Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Zzz the Day- G Clair

Zzz the day
Let's let this one get away
it's okay,
gave our best to yesterday
never was my cup of tea
yet they squeeze
press the very best of me
piling on the sugar now
promising the moon and now
complaining drains
life's pleasure out of me
gimmee z.

Skim the soup
otherwise we'll get too fat
trim the sails
and I'm off to where you're at
winter winds
sting my chin and mess my hair
better stay
wrapped in cozy blankets here
icy patches forming
on the windows, we lay warming
under covers, unaware
nothing bothers, not a care
let the phone ring
when in doubt
never mind,
I'm calling out

Stay up late
watching oldies on TV
lick the plate
leave it on the floor for me
it's okay,
make another can of soup
take a bath
and then shower off the bloop
wasting water, wasting time
waste not want not
never mind
let the toilet run and find
everything will
wait for you
you'll see~
catch your z
wait for me.

one more day to go around
nothings lost
but somethings found
the buzzing fan's
a welcome sound
draw the blinds
cause no one's gonna call
after all

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

take the shame! G-Clair

My sister sent some money 'cause things had gone to hell
She said, "You don't belong there Honey, a trip home will do you well."
On a three day smelly bus ride away from what had been obscene
turned my nose to New York City where the air was fresh and clean.

Pulled into Central Station, a different kind of highland
was met by my dear sister, a castaway on Gov'nors Isand.
Being broke was half the trouble,and we played it like a game
but the nasty shoe debacle, well it made me take the shame.

I didn't know quite what to do, but I knew I had a job,
a suit of hounds-tooth off 'The Give', and my hair cut in a bob.
The suit was fitting perfectly, for shoes we found some flats
pink with silver circled cut-outs, kind of clownish without spats.

Well I stood there in a laugh-cry, 'cause my job was in the city
I gotta make these babies black or be lookin' 'Hello Kitty'.
So she gets that strange expression, perhaps as from the Lord
In an empty apartment down the hall was some paint for the old baseboard.

We laughed the night we dipped the shoes,laughed until we cried
And early the next morning, it seemed the paint had dried.
You could see that they were shiny and ready for the weather
and from an eyeball's distance they could pass for patent leather.

I was ever careful as I slipped my stockinged toes
into brand new 'hello baseboard' shoes and no-frills tailored clothes.
Mincing along, but gingerly I hopped aboard the ferry
missed the bus to Beekman, in the dark, the walk was scary.

Made it the building not a minute did I lose
I tidied up my hair and then I glanced down at my shoes...
Blasted bloody got 'em muddy, bits of paper grass and sand
I heard my toes scream out, "Hey, buddy, for shoes, tar paint is banned!"

Quickly then I kicked 'em off and tried to wipe 'em clean
but every little thing unstuck took off the tacky sheen.
I did my best to conceal a sob but had to pay my dues
as more than one allergic snob caught sight of battered shoes.

I tried to blacken out the pink, with a big old magic marker
but folks complained about the 'stink', and not a day was darker.
At 5 PM, back on the street, with nowhere else to roam
my misery was made replete, as I tracked some more dirt home.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Summer Pearl - G clair

My summer pearl fell from the train
it was a fake, but just the same
sad was the day I left your side
for fear of love bereft, I cried
and waved goodbye without restrain.

You gave me popcorn and a prize
and I could see it in your eyes
just like a diamond in the sand
you found my heart when you took my hand
and gave me Cracker Jack's surprise.

I wore that ring as if it were
a symbol of your love that summer
as seasons go, there came a day
you asked if we'd come back to stay
we never did, I was a kid and life's a bummer.

Long-distance is a lonely thing
your letters made me want to sing
daydreams and photographs
time passes trains and laughs
I kept the t-shirt and the ring.

You asked me once how I could cry
over a plastic pearl gone bye
because I loved you so, you see
we were like real to me, and gee
it hurt me more that you'd ask why.

Hello I just turned turned forty-nine
I saw your Facebook page online
you have a wife I see,
and a growing family
a little girl named Clementine.

Your other daughter is fifteen
won't friend her father cause she's mean
she met a guy she loves, a cook
he gave her cashmere gloves, and look
she's posting pictures on the screen.

