Thursday, 12 April 2007

fat bloggage

If I could lose a stinking pound
for every blog I've read
I eat em 'up like sausage links,
make cellulite instead.

My latest addiction
your thoughts on the issues
way better than fiction
quite hard on my tissues.

Why the compulsion
and why should it matter
Tune in for revulsion
my butt's getting fatter.

Useless commotion
and huge compilations
I've lost all compunction
and sit on my duff~
much stipulation
the latest sensations,
for all my consumption
it's never enough~

Well I thought it would be healthier
to check out something funny
Now hooked upon the Motherload
you're one less reader, honey.


angelissima said...


Gina said... facha nicci!!!
ba fata nu bella pedito!