Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ameridana Classic- 1990?

As long as you can dish it out, WE can take it!

I'll be Square

What is THAT supposed to mean, or do, or say?

Say You Don't Love Him, My Salamander.
Why Do You Need Him?
Oh No, Don't Answer, Oh No.

Perplexing lyrics. While I usually take songs at their face value, others seem open to interpretation. Initially I thought this a love song, however the presence of the word salamander is confusing, one of several images which seem contradictory, sarcastic, perhaps stemming from bitter root of rejection or abandonment. 'my Salamander'. Not your usual term of endearment, rather evoking images of something reptile-like. Hardened and unresponsive. Something was not right. Reminds me of the cartoon skunk, Pe'pe le Pu, who is after the feline frantic to get away from him. Unwanted and unsolicited one-sided affection. One would think these feelings are not uncommon to McCartney, you know, feelings of being stalked. Something he could relate to, and perhaps create a song about. So I thought about a scenerio and applied the lyrics and they seemed to fit. My thought was that this is person (not McCartney) but the person he is pretending to be, is a bone fide stalker. Rejection can bring a man or woman to act on ideas and feelings which are completely erroneous. This guy bought an RV and is headed to Florida ( the Salamander being a person who can tolerate heat), to confront the woman who has up and left him for another lover. He's a stalker alright, convinced that she still loves him, when in actuality she is in hiding and has blocked his calls and emails. He refers to her as My Salamander. In a normal relationship this kind of talk is intimate and sweet, however in the world of the psychopathic stalker, they denote ownership. Read the lyrics...he's getting closer...closer...

I'm Getting Closer,
I'm Getting Closer To Your Heart.

Keeping Ahead Of The Rain On The Road,
Watching My Windscreen Wipers.
Radio Play Me A Danceable Ode,
Cattle Beware Of Snipers.

When Will You See Me, My Salamander?
Now Don't Try To Tell Me
Oh No, Don't Answer, Oh No.

L'm Getting Closer,
I'm Getting Closer To Your Heart.

Hitting The Chisel And Making A Joint,
Glueing My Fingers Together.
Radio Play Me A Song With A Point,
Sailor Beware Of Weather.

L'm Getting Closer, My Salamander.
Well When Will We Be There?
Ah No, Don't Answer, Oh No.

L'm Getting Closer,
I'm Getting Closer To Your Heart.
I'm Getting Closer To Your Heart.
I'm Getting Closer To Your Heart.

You have to admit is has a certain Lecterain creepiness.
Or maybe it's just singing about a salamander!

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
salamander [ˈsæləˌmændə]
1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Animals) any of various urodele amphibians, such as Salamandra salamandra (European fire salamander) of central and S Europe (family Salamandridae). They are typically terrestrial, have an elongated body, and only return to water to breed
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Animals) Chiefly US and Canadian any urodele amphibian
3. (Myth & Legend / European Myth & Legend) a mythical reptile supposed to live in fire
4. (Myth & Legend / European Myth & Legend) an elemental fire-inhabiting being
5. any person or thing able to exist in fire or great heat
6. (Engineering / Metallurgy) Metallurgy a residue of metal and slag deposited on the walls of a furnace
7. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Building) a portable stove used to dry out a building under construction
[from Old French salamandre, from Latin salamandra, from Greek]
salamandrine [ˌsæləˈmændrɪn] adj

Everyday ( '80s man)- Vetiver

Charlie Winston-Like A Hobo

Friday, 29 January 2010

soul patching - a whiney lament by G Clair

About being in a funk.

what can I say that has not yet been said
and where can I go that my heart hasn't led
when faced with the truth let it go to my head
and it hurt but at least it's an answer
and who is this one that I've wanted to date
yesterday's leftovers still on my plate
coming to grips with the fact that he's late
and he's probably out with that dancer

and when will I have what that other girl's got
love for a lifetime, guess this is my lot
I've scared off a few with the end to this plot
how those mystery dates made me shiver
and who is this person that I have become
sometimes just lazy and snapping my gum
I've tried to be smarter, perhaps I'm just dumb
but I'm all that I've got to deliver

I wish I could know what was driving me on
roll down the window, I'm somebody's song
caught on the breeze that the wind blows along
with the fragrance of old summer days
so why all the longing, when now is enough
precious and sweet are your words off the cuff
I'm happy to have you to read all this stuff
while the worlds smallest violin plays

"Oh he might come, but he will go
and I can't follow, I'm too slow
but I can sing a song I know,
it's called 'My soul Needs Patching'
bring me something, I don't care
chocolate eggs or Tupperware
play me stuff which can't compare
with what my minds been hatching"

Ravi on Hell

Suit up!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

the happy place

I walk over to the physical therapy department to retrieve a woman who attends our day care center. 75 y/o *Pauline has PT a couple of times a week, and though she really can't recall any of it, does enjoy the treatments, at least for the time being. It is hoped that therapy will alleviate some of her back pain and accelerate the healing process.