Don't know you now, you don't know me
one chapter from our history
although it's long been lost and such
and though it didn't cost you much
that summer pearl was never free.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Before the Office Christmas Party - G Clair

For every miserable office worker at Christmastime. Cheer up!

When you feel taken for granted
thinkin' they just don't care
wanting to move away again,
but again, you don't know where~
burned-out, tired of trying
to be all the bossman wants
to be everything to everyone,
reading in between the fonts~

We who sit beside you
in the office and the stall
who sing along, the same old song,
while you stand and take the fall~
in a cubicle, with mistletoe,
this lonesome caroler hums
it's all benign,
please don't resign
before the yule tide comes

Want to see you here on Christmas
don't leave us all alone
want to hear you 'woe ho ho' again
so don't slam down the phone~
don't make that snap decision
when the pressure starts to build
just let the steam out somewhere else
and let your heart be filled
with joy

At the meeting, you suggested
wrap the garland and a bow
and all the trimmings, here and there
around whose neck, we know
the one about the lighting
the star atop her head
and now the head of operations,
wants to move you to the shed.

They just don't understand you,
your work is so complex
you didn't sign his Christmas card
but the boss still signs your checks
so don't be rash, just try to hash it out
and make a deal,
and let bygones be gone
before the office Christmas meal.

Want to see you here on Christmas
please don't leave us all alone
want to hear you 'woe ho ho' again
so don't slam down the phone
and don't make that snap decision
when the pressure starts to build
just let the steam out somewhere else
and let your heart be filled
with joy

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bailey's Song - G Clair

( To the tune of Girl from Impanema)

Short and fat and blonde and stunning
the girl from Crestwood Village goes running
and when she chases the squirrels
they all run away...

Monday, 22 November 2010

the forced readings of Nagi Ramone - G Clair

In my box, with rictus grin
they could not straighten with a pin~
I lay before my friends and folks
and seemed to smile at silent jokes~

and some did wonder, what was planned
but little could they understand
how I looked on from up above
and hovered over those I love~

it all went off without a hitch
the biker said I was a bitch
and with that word, the motley crew,
they blocked the doors so none passed through~

They dimmed the lights, to set the mood
and turned the music down to 'brood'
and every guest then took a seat
and fanned the sweat of stinky feet.

The biker wiped his eyes, and said,
'It's very hard to see her dead,
but it should come as no surprise,
that Nagi, with her smiling eyes,

made this request of all her friends,
and here's the list, and there's some pens.
She'd like you all to listen, while
her written works are read 'in style'.

And if one title strikes a note
of relevance, is what she wrote,
then jot it down and pass it to
the one beside you in the pew.

and at the end of every row
stood someone with a basket though
it wasn't clear where this would go
my friends and family had to know

the basket filled to overflowing
you read the one you picked, not knowing
I was watching from on high
and busting out, my old laugh-cry

'Twas several hours that had passed
and people dying to be gassed
Could this one be the very last?
the final poem that Nagi cast?

The friends and folk of my rich past
applauded, it was done at last!
and headed for the open air,
and as they reached the doorway there~

a book was handed to each guest
My dying wish, you'd all be blessed,
and finally you would have, to own,
a coffee table book, a tome

And every poem I ever wrote
contained within the pages, note
the title, it was all my own
'The Forced Readings of
Nagi Ramone.'

Saturday, 20 November 2010

swkinpa- G- clair

Appreciate the way you think
the simple life, our common link
the words we share, the subtle smiles
which pass between so many miles.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Ancient Rhythm of Ebb and Flow- G Clair

Eb pulls back, he holds his peace
he's done with Flo, he's wined the beast
and as it's said, 'don't tread where sands are shifting'
ebb and flow, they come and go
ebb draws us out, the tides are low,
but as we yearn, return, and stop our drifting.

i stand on rock, alone at last
and mourn for what is done and past
but still, with broken heart, recall the surges;
the times when you were out at sea
and when you finally wrote to me
I laugh at how you satisfied my urges.

