Thursday, 31 January 2008

time out

Though it's easy to speak of great joy
and remember my Savior
I'm baffled sometimes,
yet amused
by my own strange behavior.

I know you would not want
to hear all this stuff
so I bagged it up well
'cause enough is enough

somewhere between nothing and something
I'm feeling indifference
to spare you the details I speak in the vagueness
of inference.

It's not everyday
that we love and we lose
but it happened to me
and it's time that I choose.

I stand at the doorway of reason
and see that I'm failing
I know that it's not the right season
but want to go sailing.

the edge of the keel will cut
through the ice
and time out to heal
well it sounds really nice.

Let me drift thought the sorrow
and sort through the things that I'm feeling
and back here tomorrow
I'll help you to paint up the ceiling.

you find yourself working
and that is the way
you hold it together
and get through the day.

We all have to cope with these things
and we know that it's coming
our lives are like houses
emotions are just like the plumbing.

you plan it all out
and try not to rush
keep the lines clear
and be sure to flush.

Though it's easy to speak of great joy
and remember my Savior
I'm baffled sometimes
yet amused
by my own strange behavior.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

weather...or not

The Beast from the East
took my breath,
but then ceased
when I ran
to the Best from the West
it was there that I met
and I'll never regret
the Mouth from the South
and his guest~
The North would be fourth
but for all that it's worth
was a comfortable blast from the past
We're caught in these storms
which will take on all forms,
but it's true that the first shall be last.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

do you mind?

do you mind if I borrow your rose-colored glasses
my day's been a shade of deep blue~
and by chance could you spare me your spit-fits of laughter
while I sort through these bills that are due?

Friday, 25 January 2008

ol' pearl

She reaches out for love but it eludes her
He spits her out but not before he chews her
she blames herself for his mistake,
for giving him a belly ache
no wonder why she's feeling like a loser.

and then one day she noticed she was slipping
the mirror never lies, she wasn't tripping
within her empty eyes she saw
the wear and tear had worn her raw
and tears behind the veil of shame were dripping.

Standing in the dim light of the morning
In want of something more of an adorning
she lifted up her golden hair,
and smiled though no one else was there
and realized she'd never heard the warning.

No one ever spoke of inner beauty
though the boys around her said she was a cutie
Daddy always wore the pants
but never asked his girl to dance
she learned her moves from guys who loved her bootie.

Light music broke though silence of dead winter
Warm rays of sunshine thawed the ice within her
the local farmer loved his Lord
would never take, but could afford
and in his eyes, a pearl, and not a sinner.

She stands with him before the mirror now
her heart refreshed, she's seeing more somehow
the rounded apple of his eye
and no one else should wonder why
he bought the milk... because he loved the cow!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Kind of a bluesy Elvis Costello song about getting saved.

Where is the light in my eyes
has it grown dim
without any source of conviction
was only
a matter of time
and what I have seen, done
led to eviction
of right, wrong
my soul became blinded
and numb
what's lurking behind it
hidden away
and nobody's business but mine

but where is the smile in my eyes
too many things
stifled the laughter
and nothing I say would
they're only words
and actions soon after.

the dream
a memory
I threw it away
thought it meant nothing
they say
let's live for today
cause it's all just a memory

I know
that evil is oozing and
i know
who stands here accusing
we started perusing
and feeling no shame
taken a bruising
this all seems so lame
but then again
nothing is wrong~

Give me the time
tell me the reason
that I cannot feel
and nothing is pleasin'
is there a pulse,
can you feel my heart aching
caught in a web,
it's hurt but not breaking
I hope what You say is
there's still hope today
I've come to the place
and sick of disgrace
can I bathe in the Grace that is Yours?

