Thursday, 29 November 2007

rocking chair heaven

Inspired by my treasured rocking chair, which I discovered on a trash pile, this song is dedicated to the very much alive and rockin' Neil Young.

last Christmas Eve
that's when I found her
big ass rocker
lying in the trash~

'neath layers of paint
magnolia flowers
still blooming, carved
in oak or ash~

you're not talkin'
but the story's in you
under layers of
paint and grime

it's been a while
since you've been rockin'
passed along through
the hands of time

we can't pretend~
wer'e looking older
halfway home
to the pearly gate~

a sadder thing
the day they sold her
wired her well
but sealed her fate~

you're not talkin'
but the story's in you
under many layers of
paint and grime

been a while
since you've been rockin'
passed along through
hands of time

can't pretend~
you're looking older
halfway home
to the pearly gate~

a sadder thing
the day they sold you
wired you well
but sealed your fate~

Well no one knows
just why they left you
one mans cast off
is another mans cash

i do declare
before I found you
love left me smoldering
in smoke and ash

once restored
and in your glory
rocking chair
as good as new

your wood will breathe
and meet the floor boards
worn with time,
tuned-up like you

grab a hold
of that big ass rocker
drag her out
to the slanty porch~

say look-ee here
your'e fit for rockin'
and this old flame
still carries the torch~

And so we'll sit
with my guitar and
slowly bend
the rhythm straight.

we'll work it out
i'm still believing
God's in His rocker
at the pearly gate.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

hormona lee

fraza lee, fraza lee
she seems that way
she seems~
lona lee, lona lee
and only 43~
ginger lee, ginger lee
she steps around her dream~
norma lee, norma lee
but never this extreme
cazu lee, cazu lee
she'll smile and
wilt inside
lover lee, lover lee
less is best to hide.

Sunday, 25 November 2007


"Nothing goes your way", you say,
those words are cutting, dear
hard to take day after day
and worse year after year.

silence is not golden
over-rated when you're dead,
so those who walk beside you
should speak truth, in love, instead.

so here is what I've pondered
wrote it out and made it rhyme
hope that you will hear me out
appreciate your time.

nothing for not but you're anxious
i believe you've developed a tick
worry and woe have you tossed to and fro
as you bite down your nails to the quick.

another thing, sweetie, you're greedy
longings have filled you will strife
hoarding away, you wait for the day
that you'll finally be living the life.

blessed with your talents you waste them
your time you have spent on the couch
lazy and tired, or drinking and wired
blame the world, but you're really a slouch.

religion of man is deceiving
you've mastered the art of believing
you're always alone, and all on your own
while all along I stand here grieving.

Being quiet I've done you no service
you're no better off in the end
after all of these years of going your way,
I'll be taking a right here, my friend.

and though I said I'd never leave you
I'm right over here if your choose
but if you decide you can save your own hide,
stay away, by all means, and you'll lose.

Monday, 19 November 2007

sooner or later

sooner or later
you come to the place where it's
later and still you've got nothing to lose~

consider your life
and decide if there's something
that house on the hill or a wife if you choose~

but if it's much later
and maybe you're feeble,
a geezer, unlikely to dream, nevermind~

just look to the children
help when you're able
encourage the ones who are lagging behind~

cling to the present
and make the days happy
do what you can to bring someone a smile~

sooner or later
you'll come to the place where
it's later so better make sooner worthwhile~

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

national observer

do she do
or don't she want
to have to feel this bad?

will she will
or won't she want
the one who can't be had?

can't be had
or can be had
one can never know~

and so she'll wait
the while away
while you all
watch the show.