The words we shout from distant shores
the ones which fall on heavy oars
which make the trip back home far less than pleasing;
far better are the words on wing
which land with olive branch and sing
a song of love which keeps the flow from freezing.

but even in the closest knit
where scarcely will the piece not fit
there's comes a rhythm known as ebb and flow.
and marriage is a special bond
and Eb and Flo they looked beyond
and understood the way it had to go.

and through the laughter and the tears
and late night dances, sharing beers
they always knew the highs would lead to low.
and now Flo waits on lonesome shore
for time apart was forced before
as time would have it, 'twas Eb's time to go.

Gina Morrone

Big Eddy - G Clair

I don't have a clue what to write in this song
the chorus is fine but the words are all wrong
although it's been said that these lines should be read
thought it best if you sung them instead, dear Ed,
drag a comb through your darling bedhead

Well I came home to find you asleep on the couch
and tiptoed around you my big hungry slouch
if I knew you were home I'd a planned something nice
but this chicken's still frozen on ice, anyway
let us pray that you'll take my advice.

Don't say you do when you don't
Ed I'm talking to you honey
Don't say you will when you won't
you know it really isn't funny
Don't say you'll come when you know that you can't
and I won't say a word when you rant
no I shan't, not a whisper from me when you rant!

Last month I told you my car's rather beat
the muffler that's hanging? it dropped in the street
the cops heard me coming and followed me home
on the back of my ticket, your poem- it's a tome
on the lips of my lover is foam

Paint me a picture, I'll pay for your time
Inspire one stanza, I'll write the last line
if you'd bring me some hope for I'm failing to cope
we could spice up our rhythm with rhyme, one more time
give me something worth more than a dime

Don't say you do when you don't
Ed, I'm talking to you honey
Don't say you will when you won't
you know it really isn't funny
Don't say you'll come when you know that you can't
and I won't say a word when you rant
no I shan't, not a whisper from me when you rant

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

one small dream G Clair

one small dream was all i had
not much but still it grew into a photograph
not much but still it flew on one fond memory
let me fly this one small dream into reality.

Do you mind? G-Clair

Do you mind if I borrow your rose-colored glasses
my day's been a shade of deep blue~
and by chance could you spare me your spit-fits of laughter
while I sort through these bills that are due?

Gina Morrone

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

keep the change - G Clair

There's a hole in my pocket where change used to be
for one cup of coffee, the second one's free
do I go where I'm led though I haven't a key
and eat what I'm fed without question of fee?
Across sits a friend who cares for my soul
he fears for my safety, my wholeness his goal
so without any greed or selfish intent
he pays for my dinner and cancels the rent.
He knew what I needed, like father knows best
food, clothing, shelter, a clean place to rest
I call him my savior, my king and the boss
He won't take the glory but points to the cross.
I soon find a job, and a home for my stuff
it's all that I have but it's more than enough
The courage to change what I could was the key
the burden's been lifted, I'm finally free.
Without faith in God I could easily fall back
'cause there's always that vice like a Big Mac attack
tested and tempted I use what I've learned
stick with The Truth and you're less often burned.
So where are you now, and where have you been
did you latch onto God, and spit out the sin?
just take a deep breath, you're here 'til your death
trust in the Lord and then start again fresh.
There's change in my pocket where a hole used be
for one cup of coffee, the second one's free

Thursday, 7 October 2010

pondering- G Clair

well you always give me reason
to believe that you'll come through
be it in or out of season
seems you're steady and you're true
never questioning my motives
never asking for my heart
never lighting up the votives
loving freedom from the start
yes. the love you give is fitting
always proper, keeping pace
with a girl whose sick of sitting
now you're motioning for space
you'll be waving from the sidewalk
as I'm running down the street
lest you'd have to hear that I'd walk
several miles with you in heat
so i have to stop and wonder
why you'd bother then to stay
when you hear the distant thunder
fear the rain that's on the way...

Saturday, 18 September 2010

On Vanderveer - G Clair

I wanna live on Vanderveer, where everyday's the same all year
Just start the car, it's not that far and take us there, I'll show you where
Verdant hills on Vanderveer lift the burden, stills the fear
free to all who hold her dear, Fairfield farms are also near

So come with me my silent love to old back roads I'm dreaming of
we'll park the car, and take our time and find a way to make it rhyme
You wave goodbye, "Farewell, my dear, it sure was nice to have you here,
but you'll be back, we'll have a beer and toast to life on Vandervyme"

I spent the night on Vanderveer, and in the morning it was clear
the sun broke treetops glistening on grassy fields and everything
and early up I drank in dew, I felt the chill but warmth came though
I lit some twigs and ate some figs and not once did I think of you.

