect Love is in me
and often though I fail you
it's His Love that makes us right.

To love and tolerate
the ones who do not know him
the ones who've turned against Him
and all 'religious' things.

And to the Lord alone
the one who understands my tone
I go with my frustration
and not to human beings.

To think He made us free
yet wants us to swim aimlessly
in a darkened sea of drudgery
a nasty contradicion.

To think that we could live
and fill this empty heart with gladness
without a savior, it's just maddness
a creative work of fiction.

I could not stand to pray
the repetitious churchy way
I'm talkin' to my Father God
the Lord of all Creation!

I had to get out
I had to get out of there
we were never meant to live
in fear and obligation!

And if you read the Word
The children are all of the Lord
he wants them all to come to him
it's the kids that HE adored.

And when he died for us
it was to make us clean and thus
like babies we are nurtured
in the sweet milk of the word.

And suddenly it seems
waking from suspended dreams
the Fathers had it wrong and deems
the kids are with the LORD!

The kids are with the Lord
The kids are with the Good Lord
The kids are in their glory now
playin' Limbo with the Lord

The kids are with the Lord
The kids are with the Good Lord
The kids are in their glory now
playin' Limbo with the Lord

Sunday, 22 April 2007

city of blame

Your memory serves you
but mine is so lame
it bothers you still
so please tell me again

Who stole your lunchbox
who smashed your new toy
who failed to hug you
when you were a boy
who broke your heart and
who yellowed your tooth
who sapped your energy
who took your youth
who who who who

and who didn't choose you for kickball that day
who left you stranded to walk all that way~
who took your Christmas and
who stole your pride
who locked the door and
who left you outside~

What is was the
the reason you
you must take the shame
tell it to get off your back
just the same
let out the anger
and cut loose the pain
grab onto LOVE, baby
Run from this city of blame!

who wasn't there when you needed him so
who made you clean up and shovel the snow~
Who was a meany and
who was a grinch~
who took a mile when you gave 'em an inch~
who who who who

and who said "I Do"
with their two fingers crossed
who dumped you for someone
way better (but sauced)
who bought you a burger
but wanted much more
who took your hopes
and your dreams to the floor

What is was the
the reason you
you must take the shame
tell it to get off your back
just the same
let out the anger
and cut loose the pain
grab onto LOVE, baby
Run from this city of blame!


who robbed your innocence
who stole your crown
promised the moon
and took off at sundown
the memories haunt us
though we may forgive
forgetting is hard
'cuz it is what it is
we'll do this together
when they're all around
chalk it all up
to the past
and then get outta town!

What is was the
the reason we
you must take the shame
tell it to get off our backs
just the same
let out the anger
and cut loose the pain
grab onto LOVE
and then run from this city of
hold onto each other and
RUN from the city of blame
leave our bags in city of blame!

nothing is better

(per Roy Orbison's winning combo)

Five years away from a half century
not that I care but it's gettin' to me
Wanted for nothing, but that's not quite true
hey, not for nothing, but I wanted you

and it's okay
I am okay with nothing
nothing is better than something sometimes
and it's okay that I'm needin' nothing
'cuz nothing is better sometimes~

Five years since forty and not wrinkled yet
so maybe my forehead was feeling regret
listened to Kelly who soon got me down
went in for Botox
and now I can't frown

and it's okay
I am okay with nothing
nothing is better than something sometimes
and it's okay that I'm feelin' nothing
'cuz nothing is better sometimes~

Bridge.......(wah wah wah owie owie wah wah)

Somedays are better though I am alone
I eat at the diner and chat on the phone
nobody knows that nobody's there
nobody's lookin', so what do I care!

and it's okay
I am okay with nothing
nothing is better than something sometimes
and it's okay that I'm wantin' for nothing
for nothing is better sometimes~


Saturday, 21 April 2007

oi vey

You can't have this
without the rest
well what is 'this' you say
I can not say
what all 'this' is
but without the rest~
Oi Vey.

You can't go there
if you don't come here
well where is 'here' you say
I can not say
where 'here' all is
but if you don't go there
Oi Vey.

I speak in rhymes
and it is time
I spoke just what I may
I may not make much sense to you
but when I do
Oi Vey.



your'e the queena
my cold morning
Sweet Farina
Cream of Wheat without adorning
and no one makes it like my mom
who has a knack
for food transforming
she melts the butter in a lake
and the mountains are so warming

Semolina, Semolina,
Semolina I love you

Sweet Wheatina
how you stick with me
all morning
in the steama
from the pot
us kids were swarming
and we loved the one who
got us up
and sent us bundled off
to school
well you made us feel
much happier
since the lunch was not as cool

My Semolina
I love you

well you're the queena
my cold morning
and i do dreama
bout how far you came
to warm me
cause your the creama
all the crops
that are grown
out in Italy
and I'm thankin' God for
every grain that came
from you to me.