Here is the light in my eyes
having been dim
i can attest
to the wonders of Him
works in mysterious ways
and that which had clouded my days
darkened and dreary
and dead to the Lord
cleaned up and set right
the message I heard
to swim in the spirit
you have to get near it
and nothing to run from
you hardly should fear it
without even trying
i can't keep from crying
the preacher guy said
without God we'd be dying
and that said,
I am truly amazed.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

front rolls n'

my love
you know I long for you to hold me
my love
it seems your arms cannot enfold me

i got a
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll

and when
you tell me
that I am just the way you need me
tell me truly
is it the carbs or fat you feed me

you gimee
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll


And it's true
that when we sleep, I lie behind you
and it's true
the morning sun can never find you

i got a
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll

i love your
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll

beby baby
Front roll
Mamma Mamma
Fat back
Daddy Daddy

Fat Back!

baggage to burn

let me get the lyrics right
i wrote 'em on the bus the night
i'd had enough and left him for the city.
he sat me down there on the floor
'cause all the seats were sold before
and i don't mind, I'm fine, so save your pity.

as he turned, I saw him smile
and more relieved with every mile
'it's for the best', was just the way I heard it.
hollowed by the cold and shame
the wounded heart, it places blame
or tries to make you think that you deserve it.

and as the lonely hour passed
I caught him in the looking glass
the driver, he reminded me of Poppy.
He'd shown us mercy, must have sensed
the urgency and hurt condensed
beneath the smiles, the goodbye kiss, so choppy.

It really didn't matter though
Slid down this mountain in the snow
and one last ride beside it was exciting.
and wiping tears with my coat sleeve
last night he asked me not to leave
but we were just so tired of all the fighting.

and as I sat there in a haze
my purple mind reviewed the days
since marriage hell had swallowed up my joy.
As everything I'd done before
so blindly trusting, nothing more
mistaken for true love, I wed the boy.

but from that point, the veil was lifted
I was lame and he was gifted
or so that was the way that it all appeared
and so I bought the lie each day
to be a good wife, come what may
and hold in my contentions for I feared~

that he was right and I was wrong
and we had nothing all along
a thought beyond that which I could conceive~
and rather than just cut our losses
pack it in and tell the Boss, he
opted then to cheat and then deceive.

And thinking he could do no wrong
I wrote this stupid little song
as though the man was faithful to the end
strange that he had left behind
a trail of clues for me to find
but at the time, a comfort, to pretend.

And down in Denver it became
so clear to me, he had to blame~
another woman, could it be, was waiting?
I didn't have the energy
to see more of the worst in me
decided, there and then that he was dating.

Misery loves company
the woman sitting next to me
had something going on with her digestion
I'd like to say she burped a lot
and as it was she slurped a lot
but either way, I moved, at her suggestion.

And every stop was getting worse
the seats were reeking of the curse
and three days penance was the price of freedom.
and then my final destiny
Grand Central Station was to me
the answer to my prayers, that's where I'd meet 'em.

with a heavy heart and broken pride
we come to places deep inside
but older now, we see the lies and shed them.
I made the choice, against advice
of parents who are rather nice
and saw through all the heat and vice,
with wisdom.

I see the young girl on the bus~
she didn't drink and couldn't cuss
unless the moon was full on with her saddness
and then she'd turn and rant and get
to marinating in regret
and have a few to mellow out the madness.

had she known what she knows now
or I should say, what I know now
I would have taken flight before that bus
I would have come back home that summer
met my friend, and what a bummer
saved myself three days of stink and fuss.

save it for a better day
another heart will come my way
and in the end it's just another story.
Another chapter that was read
He breathed new life into the dead
and cleaned it up and now it's for His Glory.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

the indirect response

what it was~
what it is~
was it anything~
yeah, it was
but nothing anyone would suspect
as being anything.

OK, it was something
but it was nothing I'd want
anyone to know about, OK?

Why do you ask?

sad girl

far too innocent to know the secret of creation
corrupted til she'd lost all sense of time
childhood memories float through eyes without elation
feeling less than good and more like slime.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

a new day

looking back,
i kind of sensed my story
the sparkles in my heart
were stuck like glue~
i colored way outside the lines
elated that i'd have to find
my own way,
not be tied
to something blue.

seems like choosing all the safe things,
all the things that make most sense,
cannot be right without the input of the heart~
soon heart-broken, it would seem
i had to run,
forget the dream,
into the arms
of what felt safe,
back at the start.

let the day begin
begin again
let it cleanse
away the past
and let the love
flow in and out again
but this time
make it last

and maybe life
has not turned out
the way I wanted,
although both careful
and adventurous,
I've tried,
my youthful zest
for life
has left me
by shattered dreams
the very thing
which was denied.

at the same time
there's a hope
on the horizon
an excitement,
as i look to God,
the One,
and while i'm free to make the choice,
i'll choose to listen to His voice
and in that confidence
a new day
has begun.

let the day begin
begin again
let it cleanse
away the past
and let the love
flow in and out again
but this time
make it last

if just for today.