I hid my gear on Vanderveer and walked for miles on trails back there
with Autumn near the leaves appear to welcome change and I declare
that change will come and lead to drear but not before the colors cheer
the lonely woods of this frontier and suddenly I shed a tear

Truth be told I'm getting old the moldy ground is bloody cold
my back is sore my butt was bitten on Vanderveer, though I was smitten
I guess too quickly after all and swallowed up by nature's call
but left alone my thoughts are clear I'd hurt you more by staying here

'Cause who'd be there to steer you clear of Satan's brew and backwash beer
to bust your chops and mend your rear and warm your toes and bend your ear?
and who to take my great advice on vita veeta vega vice,
and read my poem and get the joke and buy me gingerale with coke

when I get rough without enough,you pull me though the bitter stuff
and put up with my lack of taste and bring me to a better place
and wait for me and pray for me and sometimes a charade for me
but better off than being here the lonely life on Vanderveer

and so before I lose my fear and wander back there with the deer
quick grab some cash for Mickys, Dear and pick me up on Vanderveer

Unspoken- G Clair

they wandered down the path alone
and hand in hand she longed to own
a place inside his cautious heart
but never told him from the start

the pieces of that puzzle fit
but never did they speak of it
and waiting on the words to say
in time her hair was feathered gray.

but who'd have known and who'd have guessed
they had their time together
they spent their days and both were blessed
in clear and stormy weather

And all this time you'd think she'd know
since everything he did, did show
and almost sure, she'd never ask
but left him to that silly task

the years flew by and they grew old
and still no word of love was told
and in the end he held her hand
and knew somehow she'd understand

they spent their days and both were blessed
in clear and stormy weather
with three small words, she breathed her last
and left him there, together.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

sweet old life - G Clair

You're packed within a mystery
can only guess your story
of how you came to be this way
and who should get the glory
I cannot blame your mother
nor your dad for they were young
although the stars were out that night
your spark had yet to come
they had no clue when they made you
that you would be a man
who likes his dogs with ketchup
and his beans right from the can
while no one knows exactly why
you act within your means
the books suggest a tie between
environment and genes
while smarter guys philosophize
and science can't be wrong, ha!
the life we lead is just the seed
of folks who'll come along
for life, designed in secret
as well it ought to be
dates back before the science books
a sweet old mystery.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sunshine Girl- G Clair

With a beaming smile that could warm the tile
She came flying down the corridor
the sun was setting, so I asked her heading
and she said, "I'm going to Florider!"

Well she seemed to like to talk
and I really love to listen
so I pressed her for the details
and her eyes began to glisten.

"Been staying in this rest home
since I lost my dear departed"
I asked her when he died and she said,
"No, I meant my leg."

So we stood there, well I stood there and
she sat in her new wheel chair
I asked her what's her hurry
and if she's gonna get a peg.

"Maybe if I lose this weight
Gotta get down to 220
but the trouble is I love to eat,
I know it's not that funny.

"I've had my share of heart attacks
and twice I had a stroke
Buried my husband, lost the house
and gee I love to smoke.

"I can't move these three fingers
but I manage in this chair
on nice days take it to the road
for excercise and air."

She went on to share her story
was from somewhere up in Queens
married twice, no children
and lived well within her means.

She talked about her childhood home
how chemicals from the pool
splashed onto a strawberry patch
with fruit the size of stool.

The best of all of her stories
was one about her dad
who had worked for Sunshine Biscuits,
and once fell into a vat.

No sooner had she told me
that I knew I'd have to write
a lymric for this lady
whose smile brings such delight.