Semolina, I love you
Semolina, I love you

"Wheatina and Cream of Wheat
From the box, water sugar, salt, butter
Warm, delicious and simple with a large chunk of butter melting on top. Always perfect. The wheatina was taken a bit sweet and the cream of wheat was always buttery and salty. Nothing fancy, no dried or fresh fruit ever came near of these breakfasts."

Thursday, 19 April 2007

i do (nobody's beer drinkin' song)

tending to things
that don't matter
too much
wasting my time
watching TV and such
spending my money
in folly and shame
don't point at me
'cause your doin' the same~

waiting on something
that's bigger than this
cleared away cobwebs
and cut through the mist
made up my mind
that I'm staying alone
I keep to myself
for I'm all that I own~

( chorus)
and I need someone to tell me
it's gonna be alright
and I want someone to lead me
out through the dark of this night
i do

well nothing is really
new under the sun
we've taken a look
but not turned to the One
why all the bitterness
I can not say
pride in my life
chose the ignorant way~

paying the bills
that are up to your chin
Wait for the day
when your ship will come in
keep even-keeled in the
worst of the gales
but climbing the steps
takes the wind from your sails

and I need someone to tell me
it's gonna be alright
and I want someone to lead me
out through the dark of this night
i do

So you work until five
then it's time for a beer
month after month
turns to year after year
Thinkin that maybe
there's some other way
taking a risk could mean
falling away

And we
someone to tell us
it's gonna be alright
and we
someone to hold us
and lead us
out through the dark of
this horrible night
...dong.. ding.. dong..
dark of this terrible night
..dong.. ding.. dong..tell us
it's gonna be alright.

PS. Strange I know, but this came to me tonight as I was thinking about an old black and white Orson Wells movie " The Stranger" in which he plays a Nazi general, Franz Clommer or something, who escaped the war crime trials and fled to America with a new identity, taking a job as a professor in some Ivy League College in New England. The detective who is investigating the fugitive is played by Edward G. Robinson. Franz is eventually found out but not before marrying the daughter (Loretta Young), of some VIP at the college. He has an obsession with clocks and the movie revolves around this fixing the clock tower of an old church on campus. You watch as his life begins to unravel, the truth becoming evident, as he sinks to murder to try to keep his secret. He winds up confessing to his wife, but all the while, untrusting and plotting her murder as well. Not unexpectedly, the movie comes to a climax as Franz is confronted and the truth is revealed in clock tower, in the dark of night, and just as the clock is repaired. There is a scuffle between Franz and the police in the tower, and as the news breaks to the towns people, they gather at the foot of the chuch, while Franz, in an attempt to escape is shot and impaled on the sword of a life sized bronzed figure, which encircles the clock at the top of the hour. Pretty graphic for that time. Very dark and eerie. My lyrics aren't really about the movie at all. Could be about man's inhumanity to man..............
but maybe more about being a victim of your own stupid choices, feeling imprisoned and needing some hope and guidance, comfort, love, trust...a light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that Jesus is the light in the darkness, the Way, the Truth, but I think we need to have a sense of community to meet our needs, to en-courage and offer hope from another perspective...and visa versa.

trashy confession

Taking out the garbage
just the other day
I noticed stuff in there
Maybe I shouldn't throw away.

I do declare that several bottles
missed 'Recycle' bin
I looked away and thought out loud,
"Come on, it's really no big sin".

Then I thought
of how, it's true, I rarely separate
It all goes out, it's all for naught
let's skip the big debate.

Around here things are done on time
and always by the book
Mom tends to save and organize
so you'll never need to look.

A place for everything she says
and all is in it's place
so it comes as no surprise
our garbage shows no trace~

Of things that don't belong there
such as plastic, glass and such
I try to mind the rules you see
but sometimes it's just too much

To find the will to break a habit
and so they get my usual rant~
There's an overload of recycleables
down at the recycling plant.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Jungle Book Sanjaya
you lit a wild fiyah
we all knew that was your desiyah
though the judges weren't amused.

You're voice is not that strong
but you sing a sweet smooth song
I liked your Prince like soul,
and the confidence you oozed.

Some thought you were a liyah
that you look like jumbalaya
that you think you are Messiah
and no one wants to be your friend.

they say you'll not go hiyah
and of you the people tiyah
but you got in under the wiyah
that's what matters in the end.


the randomness...
the senselessness...
you work
to make life count
and then
it comes to this

and in the end...
you're left with pain...
and someone
writes a song
and it
just seems inane

there is no way...
to justify...
find meaning in
your loss, you know
but still
we try

there are no words...
you need to hear...
you only want
the comfort
and it seems
so clear

it's in our hearts...
we want to take...
your misery
to share your grief
and ease
the ache

well-meaning words...
it's just the thought...
and sinking down
too weak to stand
with arms
you're caught

held up and loved...
in silence there...
is something more
than words can say
to show we care

Just being there.

