Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Zzz the Day- G Clair

Zzz the day
Let's let this one get away
it's okay,
gave our best to yesterday
never was my cup of tea
yet they squeeze
press the very best of me
piling on the sugar now
promising the moon and now
complaining drains
life's pleasure out of me
gimmee z.

Skim the soup
otherwise we'll get too fat
trim the sails
and I'm off to where you're at
winter winds
sting my chin and mess my hair
better stay
wrapped in cozy blankets here
icy patches forming
on the windows, we lay warming
under covers, unaware
nothing bothers, not a care
let the phone ring
when in doubt
never mind,
I'm calling out

Stay up late
watching oldies on TV
lick the plate
leave it on the floor for me
it's okay,
make another can of soup
take a bath
and then shower off the bloop
wasting water, wasting time
waste not want not
never mind
let the toilet run and find
everything will
wait for you
you'll see~
catch your z
wait for me.

one more day to go around
nothings lost
but somethings found
the buzzing fan's
a welcome sound
draw the blinds
cause no one's gonna call
after all

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

take the shame! G-Clair

My sister sent some money 'cause things had gone to hell
She said, "You don't belong there Honey, a trip home will do you well."
On a three day smelly bus ride away from what had been obscene
turned my nose to New York City where the air was fresh and clean.

Pulled into Central Station, a different kind of highland
was met by my dear sister, a castaway on Gov'nors Isand.
Being broke was half the trouble,and we played it like a game
but the nasty shoe debacle, well it made me take the shame.

I didn't know quite what to do, but I knew I had a job,
a suit of hounds-tooth off 'The Give', and my hair cut in a bob.
The suit was fitting perfectly, for shoes we found some flats
pink with silver circled cut-outs, kind of clownish without spats.

Well I stood there in a laugh-cry, 'cause my job was in the city
I gotta make these babies black or be lookin' 'Hello Kitty'.
So she gets that strange expression, perhaps as from the Lord
In an empty apartment down the hall was some paint for the old baseboard.

We laughed the night we dipped the shoes,laughed until we cried
And early the next morning, it seemed the paint had dried.
You could see that they were shiny and ready for the weather
and from an eyeball's distance they could pass for patent leather.

I was ever careful as I slipped my stockinged toes
into brand new 'hello baseboard' shoes and no-frills tailored clothes.
Mincing along, but gingerly I hopped aboard the ferry
missed the bus to Beekman, in the dark, the walk was scary.

Made it the building not a minute did I lose
I tidied up my hair and then I glanced down at my shoes...
Blasted bloody got 'em muddy, bits of paper grass and sand
I heard my toes scream out, "Hey, buddy, for shoes, tar paint is banned!"

Quickly then I kicked 'em off and tried to wipe 'em clean
but every little thing unstuck took off the tacky sheen.
I did my best to conceal a sob but had to pay my dues
as more than one allergic snob caught sight of battered shoes.

I tried to blacken out the pink, with a big old magic marker
but folks complained about the 'stink', and not a day was darker.
At 5 PM, back on the street, with nowhere else to roam
my misery was made replete, as I tracked some more dirt home.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Summer Pearl - G clair

My summer pearl fell from the train
it was a fake, but just the same
sad was the day I left your side
for fear of love bereft, I cried
and waved goodbye without restrain.

You gave me popcorn and a prize
and I could see it in your eyes
just like a diamond in the sand
you found my heart when you took my hand
and gave me Cracker Jack's surprise.

I wore that ring as if it were
a symbol of your love that summer
as seasons go, there came a day
you asked if we'd come back to stay
we never did, I was a kid and life's a bummer.

Long-distance is a lonely thing
your letters made me want to sing
daydreams and photographs
time passes trains and laughs
I kept the t-shirt and the ring.

You asked me once how I could cry
over a plastic pearl gone bye
because I loved you so, you see
we were like real to me, and gee
it hurt me more that you'd ask why.

Hello I just turned turned forty-nine
I saw your Facebook page online
you have a wife I see,
and a growing family
a little girl named Clementine.

Your other daughter is fifteen
won't friend her father cause she's mean
she met a guy she loves, a cook
he gave her cashmere gloves, and look
she's posting pictures on the screen.

Don't know you now, you don't know me
one chapter from our history
although it's long been lost and such
and though it didn't cost you much
that summer pearl was never free.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Before the Office Christmas Party - G Clair

For every miserable office worker at Christmastime. Cheer up!

When you feel taken for granted
thinkin' they just don't care
wanting to move away again,
but again, you don't know where~
burned-out, tired of trying
to be all the bossman wants
to be everything to everyone,
reading in between the fonts~

We who sit beside you
in the office and the stall
who sing along, the same old song,
while you stand and take the fall~
in a cubicle, with mistletoe,
this lonesome caroler hums
it's all benign,
please don't resign
before the yule tide comes

Want to see you here on Christmas
don't leave us all alone
want to hear you 'woe ho ho' again
so don't slam down the phone~
don't make that snap decision
when the pressure starts to build
just let the steam out somewhere else
and let your heart be filled
with joy

At the meeting, you suggested
wrap the garland and a bow
and all the trimmings, here and there
around whose neck, we know
the one about the lighting
the star atop her head
and now the head of operations,
wants to move you to the shed.

They just don't understand you,
your work is so complex
you didn't sign his Christmas card
but the boss still signs your checks
so don't be rash, just try to hash it out
and make a deal,
and let bygones be gone
before the office Christmas meal.

Want to see you here on Christmas
please don't leave us all alone
want to hear you 'woe ho ho' again
so don't slam down the phone
and don't make that snap decision
when the pressure starts to build
just let the steam out somewhere else
and let your heart be filled
with joy

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bailey's Song - G Clair

( To the tune of Girl from Impanema)

Short and fat and blonde and stunning
the girl from Crestwood Village goes running
and when she chases the squirrels
they all run away...