The folks at Sunshine found him
pulled him out but hound him
was one lucky catch, 'til he met his batch
when those lady fingers done nearly drowned him.

nothing missing, nothing broken

Friday, 3 September 2010

Pretty Fast Gone

Creation's Love Song - G Clair

There's a music that's playing deep down in my soul
where the wilderness beckons us all to be whole
from a far away place it calls like a loon
it was written for us and it's always in tune

In tune with the weather as clouds rolling in
bring the music of thunder and rain on the wind
In tune with the valley as I climb to the peak
yodelay-hee who goes there!? To the echo I speak

Light spills through branches and glistens on streams
and pine needles carpet the throne room which sings
the birds do not worry. they have no concern
they're singing a song we could all stand to learn

It flows down the creek bed, the rivers grow wild
and rhythmic waves roll to the feet of a child
this breath I exhale, like the one you breathe in
keeps us all in this lifetime, how strange it's all been!

The natural world, it's majestic adorning
belies what befalls us without any warning
the smallest and delicate flower of life
snatched up- and the music is bitter with strife

Now the tone of my song is of pure aggravation
and way out of tune with the whole congregation
and I just can't relate to the choir and organ
and I wander alone down to Stanley and Morgan

Distracted by life and in wanting much more
I've lost time with the singers, forgotten the score
I yearn for the song which brings faith to the living
love to the lost and joy in the giving

born for a purpose, not just to survive
to walk with conviction while we're all still alive
And in search of The God who can touch my heartstrings
in sickness and health and the questions life brings

Who in still quiet places or noisy train stations
in subways and alleys and the worst situations
speaks peace to the storm, overriding my brain
adding fuel to my fire and I'm drawn back again

Sitting alone somewhat stuck in the mire
pondering the words which can take me much higher
"As a deer longs for water" per Psalm Forty-two
You alone my desire, my soul longs for You.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Night Bugs- G Clair

Stood on the ledge of my sleepy blue sorrow
back from the edge, guess I'll see you tomorrow
can't lie, not the first time I'm thinking of you
but the night bugs are out, life's distractions will do

I looked to the west as the day slowly faded
turned up the volume of cricket and katydid
rhythm rubs life in the darkness outside
steer clear of the blue light or get yourself fried

With the zapper you took out the skeeters and flies
while spiders and ants faced the raider's demise
yellow jackets and wasps, you chased from their hives,
but these night bugs are here for the rest of our lives
bittersweet bugs for the rest of our lives

Back in the house now, I roll down the screen
protecting myself from the lurking unseen
from the critters, which drawn by the lure of the light
make feast in their famine on food, flesh and fright

we handle the things that intrude in our spaces
the bugs in the dark and the unwanted faces
we roll down the screens and we listen to voices
those sweet summer sounds, and this night bug rejoices

With the zapper you took out the skeeters and flies
while spiders and ants faced the raider's demise
yellow jackets and wasps, you chased from their hives,
but these night bugs are here for the rest of our lives

too many months have passed without hearing
the music which blends with the night bugs I'm fearing
I nearly lost hope for those sounds in my life
but these night bugs revive good ol' summertime strife
bittersweet bugs, for the rest of my life

Stood on the ledge of my sleepy blue sorrow
back from the edge, guess I'll see you tomorrow
can't lie, not the first time I'm thinking of you
the night bugs are out, life's distractions will do

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

the impressionist- G Clair

When he speaks, I hear the sound,
a president who's been around
speaking of the wife with cankle
not that she could care to rankle
Yo, BT, he fights for freedom
Rocky would be pleased to meet him
late at night when lights are lunar
on the road back home, a crooner
fools rush in, no longer Bing
the king of rock, old Pop can sing
a whispered line from any song
but suddenly I'm in the wrong
and one tough stooge I hear he bought a
tommy gun, and "why I oughta"
tell you something you don't know
it's Ahnold Schwanal ho dee doe
and then another voice will join
it's Raymond with his tenderloin
this sailor's gal has quite a name
he cooks his spinach in the same
a wealthy man on distant isle
who's wife is Lovey, makes me smile
Every single voice he's got
is good but when he's best it's not
the person he'll impressionate
but his own voice...it's getting late
but wait, there's more, but I am spent
on telling of the way it went
or so it goes and what'll come
the truth is, well...I love the bum.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Heart Stinkin' Candy- G Clair

he takes the wheel, she's left standing there weeping
he won't turn back, it's just the way that he feels
it doesn't matter much, 'cause soon she'll be sleeping
time and again her heart heals.

waiting around, well she'll wait for a season
seasons will pass, thinks it's all in her head
she buys a calendar and ponders the reason
some things are best left unsaid.