Monday, 16 April 2007

Later, Geezer

Didn't hear you
coming in
guess it was
way too noisy
I get a little
when you
I'm from
New Joisey.

Not much
of anything
you know my story
you've got
all kinds of time
but it's
in the

Too late
my brain is seared
and my eyes
and tired
you think
this song is wierd
but you
that's how I'm wired.

Wrap up
your long goodbyes
and then
back on the shelf now
yeah we all need
but you can
save it for yourself now.

Wait 'till
another day
and you can
carry on your motions
pretend you're
buff again
and you can
swim across
the oceans.

Too late
your brain is
and your
shot and tired
I think
you're very wierd
but I
that's how your'e wired.

Oh NO~
it's time to go
and now I'm ready
another day
has come and gone
it's time
for ol'
black beddy.

Time now
to launch your boat
cut loose the ravaged sail
shut down
your monitor
and forget about

Turning down the sheets
my friend
and I'm
turnin' out the light now
off to sleep
my bam-ba-lam
you're outta sight now.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

fat bloggage

If I could lose a stinking pound
for every blog I've read
I eat em 'up like sausage links,
make cellulite instead.

My latest addiction
your thoughts on the issues
way better than fiction
quite hard on my tissues.

Why the compulsion
and why should it matter
Tune in for revulsion
my butt's getting fatter.

Useless commotion
and huge compilations
I've lost all compunction
and sit on my duff~
much stipulation
the latest sensations,
for all my consumption
it's never enough~

Well I thought it would be healthier
to check out something funny
Now hooked upon the Motherload
you're one less reader, honey.

Dr. Evilass

flipping through the pages
disgusted but amused
cryin' shame religion
has the issues all confused.

Dr. Pillar of the ages
here to grace you with his views
Will deny a child treatment
since her mother's got tattoos.

If you're chewing up tobacco
maybe you prefer Big Red
better get another doctor
or your'e gonna wind up dead.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Uncle John's Story

Well he may be John to you but he's Uncle John to the rest of us
Got a way of telling stories sans the fanfare or the fuss
He can jump into any conversation and he has a lot of stuff to say
and every bit as interesting 'cause that always been John's way.

There was one about his summer job before 1970, paid to push a Swan-shaped boat
off a dock in Asbury
With a grapple hook on a ten foot pole, or something of that sort
well he'd push 'em out and pull 'em in wasn't doing it for sport~
The same guy who owned the swan boats, tunneled love across the way
twice a week John worked the darkness, but preferred the light of day.

Played rythym at the Upstage in band called 'Cory' later
workin' Perkins in West Belmar, took the name from the percolator
Around that time he grew his hair out, and it was like an Afro-sheen
then often mistaken for Tinker, surfing drummer with Springsteen.

Cruising in his 39 LaSalle around the Brookdale College scene
met Bruce and Tinker at Thompson Park and they both thought the very same thing.
Well John DID look like Tinker, but now he favors Richard Gere
a dead ringer for Micheal Richards, and let's never forget DeNir-

Oh I can't remember much at all from 40 years ago
but I defer to Uncle John, who knows the time in Tokyo.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

it's the principle, pal

I picked it up for nothing back in 1994
my cozy little hovel and I loved to shut that door
had I known back then what I know now
would've been different story
Would have paid it down and sold it off and bathed in fortune's glory.

My brother Vinny told me that that's not the way to think
to worry about what might have been is a waste of time and ink
Take the good stuff with the bad and be glad of what you learn
next time pay the principal and keep more of what you earn.

It's the principle I tell ya, the dealings of the day
when you're way too dumb to see the hand that's being dealt your way,
and it's the principal I speak of cuz you gotta pay to save
well you can fight to knock it down or it can take you to the grave.

So I had this little hovel it was fit for you and me
but I couldn't stand the view and so I got on bended knee
and then I jumped the gun and paid a man who gut the inside out
and he moved me up to Red Bank just before I threw him out.

Well I paid the rent and paid the bills and swung the mortgage too
but the second builder took me down and the equity I blew.
I sat up on that third floor over Rocky's Barbershop
cryin, "God I got a problem, and I don't think it's gonna stop,

'Cuz I had to take another job but first I went and quit
I maxed out all my credit cards and now I'm in deep chit
Well I'm payin on a house that's not fit to house a mite
and a case against another man with no energy to fight."

