Sunday, 12 September 2010

sweet old life - G Clair

You're packed within a mystery
can only guess your story
of how you came to be this way
and who should get the glory
I cannot blame your mother
nor your dad for they were young
although the stars were out that night
your spark had yet to come
they had no clue when they made you
that you would be a man
who likes his dogs with ketchup
and his beans right from the can
while no one knows exactly why
you act within your means
the books suggest a tie between
environment and genes
while smarter guys philosophize
and science can't be wrong, ha!
the life we lead is just the seed
of folks who'll come along
for life, designed in secret
as well it ought to be
dates back before the science books
a sweet old mystery.


lgsquirrel said...

Science tries to answer how but it can never answer why. Liked this post as it touches on the tension of science and spirituality.

Gina said...

Why....THANK YOU LG! that was a profound thought...Why oh why are are we? how are YOU?

ah the deep things of God.

my dad rattles off his Catachism lines: We are made to love God and serve God.

For God.

Amen! :)