Saturday, 18 September 2010

On Vanderveer - G Clair

I wanna live on Vanderveer, where everyday's the same all year
Just start the car, it's not that far and take us there, I'll show you where
Verdant hills on Vanderveer lift the burden, stills the fear
free to all who hold her dear, Fairfield farms are also near

So come with me my silent love to old back roads I'm dreaming of
we'll park the car, and take our time and find a way to make it rhyme
You wave goodbye, "Farewell, my dear, it sure was nice to have you here,
but you'll be back, we'll have a beer and toast to life on Vandervyme"

I spent the night on Vanderveer, and in the morning it was clear
the sun broke treetops glistening on grassy fields and everything
and early up I drank in dew, I felt the chill but warmth came though
I lit some twigs and ate some figs and not once did I think of you.

I hid my gear on Vanderveer and walked for miles on trails back there
with Autumn near the leaves appear to welcome change and I declare
that change will come and lead to drear but not before the colors cheer
the lonely woods of this frontier and suddenly I shed a tear

Truth be told I'm getting old the moldy ground is bloody cold
my back is sore my butt was bitten on Vanderveer, though I was smitten
I guess too quickly after all and swallowed up by nature's call
but left alone my thoughts are clear I'd hurt you more by staying here

'Cause who'd be there to steer you clear of Satan's brew and backwash beer
to bust your chops and mend your rear and warm your toes and bend your ear?
and who to take my great advice on vita veeta vega vice,
and read my poem and get the joke and buy me gingerale with coke

when I get rough without enough,you pull me though the bitter stuff
and put up with my lack of taste and bring me to a better place
and wait for me and pray for me and sometimes a charade for me
but better off than being here the lonely life on Vanderveer

and so before I lose my fear and wander back there with the deer
quick grab some cash for Mickys, Dear and pick me up on Vanderveer

Unspoken- G Clair

they wandered down the path alone
and hand in hand she longed to own
a place inside his cautious heart
but never told him from the start

the pieces of that puzzle fit
but never did they speak of it
and waiting on the words to say
in time her hair was feathered gray.

but who'd have known and who'd have guessed
they had their time together
they spent their days and both were blessed
in clear and stormy weather

And all this time you'd think she'd know
since everything he did, did show
and almost sure, she'd never ask
but left him to that silly task

the years flew by and they grew old
and still no word of love was told
and in the end he held her hand
and knew somehow she'd understand

they spent their days and both were blessed
in clear and stormy weather
with three small words, she breathed her last
and left him there, together.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

sweet old life - G Clair

You're packed within a mystery
can only guess your story
of how you came to be this way
and who should get the glory
I cannot blame your mother
nor your dad for they were young
although the stars were out that night
your spark had yet to come
they had no clue when they made you
that you would be a man
who likes his dogs with ketchup
and his beans right from the can
while no one knows exactly why
you act within your means
the books suggest a tie between
environment and genes
while smarter guys philosophize
and science can't be wrong, ha!
the life we lead is just the seed
of folks who'll come along
for life, designed in secret
as well it ought to be
dates back before the science books
a sweet old mystery.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sunshine Girl- G Clair

With a beaming smile that could warm the tile
She came flying down the corridor
the sun was setting, so I asked her heading
and she said, "I'm going to Florider!"

Well she seemed to like to talk
and I really love to listen
so I pressed her for the details
and her eyes began to glisten.

"Been staying in this rest home
since I lost my dear departed"
I asked her when he died and she said,
"No, I meant my leg."

So we stood there, well I stood there and
she sat in her new wheel chair
I asked her what's her hurry
and if she's gonna get a peg.

"Maybe if I lose this weight
Gotta get down to 220
but the trouble is I love to eat,
I know it's not that funny.

"I've had my share of heart attacks
and twice I had a stroke
Buried my husband, lost the house
and gee I love to smoke.

"I can't move these three fingers
but I manage in this chair
on nice days take it to the road
for excercise and air."

She went on to share her story
was from somewhere up in Queens
married twice, no children
and lived well within her means.

She talked about her childhood home
how chemicals from the pool
splashed onto a strawberry patch
with fruit the size of stool.

The best of all of her stories
was one about her dad
who had worked for Sunshine Biscuits,
and once fell into a vat.

No sooner had she told me
that I knew I'd have to write
a lymric for this lady
whose smile brings such delight.

The folks at Sunshine found him
pulled him out but hound him
was one lucky catch, 'til he met his batch
when those lady fingers done nearly drowned him.

nothing missing, nothing broken

Friday, 3 September 2010

Pretty Fast Gone

Creation's Love Song - G Clair

There's a music that's playing deep down in my soul
where the wilderness beckons us all to be whole
from a far away place it calls like a loon
it was written for us and it's always in tune

In tune with the weather as clouds rolling in
bring the music of thunder and rain on the wind
In tune with the valley as I climb to the peak
yodelay-hee who goes there!? To the echo I speak

Light spills through branches and glistens on streams
and pine needles carpet the throne room which sings
the birds do not worry. they have no concern
they're singing a song we could all stand to learn

It flows down the creek bed, the rivers grow wild
and rhythmic waves roll to the feet of a child
this breath I exhale, like the one you breathe in
keeps us all in this lifetime, how strange it's all been!

The natural world, it's majestic adorning
belies what befalls us without any warning
the smallest and delicate flower of life
snatched up- and the music is bitter with strife

Now the tone of my song is of pure aggravation
and way out of tune with the whole congregation
and I just can't relate to the choir and organ
and I wander alone down to Stanley and Morgan

Distracted by life and in wanting much more
I've lost time with the singers, forgotten the score
I yearn for the song which brings faith to the living
love to the lost and joy in the giving

born for a purpose, not just to survive
to walk with conviction while we're all still alive
And in search of The God who can touch my heartstrings
in sickness and health and the questions life brings

Who in still quiet places or noisy train stations
in subways and alleys and the worst situations
speaks peace to the storm, overriding my brain
adding fuel to my fire and I'm drawn back again

Sitting alone somewhat stuck in the mire
pondering the words which can take me much higher
"As a deer longs for water" per Psalm Forty-two
You alone my desire, my soul longs for You.