Monday, 12 November 2007

cruel day

Sometimes, baby make me
want to scream and shout
Sometimes, baby, make me want to
pull my grey hairs out~
this one means you're hungry
next one means you're tired
if I carried on
like you
you know
I'd soon be fired~

'cause it's a cruel day
It's a cruel day
at my door
It's a cruel day
I'll say
I can't take you

This one means you're hurtin'~
Coming all undone
I'd kiss your hurts away all day
but Babe, it's half passed one~
This one's 'cause you're lonely
Lying in the dark
You slept all day,
It's time to play
but I can't raise my carcass~

It's a cruel day
It's a cruel day
at my door
It's a cruel day
I'll say
I can't take you

If colic were the reason
that you can't sleep at night
Well I could understand it
but there's just no end in sight~

that one's 'cause you're angry
tryin' to get me back
been fed and changed and walked
and rocked
but Babe, I'm in the sack~

And it's a cruel day
It's a cruel day
at my door
it's a cruel day
I'll say
I can't take you

Monday morning's dawning
barely slept a wink
up since Sunday morning, Baby
I can hardly think.

Suddenly it's dawning
The answer to my prayer
I tiptoe in and smile at you
asleep without a care~

and it's a school day
it's a school day
at your door
it's a school day
you'll say
" Momma
let me
a little more!"

Yeah, and a cruel day
a cruel day
at my door
will be a cruel day
you'll say
I can't take you anymore".

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Sunshine girl

With a beaming smile that could warm the tile
She came flying down the corridor
the sun was setting, so i asked her heading
and she said, "I'm going to Florider!"

Well she seemed to like to talk
and I really love to listen
so I pressed her for the details
and her eyes began to glisten.

"I been staying in this rest home
since I lost my dear departed"
and I asked her when he died and she said,
"No, I meant my leg".

So we stood there, well I stood there and
she sat in her new wheel chair
I asked her what's her hurry.
and if she's gonna get a peg.

And she said:
"Maybe if I lose this weight~
Gotta get down to 220
but the trouble is I love to eat.
I know it's not that funny."

"I've had my share of heart attacks
and twice I had a stroke
Buried my husband and lost the house
and gee I love to smoke"

"I can't move these three fingers
but I manage in this chair
on nice days take it to the road
for excercise and air".

She went on to share her story
was from somewhere up in Queens
married twice without children
and lived well within her means.

She talked about her childhood home
and how chemicals from the pool
splashed onto the strawberry patch
and the fruit was the size of a stool.

The best of all of her stories
was one about her dad
who had worked for Sunshine Biscuits,
but once fell into a vat.

no sooner had she told me
that I knew I'd have to write
a lymric for this lady
whose smile brings such delight.

The folks at Sunshine found him
pulled him out but hound him
was one lucky catch, 'til he met his batch
when those lady fingers done nearly drowned him.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

It's the Happy Birthday Clown

Farewell to the Dead

we'll see you in heaven

open hearts to the living

you have so much to give.

Come forward, O lonely

your faces are graven.

Show sorrow

Show happiness

For your lives are just beginning

and ending too soon.

Friday, 2 November 2007

off the hook

Words serve no purpose
you've chosen your fate

A woman who seethes
biochemial hate

How could a man marvel at beauty
When she admits her last meal was "Lookin4cutie?"

Why in the world would he choose to commit
to a girl who is spiteful and treats him like shit?

The over-sized ego that boasts of her charms
arouses suspicion and sets off alarms.

Try as you may
there's no way to please her

The war is internal
and nothing will ease her.

You give her some flowers, she says the wrong color
and conversation? You've never been duller

You take her out dancing, buy her some clothes,
she spends all your money and steps on your toes.

Walks on your ego, takes you for granted
Dimisses your dreams, but still you're enchanted.

How is it this angel can kiss you so well
yet one week a month will send you to Hell?

Take it as a warning when a woman picks a fight
flips out at your comments, speeds up at the light.

Anything to get you punching at the wheel
yellow moon is maddness, and PMS is real.

Bloated and sallow,abd feeling so low
without motivation she waits for the flow.

You tell her you love her and will so for years
she tells you she hates you, then suddenly, tears.

Give her a boot, show her the door
tell her to soften that miserable core.

Drop her on the corner
make her walk alone

Stay clear of her email
don’t pick up the phone

Next time read the paper
or find a nice long book

Spare yourself the misery
and let her off the hook.

soon it's all over
and lonely you'll be

sitting there wondering
where could she be?

next time be patient,
you know what they say...

a little understanding
goes a long long way.