This is her song, though the music is fleeting
and these are the sounds that are harder to sing
she'll write about it since there's nobody reading
nobody's hearing a thing.

another mistake with a miserable ending
questioning why she's left standing alone
she pours out her heart to the woman who's tending
life has a mind of it's own.

Here are some words from a girl who's been taken
leave him alone, don't be there when he phones
change your number and be done with the aching
you've got a life of your own...

you'll have a love of your own.

Prayer of St. Francis by Sarah MacLachlan

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Quiet In the Hood - G Clair

misery has an upside but the company's not good
en hurt won't come out in the wash, it's gonna come out in the hood
yellow tape is like a torch which leads all eyes to stare
what exactly happened here...who what when and where

we'd like to think it's not the norm while cops patrole the streets
we hope and pray somehow, some way, the crime rate will decrease
So where's your little brother, well today's his day in court
Kelvin likes to ride his bike, but peddles drugs for sport

He never knew his father and hates his mother's men
the gang he's in are more like kin, blood homies to the end
Seems Kelvin was elected to shoot a brotha dead
whose crime it seems was wearing jeans not blue, but crimson red.

The boy, he couldn't do it, said, "I ain't nobody's fool"
"I'll sell the drugs", he told these thugs, "but rather shoot some pool".
Granny's on the front porch settin' out to sweep
on a pathway to disaster, the bullet whizzes past her
and cuts through wood and plaster... to find the child in his sleep.

Kelvin's little cousin, he couldn't tell the time
he barely knew his numbers but could rap a nursery rhyme
They buried little Winston and Gran's not doin' good
his swingset is abandoned and it's quiet in the hood.

No one really plans to live a lowly life of crime
to drop out of society and soon be facin' time
those who lack a vision, who have yet to find their gift
need a hero and direction, not a handout, but a lift.

So go ahead and spraypaint walls, decorate abandoned halls
breakdance, shoot your basketballs, skateboard parks and crowded malls
Encourage all their hopes and dreams, lead them out of evil schemes
'cause life is not what it all seems when there's quiet in the hood.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Ditched- G Clair

The hillside before me rolled by like a wave
and awash in my thoughts, still I noticed the grave
the headstone was tilted and covered in rot
a memory of someone forgotten, but not.

The scene triggered feelings which drew me way back
to a time when I dwelt in a one bedroom shack
the love of my life had grown cold, and despairing,
my heart shriveled up like an unpickled herring

I remembered thereafter, and oh, what a mess
I led me to places too dark to confess,
dying for flowers from somebody dear
I'd fill up my window box year after year.

and soon the depression grew into a hedge
though flowering plants kept me back from the ledge
'I'll never be happy!' I quite often thought
a forgotten old headstone all covered in rot.

I swore if I ever recovered again
I'd wait for the right one, the Boaz of men
but for all of the damage, the shape my heart's in
I'd be blessed if he'd notice, so how could I win?

With all of these memories weighing me down
I slapped myself silly and turned up the sound
and opened the windows to let in some air
the sun on my face and then suddenly...glare!

I veered off the highway which cut through the land
a two lane construction of asphalt and sand
took the embankment at an ungodly pitch
and suddenly airborne, shot over a ditch

Landing my vessel across the divide
I hoped for the best for it's brave underside
the dust settled soon, and how foolish I felt
Thank God I'd remembered to buckle my belt.

And there in the front seat, assessing my plight
dazed, but amazed at this beautiful sight
as 'Love is a Battlefield' blared in the grime
Wildflowers grew in the trenches of time!

You the forgotten who languish for years
ditched and bedraggled and drained of your tears
thinking you're nothing, a sunset that's fading
grieving love lost while your
best years are waiting

Tend to your gardens wherever they are
keep yourselves fresh with the watering jar
Remember, like flowers, the wild ones too
your maker, your husband, will take care of you.