As I wait for her to be brought to the front office, I recall how difficult these first few weeks of adjustment to day care have been. Pauline's constant repetitive questions are exhausting. Life is like Groundhog Day for her. "But why am I here?" is her main concern.

We have discovered that in light of her severe short term memory deficit, any answer is futile, producing more anxiety, and often provoking her to tears. Still we try to comfort and redirect her into activities. " You are here to have FUN!" It's true. The golden years are supposed to be fun, right? Aging in itself, with the deterioration of mind and body isn't much fun, in fact it can be quite painful, lonesome and depressing. It can also be hazardous for obvious reasons. Assistance from family members who have other obligations is often limited, and is some cases completely absent. This is why Adult Medical Day Care exists, to provide a safe cost effective comfortable home away from home, where needs are met and fun is had, a nice 5 hour day program, and then it's home again. A nice way to go when you just aren't ready for assisted living or a convalescent center, but also not really okay to be left at home to fend for yourself all day.

And so we hold out hope for Pauline, that her doctor, a highly reputable gerontologst, will be able to find the right combination of medications to decrease anxiety and increase short term memory, so she can get on with it. We hope that this will be accomplished as soon as possible. She was started on something new this morning so...

My thoughts are interrupted. Pauline's greets me with a smile, and asks if I know her. I assure her that we have known each other for a few weeks now and that we are going back to the center for lunch.

In her thick italian accent- "Are we going back to that 'HAPPY PLACE'?"

The happy place?! Amazing. She remembers something, and it's something good! Tiny steps in a positive direction makes for happiness, especially in the case of a disease known for it's ravaging downward spiral.

"Yep! We're off to the Happy Place."

To think that something so simple as a change in medication could bring this woman back to earth with a concept of time and memories is a cause to celebrate. All in a day-the happy place.

* name changed

Friday, 22 January 2010


Just Being There - G Clair

The randomness, the senselessness
you strive to make life count and then it comes to this
and in the end you're left with pain
and someone writes a song and it just seems inane

There is no way to justify, find meaning in your loss, you know
but still we try
there are no words you need to hear
you only want the comfort, and it seems so clear

It's in our hearts, we want to take
your misery, to share your grief and ease the ache
well-meaning words, it's just the thought
and sinking down, too weak to stand
with arms you're caught

Held up and loved, in silence there
is something more than words can say to show we care
no need to talk, yet still we share
the burden of your pain
it’s plain...
Just being there

Five-Minute Oats- G Clair

Pacing the floor in the middle of this
watching the kettle 'til steam starts to hiss
A strange fascination we have with the bliss
with nothing behind us but one heated kiss

Underneath an umbrella I stand in the rain
and wait on the platform for the 6 O'clock train
well you never quite hold me and I rarely complain
and soaked with frustration I walk home again

We bid for each other in some Chinese auction
and you got the booby, one mixed up concoction
we checked out our prizes at a much closer range
What were we thinking and can we exchange

And without any memories to dry up the tears
we long for the fire and the comfort of years
but it's just one more lesson, a good one we learned.
the slow-cooker is better and we're less often burned

And then as I ponder you come in the door
I smile at your tired eyes and looking for more
I stir up the pot as you take off your Totes
and you ask me to make you some 5-Minute Oats

"I made em already"~to warm up your cockles
the seat of your heart and without the debacles
I sensed that the cold rain would stir the desire
so I whipped up a batch and rekindled the fire

And inspite of my rambling it seems rather clear
that 5-Minute oats can mean something more dear
it's that person who waits in your kitchen above
stirring 5 Minute oats into passionate love

Monday, 18 January 2010

porch swing rhythm

Minding our own
makin' it rhyme
it's all coming out
theres dust in the draught
but the rain comes in time
nothing held back
I've got nothing to say
let it roll off my shoulders
puts less your mind
and it's better that way