Friday, 11 January 2008

more than enough

everybody got a big house
everybody got an acre least
everybody got a 2 story
and a fancy staircase lease!
everybody got a new car
everybody need a 2 car
everybody got a S--U--V
except for
'cause we live fancy free

we got our small house
we got our backyard
we got our big sky
so high
stars fly
we got our TV
it was a free-bee
we got our used car, a die-hard
but we don't drive far

not everybody is a bootleg
not everybody has a full keg
not everybody got a two legs
or even one leg to stand on

not everybody got a washer
not everybody got a dryer
and then you gotta have a friend
or at least a lot of quarters

and we've got family
like everybody
though many don't
we have our health
and that's enough
it's all the same stuff
life's one big cream puff
and we can choose
to win or lose
to binge or booze
no matter who's
got more of what
it's just enough.

and in all fairness
with this awareness
we have all this
and so much bliss
we shouldn't brag
and much less rag
whose got it rough
and all that stuff...
it's just enough
more than enough

Thursday, 10 January 2008

No Skimming!

Skimming is like cheating
why bother to pretend?
so you can say you've read the book,
a mad rush to the end?

Best do like me, and start a few
and it's exactly what I do
before I will attack it, read
the back and jacket too.

I start in on the chapter list
and read it 'til I've got the gist,
a nice prologue and introduction
if omitted, sorely missed.

I take the words and read 'em over
what was meant, I try to gleen
and if no message was encoded
just what did the author mean?

I'll do the same on every page
until I understand, or age
and when I'm satisfied
unless I've died, I'll turn the page.

I will continue on that course
unless the author beats his horse
and gives me every reason, just to
end it there without remorse.

but if I'm thoroughly engaged
and my boredom not enraged
I must admit I've skimmed a chapter
in the crapper for the aged.

and if I make it to the chase
which has rarely been the case
I will mark it, and then park it
to allow it proper place.

The End

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Jerry says

Jerry said today he wants to stay with you
well you can't believe what comes out of his mouth
Jerry doesn't know which way his head is to
more than likely Jerry's head is pointing south.

Jerry said someday he's gonna marry you
but he hesitates to take you on a date
Jerry says no movies out there that he wants to see
and the food you get these days is not that great.

Jerry says
Jerry says
I don't care what Jerry says
Jerry is
what he does
if you listen to the buzz
Jerry has
been a spaz
though he's cute and all that jazz
let's see Honey put his money where his mouth is.

Jerry said he's saving for the future
and he laughs to hear you'd like to save yourself
though your father wouldn't say Jerry's a moocher
Daddy's watching Jerry's actions for himself.

Jerry said tonight he's working overtime
and he won't coming home, so go to bed
Jerry says you'd better pull your weight, my dear
or expect Cubic Zirconia instead.

Jerry says
Jerry says
I don't care what Jerry says
Jerry is
what he does
if you listen to the buzz
Jerry has
been a spaz
though he's cute and all that jazz
let's see Honey put his money where his mouth is.

Monday, 7 January 2008

how to trust

though i can't see the end from beginning
God, there's nothing that You cannot see~
when I can't speak, for fear, and in weakness
Speak Your calm and Your strength over me.

you are Truth, but tonight
I forgot, you are Light~
let my thoughts lead the way
to a darker place.

overwhelmed,lacking prayer
I set sail, without care~
thought I'd manage alone
since I know Your Grace.

but when storm clouds appeared
it was then that I feared~
and called " Lord,
can't you see that I'm sinking!?"

and that's just how I pray
in the midst of the day~
come what may,
I just say what I'm thinking.

My guess is that Jesus was dreaming
when he slept quietly in the boat~
No one was needing a thing, at the time,
all was fine, course aligned, still afloat.