For your Maker is your husband--the LORD Almighty is his name--the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth.
Isaih 54:5

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Icicle- G Clair

Went out walkin' in the snow
slipped on the black ice
and down I did go
I tried to get up
but it was too
slick and so
I lay there
I felt
a nice
man with
warm hands
reached down
and lifted me up
he held me close and
warmed me in his strong
arms. It had seemed to him
that I looked more like a snowman.

In a while, I was looking more like a puddle.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Fat Back-, Front Roll- G Clair

my love
you know I long for you to hold me
my love
it seems your arms cannot enfold me

I got a
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll

and when
you tell me
that I am just the way you need me
tell me truly
is it the carbs or fat you feed me

you gimee
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll


And it's true
that when we sleep, I lie behind you
and it's true
the morning sun can never find you

i got a
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll

i love your
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll
fat back
front roll

fat back
baby baby
Front roll
Mamma Mamma
Fat back
Daddy Daddy

Fat Back

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Certain - G Clair

He takes her love to meet his need
this bachelor is a selfish breed
she'll tolerate his cruelty for affection;
She's walked on eggshells, feeling sad
and breaking down she sees her dad
but why the anger, why all the correction?

Locked inside her cloud of love
so aimlessly she'll float above
the memories- each time his rage exploded;
and never being good enough
perplexed at why he seems so gruff
when only yesterday he swooned and doted.

She, the ever-loving type
would jump to fix his every gripe
and dance around him while his heart was hurtin'
believing then, "it must be me"
the source of all his angst, you see
but now she knows the truth, of this she's certain.

Taking one last chance she'll try
to reach out to this troubled guy
and longing to become his heart's desire
staged to win his softer side
she'll do her best to smile and hide
the fear, this saintly dear, her heart's a liar.

Never will there ever be
a stable point where they are free
to be, although she'd hoped their love was certain;
the disapproval in his eyes
is something she should recognize
it's been disguised until the final curtain.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bad Hair Nightmare- G Clair

I asked for the color I had as a child
"Don't think so", he said, and that's putting it mild
I went to get up from the chair but soon found
the weight of that bib thing was weighing me down

the eyes of the stylist, so cold and unkind
were narrowing as he approached from behind
in his hand he held something we both recognized
'twas the braid from my worst childhood fear realized!

The one he'd cut off right here at the neck
and left me there wearing a 'shag', what the heck!
"You don't want this color, it's way too outdated
and what could be duller than the one God created?

What you need now is product I'LL mix
a light honey blond with some purple to fix
the damage you did with your cheap color tricks,
and the thing I hate MOST about all of you chicks!"

"Barberian justice would SNIP off your locks,
but you've suffered far worse when you turned to the box
and then to add insult you pulled through the cap
and expecting great highlights, got dried out straw crap!

Next time we'll just give you a 'shorty', it's called,
don't mess with my color...you may wind up BALD!

Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Quest for Warmth G- Clair

captured there in orange, beneath the old street light
a cloud of breath exhaled, hangs heavy in the night
waiting on the 409 has never been this bleak
the fierce wind nips your ear lobe, and ice cold stings your cheek

I watch you turn your collar up, your back against the bite
one hand on that coffee cup, the other out of sight.
each morning getting colder, the forecast is for snow
in fleece and wool you face the frost, and how I'll never know

I see you’re green, my blue faced friend, the green before the fall
you've never been about the perks, it's conscience above all
the last thing on your mind just now would be to get a Lynx
traffic is lame, road rage insane, and air pollution stinks

don't EVEN get you started upon the SUV
spews out nitrous oxide and guzzles Texas tea
public parking, another rare find, for what you get they rob you blind
and what they miss, the vandal takes, leave you with migranes the car alarm makes

better for all we all take the train
or one car per family 'stead of one car per brain.
watching you stand there with ice crystals forming
Hypothermantic, you NEED global warming!

I know you ain't no girlyman, my ever-ready mate
but my duracel is waiting, and the 409 is late
I jump out from my hiding place, approaching from the rear
my work cut out, without a doubt, the ice lymric is near:

poetic license pending,
I call for a herione's ending
like a frozen filet
without word or delay
I can lift you without even bending

once inside and thawing, you start in about the gas
I turn down the heat, but turn up the seat that's warming up your carcass
and I'm certainly all for the planet, and all for your thinking what's best
but for mornings like these, with your jewels in a freeze, come with and we'll heat up the QUEST.