And isn't it great
we can stay out real late
watching millions of sparkling stars
while your're lickin' that plate
And isn't it nice
you like hot tea on ice
thank you yes
I can follow directions
so please don't think twice

I said nothing at all
it's that horse in the stall
my foot fell asleep
but I'm not gonna weep
I can drag it or crawl
Now the wind's in the trees
and your hand's on my knees
and the warmth of your breath on my neck
puts my tired mind at ease

Now we're minding our own
but we're makin' it rhyme
it's all coming out
theres dust in the draught
but the rain comes in time
Distracted it's true
idle chatter won't do
Better nothing to say
put the music on play
and be quiet with you

and here's how it all ended

Friday, 15 January 2010

like the sunshine

change your heart
look around you
change your heart
it will astound you
i need your lovin'
like the sunshine

everybody's got to learn sometime
everybody's got to learn sometime
everybody's got to learn sometime

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sweet Mysteries- G Clair

At the end of the day it could go either way
much like at the end of this song
Well I write for a while then I sink to a smile
when I think how you draw me along.

Well we came with a story,a beautiful song,
unheard verses locked deep in our soul
and the way to discover whats locked in this lover
find the key that will fit the keyhole.

And sometimes we're inspired, other times we're just tired
and it's sad when we don't realize
it's because of ourselves talent sits on the shelves
in the darkness for the rest of our lives.

It was trouble and strife, anger cut like a knife
and it tore at the door of my mind and my pride
it was then your sweet voice through the keyhole rejoiced
and released the deadbolt from inside.

So now I can tell you just what's on my mind
I am corny and wierd and unkind, sometimes
but I say what I feel 'cause i know what is real
and it sure beats what I left behind.

Thought the answer was finding the right key
the thing that would then make you whole
but the Master unlocking life's sweet mysteries
is the love sown in each others soul.

Whadaya Think? - G Clair

They pay me well to color with fat crayons
Sometimes I tend to feel like Mother Goose
The men they are preoccupied
with gettin' on my better side
so pour me up another glass of juice

Hey Hey Hey

I like to challenge all of them to checkers
and not a better player you will find
I'll take the ragged old man on
and help him stagger to the john
be sure he's gonna wipe his own behind

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Whadaya whadaya whadaya think I'm sayin'
Whadaya whadaya whadaya gonna do?
Maybe you can't appreciate
how much I need a bloody date
for now the elderly will have to do


Now don't be makin fun of all the old men
'cause we ladies have our crosses to bear too
you can bet we have no aim
spin the bottle
take the shame
and in the end we're lame and so are you!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Whadaya whadaya whadaya think I'm sayin'
Whadaya whadaya whadaya gonna do?
Maybe you can't appreciate
I much I need a bloody date
for now the elderly will have to do!


Went out walkin' in the snow
slipped on the black ice
and down I did go
I tried to get up
but it was too
slick and so
I lay there
i clung
to life
I felt
a nice
man with
warm hands
saw me there
lying on the ice
and picked me up
and leaned me against
a tree and it seemed to him
that I looked more like a snowman.
In a while, I was looking more like a puddle.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Cruel Day - G Clair

Here's one for every exhausted mother and dad out there struggling through sleepless nights trying to console a crying infant. God bless you and give you the strength and rest you need.
Sometimes, baby make me
want to scream and shout
Sometimes, baby, make me wanna pull my grey hairs out
this one means you're hungry
next one means you're tired
If words could flow, then we would know, but that's not how you're wired

and it's a cruel day
It's a cruel day
at my door
It's a cruel day
I'll say
"Baby, I can't take you anymore".

This one means you're hurtin'~
Coming all undone
I'd kiss your hurts away all day but Babe, it's half passed one
This one's 'cause you're lonely
Lying in the dark
You slept all day,
It's time to play but I can't raise my carcass

It's a cruel day
It's a cruel day
at my door
It's a cruel day
I'll say
"Baby I can't take you anymore".

If colic were the reason
that you can't sleep at night
Well I could understand it but there's just no end in sight
that one's 'cause you're angry
tryin' to get me back
been fed and changed and walked and rocked but Babe, I'm in the sack

And it's a cruel day
It's a cruel day
at my door
it's a cruel day
I'll say
"Baby,I can't take you anymore".

Monday morning yawing
barely slept a wink
up since Sunday morning, Baby, I can hardly think
Suddenly it's dawning
The answer to my prayer
I tiptoe in and smile at you asleep without a care

and it's a school day
it's a school day
at your door
it's a school day
you'll say
" Momma let me sleep a little more!"

