Saturday, 18 December 2010

Summer Pearl - G clair

My summer pearl fell from the train
it was a fake, but just the same
sad was the day I left your side
for fear of love bereft, I cried
and waved goodbye without restrain.

You gave me popcorn and a prize
and I could see it in your eyes
just like a diamond in the sand
you found my heart when you took my hand
and gave me Cracker Jack's surprise.

I wore that ring as if it were
a symbol of your love that summer
as seasons go, there came a day
you asked if we'd come back to stay
we never did, I was a kid and life's a bummer.

Long-distance is a lonely thing
your letters made me want to sing
daydreams and photographs
time passes trains and laughs
I kept the t-shirt and the ring.

You asked me once how I could cry
over a plastic pearl gone bye
because I loved you so, you see
we were like real to me, and gee
it hurt me more that you'd ask why.

Hello I just turned turned forty-nine
I saw your Facebook page online
you have a wife I see,
and a growing family
a little girl named Clementine.

Your other daughter is fifteen
won't friend her father cause she's mean
she met a guy she loves, a cook
he gave her cashmere gloves, and look
she's posting pictures on the screen.

Don't know you now, you don't know me
one chapter from our history
although it's long been lost and such
and though it didn't cost you much
that summer pearl was never free.


Anonymous said...

I think that last line tells a lot about who is still in his heart.

Anonymous said...

Great poem. I was drawn in by the imagery and touched by the emotion it portrayed. I kind of identify with it.

Gina said...

Thank you LGS, but I had to change that last line! Something wrong with having this guy name his daughter after her. Sappy. Furthermroe I don't think his wife would go for that at all. Not right.

Gina said...

If he really cared as much as she wanted him to, he would have pursued her back then. Certainly he has not been carrying some torch for her.Didn't want it looking as if there were any hope for them. That would be creepy.

Anonymous said...

No, their time surely has passed and he has indeed moved on, married and has kids. But who he is today owes a lot to how she had been a major force in shaping him. And he gives cognizance to this by giving her name to his daughter.

Well, that's how my mind works. :)

Gina said...

Ol' sentimental you. Okay then, LGS, since you put it that way, the 15 year old bears the author's name. :)