No need for Divine conversation,
so why don't You just take a nap?
I'll be snoozing right here, if you need Me, don't fear~
by all means, Jesus, we have the map.

We all know how storms blow in quickly
and that Weatherman knew, for He must~
if He wanted, the Lord could have warned them before,
more important they learn how to trust.

Though I can't see the end from beginning
God, there's nothing that you cannot see~
when I can't speak, for fear and in weakness
Speak Your calm and Your strength over me.

Friday, 4 January 2008

martha's vineyard...on the way to the youth hostel

it was a dark night
there was no street light
and I could hardly see the road
in front of me but this was free

and so we settled, and thus we pedaled
more then 30 winding miles
into this wilderness of isles
or so it seemed,so very mean.

he said "continue ,
for it is in you
and we can make it to the place
within an hour, at this pace."

his plan was brutal, I'm not a poodle
but I could smell the sweat, and feeling sopping wet
it was not fun, and like the day,
so very done.

and it is true ,that maybe you
would think ahead and plan the weekend
out and get a room for 2 without the crap
and have a map

and maybe save the bike for home
and wear a helmet on your dome
and so we learned
the hard way burned.

Well I could barely,
i say just barely
make out the single line white striping
while he's right behind me griping,

"can't you speed up? we're gonna meet up~
and the collision won't be pleasant"
not that pleasant was he were...
so very der!

it's so ironic,but most moronic
for there were headlights
coming up the hill in front
and to be blunt

they had to blind me
oh please don't mind me
and I quickly left the scene
into a steep rocky ravine

and then the bike no longer able
to remain beneath my seat
landed on top,and quite a drop
my heart did stop.

I was not laughing,
nor was I crying
and but more like " could it be
dear Lord that I am dying?

Oh my God, excuse the curse
so freaking odd, but i've seen worse
and though my body's somewhat shaken
not a bone or tooth was breakin

and I'm fully wide awake and
not a pain or any ache~
so very odd
it must be God.

and there I lie
perfectly high
my eyes wide open couldn't scope but
in the darkness I could grope

the rock beside my fallen hide
and in a moment not an omen
he said "Gee!"
"Is this your knee?"

I said, " Hey Moulder,
you've got my shoulder."
"I should have driven in the Bently"
and as he pulled the bike off gently

asking how these things do happen
"but nevermind, just lets get snappin'"
"I was blinded by the light!
but now I think that I'm alright"

" wrapped up like a douche?"
" another bummer in the night?"
and though i am often wrong about it
not a soul tonight would doubt it.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

what to do

coughing up the phlegm i come to realize
no big surprise
at least i kept it all unto myself~
stuff like this can grow
inside your body
and it's snotty
but it's good to get it out
and best to take good care of this, yourself.

and if the sputum's yellow,
be assured that it is viral
but can spiral
into something worse
a curse or so they say~
so take the time to rest
and yes,
drink water and some juice
and for a boost,
vitamin C, 1000 mgs
just twice a day.

and by all means
take your
cold or flu to Walgreens
Eckerts, CVS, or Rite Aid,
where there's medicine that might aid
and I might add, many brands to
choose from~
stops your fussin'
Advil Sinus
for your highness,
by and far my favored Nyquil
is the stuff
I get my snooze from

if you've got a fever and it's green
to be sure, a doctor should be seen
do not delay if it is grey
or other colors of the day
because these bugs are nasty~
worse than mean!

cozy up with Vicks rubbed on your chest,
it seems to open up the passage best
a little dab will also do
beneath the nares it is true
you'll feel as if the air is breathing you.

humidify the air beside the bed,
take good care to clean the thing
that said~
keep a box of Kleenex near
the softest kind will feel most dear
and place your favorite pillow 'neath your head.

It's good to keep some chicken soup on hand
it's value has been known throughout the land
keep the heat on, be a wench and
and crack the window just a pinch
and try to sleep as much as you can stand.

in time you will recover from this hell
your symptoms will subside and you can tell
but be sure to keep your guard up,
avoid crowds
and don't be hard up,
just insist they keep their distance,
and stay well.