And a cruel day
Oh a cruel day
at my door
will be a cruel day
one day
you'll say
"Mamma, I can't take you anymore".

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Neil Young Sings Fresh Prince

Neil Young Sings Fresh Prince

Nothin Is Better- G Clair

This song is for sale to the highest bidder. A song for all seasons, "Nothin' Is Better' is just right for Valentines Day and better yet on St. Paddys. I'll tell you how it goes once your check clears. Or maybe I'll just record it with the Clan Sweeney myself.

Two years away from a half century
not that I care but it's gettin to me
Wanted for nothin but that's not quite true
hey, not for nothin, but I wanted you

and it's okay, I'm okay with nothin
nothin is better than somepin sometimes
and it's okay that I'm needin nothin
cause nothin is better sometimes

Eight years since forty and not wrinkled yet
maybe my forehead was feeling regret
listened to people who soon got me down
went in for botox and now I can't frown

and it's okay, I'm okay with nothin
nothin is better than somepin sometimes
and it's okay that I'm needin nothin
cause nothin is better sometimes

Bridge (wah wah wah owie owie wah wah)

Some days are better though I'm still alone
I eat at the diner and chat on the phone
nobody's knowin that nobody's there
nobody's lookin, so what do I care

and it's okay, I'm okay with nothin
nothin is better than somepin sometimes
and it's okay that I'm needin nothin
cause nothin is better sometimes

yeah it's okay, I'm okay with nothin
nothin is better than somepin sometimes
and it's okay, I'm wantin for nothin
nothin is better sometimes

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

captive in a foreign land?

An excerpt from a teaching by Ashlee Wiest-Laird

Scriptures: Psalm 126; Isaiah 61:1-11; John 1:6-8, 19-28

When the word of the Lord came to the prophet Isaiah the people of Israel were in exile. Having lost a war to the Babylonians, the brightest and the best of Israel’s people were taken hostage and carried off to a land far away from anything they never known. In that place, the people of God lamented their losses. “By the Rivers of Babylon,” says Psalm 137, “there we sat down and there we wept when we remembered Zion. On the willows there we hung up our harps, for there our captors ask us for songs, and our tormentors ask us for mirth, saying, sing us one of the songs of Zion! How could we sing the lord song in a foreign land?”

In their strange new home the people of Israel were despised and rejected, forlorn and depressed. So you can imagine the hope that must have filled them as they heard the words of prophet, saying: the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me; he has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and release to the prisoners; to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn, to provide for those who mourn in Zion—to give them a garland instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead of a faint spirit. They will be called oaks of righteousness, the planning of the Lord, to display his glory.

Yes, they were in exile. Yes, those left in their homeland had lost friends and family. Yes, they were depressed, angry and sad. But the good news was that this was not how God longed for them to be. According to Isaiah, God’s wish for the people was that they build up the ancient ruins raise up what was formerly destroyed. God’s hope was that the people would know everlasting joy.

Again we are reading through the book of the prophet Daniel. One of several young Israelites taken captive by Kind Nebuchadnezzar and brought back to Babylon, Daniel remained faithful to God, although every effort was made to brainwash him and force him to worship the false gods of the Babylonians. What God did in Daniel's life is a testament of His awesome Love and faithfulness.


the eternal bob

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Monday, 4 January 2010

I'll not say...

Tell Me Nothing - G Clair

I walked away
It's never my intention to be rude or to offend
but they stood around and spoke of what I could not comprehend
of all of the evil in the world and all the whys
and then my friend spoke up and much to my surprise~
said "Tell me nothing!
Tell me nothing sick and horrible
It's gotten out of hand;
the misery's so sad, you see and too much should be banned~
maybe all things work together for the good, I understand
but please just keep it to yourselves
and leave my head here in the sand
just tell me nothing".
They were appalled
and so they walked away
and left him there
in what he needed most
and so I prayed in my own quiet way,
to scare away the ghost
of all of the evil in the world and all the whys~
then my friend spoke up
and much to my surprise
said "tell me something
tell me something good and funny,
make me laugh until I cry
you know there's something good in laughter
though I cannot tell you why~
maybe good news is on order from the Lord
and that's a far cry from the sadness and a cry I can afford
and though I'd like to know that God can hear our cries
but otherwise~
if someone dies
please tell me nothing."