Well the only thing I knew was I was out of gas and flow
the rent was due in one short week, and with no where else to go
I placed an ad on Craig's list and not a minute late
The man was needing headroom as he was pushing six foot eight.

So feeling downright anxious, well I freaked out like before,
I gave away my plants and bed and the rest I;d have to store
So I called my work and asked them to cut the last check early
short on God's compassion, they performed a mental swirlie.

Not knowing God had worked it out, I prayed for peace, then slept
I'd have to move some furniture that the good doctor downstairs kept
when she showed up the next morning with two men I asked the fee
and she said, "Gina, just go get the truck~ these men don't work for free."

To make the story longer well I had just enough to pay
for lunch for these kind citizens who showed up to make my day
and I learned a simple lesson as I came back to the folks
that God will always help you but you have to watch the blokes.

Well it's not about the money, maybe more about the shame
and it's strikes me kinda funny that we're digging for the same
and you know you're gonna work until you drop from sheer exhaustion
and you'll live in Daddy's house until you lose it at the auction.

This one's about the principle, and the stuff you gotta learn
when your young enough to owe, your money banks and builders burn
And I lean in hard to Jesus,'cuz His word is true today
"The battle is mine sayeth the Lord"~ ~but the principal you gotta pay.

For you, Jesus

Holding out for you
Well I'm not cold
and I'm not blue
I've got my golden oldies too
to keep me warm~
for your form

'Cuz it's your music in my ears
that's dried my tears
for all these years
And it's the only thing to do
is keep on
holding out for you.

And when the skies get dark and grim
and it's that lonely
state I'm in
well I won't get caught in sin
unless I stray
hey hey hey

And then
will come a day
when your sweet music will not play
until I say
I'm holding out
just for you.

And so I'm
holding out
for you
and now I think I've got a clue
that it's been you
whose holding out
just for me
hee hee hee

'Cuz it's the music that you play
that's gonna draw me back someday
cuz your the Light and your'e the Way
and your'e the Truth
hey hey hey

And it's your music in my ears
that's dried my tears
for all these years
And it's the only thing to do
is keep on
holding out for You.

Inspite of my mistakes and inspite if the actions and words of others to destroy every glitter of hope, I am convinced that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, who lived and died for my sins, and rose again for all mankind, for all unbelievers that they should come to believe and be made well in body, mind and spirit, as it had been foretold thousands of years prior. Every word is being fulfilled for all the ultimate good of all mankind and His Glory. Peace out.


Monday, 2 April 2007


On the way but getting late
i stopped to go on the Garden State
it's not the way it ought to be
please pray for me, I cannot wait.

How could you ask how should it be?
Certainly not on twisted knee
Sister, can't you hear my plea?
Gotta serious case of urgency!

And If there's someone in this stall
it would be unfair afterall
to interfere with natures call
but it's all for one and one for all.

Dear me, it seems I've come undone
Don't really want to rush anyone
no one's fault but mine alone
and I really should have gone at home.

For heaven's sake, I've got a lake
what are you just sitting?
shootin craps, reading maps
Or are you toilet knitting?

Was that a whisper from within
a little prayer to soothe my sin?
when it's in your hand to help me out
just wrap her up and let me in!

I heard the paper from the roll
heard the flush I'm near the goal
the path is clear the end is near
excuse me, yes, and sorry dear

for making such a bloody scene
intolerance and being mean
it was your turn, and I must learn
that I am not the toilet queen.

Don't mean to sound imperious
and I'm sorry for the tone
but my condition is quite serious
and this is not your throne.

Thank you for your earnest prayer
while in the midst of business there
I would not have asked but urgency
makes ya do things on a dare.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Angelina of Mercy ( Newsweek 3/19/07)

Angelina your the queen of
make believe but how ironic
that the woman in the photos
shocks us out of catatonic.

All her fame and fortune
and yet she can not turn her back
her heart is torn that any child
should suffer any lack.

Hollowed out from over-use
the words become inactive
without the shared experience
they'll fail to hold you captive.

This is when the photograph
can move a man to see
the power of a bigger Love
to set the captive free.

In black and white she holds the child
of a hungry war-torn nation
exposing the shame of misspent fame
while the world is on vacation.

You can't miss desparation
though diamonds appear duller
Life and death in black and white
more powerful than color.

Some people stand afar and judge
but it's quite plain to me
not flesh and blood, but a mother's love
gives comfort with the plea.

Hear no evil, Speak no evil
and this is just obscene
that the horrors of mankind
would somehow go unseen.

Call down beauty from a higher place
let the rich strike up the bands
light the path in living color
see the blood stains on our hands.

Angelina your the queen of
make believe but how ironic
that the woman in the photos
shocks us out of catatonic.