Friday, 30 July 2010

The Run Around- G Clair

He went around
and came around, and went around again
Then he came around, went back around
and came around again.

"What's with all the run-around?"
I asked my breathless friend
"What goes around, will come around
and right up to the end."

and holding back my laughter
I caught up with the clown
if it's women that you're after
just wait, they'll come around.

Been waiting my whole lifetime
and I don't think they see
that I can take them places
if they'd only come with me.

"Who runs this ride, you run beside,
and can't they cut the speed?"
"I have no clue, but maybe you
can jump this thing, and plead."

"One last run around, dear girl
it's worth the ride, you'll see
it won't be long, enjoy the song,
I'm a sick sorry son of a b."

I hopped aboard his dream machine
where ladies rode the poles
and pushed passed blown out bimbos
to the room which housed controls.

I peeked inside the window there
and much to my surprise
no one's mannin' anything on this
carousel of lies.

A sea of lovely lonelies
ride 'The Future' from the past
around again a few more times
our lives are fading fast.

Suddenly he's on the ground
and draggin' on his knees
with sweat upon his forehead,
I said, "Jackass, LET GO, please."

"One last run around, dear girl,
don't you worry none 'bout me
appreciate your deep concern
I'm a sick sorry son of a b".

Well, it took some major doing
to release his grip of fear
and then I jumped, and bruised and bumped
was finally in the clear.

"we've cashed in all our chips today,
but we'll be back, for more-
you push to run the Future
and I'm lonely to the core.

We hobbled from the Carn-evil,
my weary friend and me
what goes around will come around
DEAR GOD please set us free.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Misery Loves Company - G Clair

I took a walk with Misery
we've been walking for a while
sometimes he says I go too slow
but I'll go that extra mile.

We don't say much and that's okay,
I'm not much one for talking
Silence makes good company
though some might find that shocking.

Well Misery's been up and down
these old familiar roads
prefers to walk with strangers now
who'll kick against the goads.

He's seen his share of Trouble
it invites him in for tea;
he walks the sullen pathway home
alongside Sympathy.

They take the train quite often
and meet up at the bars
Self Pity's always waiting
with her bottle, wounds and scars.

They buy a round and toast the clown
whose always got one-liners
to keep the crowd distracted
from the sad-sack whining piners.

Adversity can test your will
and take away your smile
you might meet up with Misery
and settle for a while,

to dwell upon the negative
will limit where you go~
and stuck inside, you'll just abide,
and surely miss the show.

Reflecting on old Misery,
I've often let him lead
through disappointments,
and my own uncertain need.

I slow my pace and let him pass,
and turning up the sound
I bid farewell to Misery,
it's time to turn around!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Muted- G Clair

In the muted blue glow
of your favorite late show
with the light
from the bathroom
left on~
I can make out your face
and it's hard
to erase
from my memory,
you are gone.

In our silence
a sweetness,
a comfort, it's true
needing less
to be said
meant much more~
we lived well
in our day
and had so much
to say
but your smile,
it just cut
to my core

As we sat
side by side on the sofa
'twas your hand
on my ankle
that said~
'I am here,
you are there,
there's no distance',
I swear
you still whisper
sweet nothings
in bed.

So forgive me
for getting
all sappy
but our late show
is on
you are there
in the hazy blue den
I can't hear Letterman
got him muted
so music can blare,

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sunset Love Song- G Clair

Reminding me of shorter days the orange globe sinks into haze
no longer casting heated rays but shadows on the beach
the warmth and softness of the sand beneath my back and in my hand
it cools as evening takes the land and sleep, within my reach

Words are written in my mind with colors I could only find
in sunsets which were left behind like paintings dried with love
I turn to face the laughing lush who paints the skies without a brush
and every stroke, poetic mush, which lingers high above

fiery red excites the soul and sets the mood in motion
orange and pink elicit sighs like a full moon on the ocean
streaks of purple are always fun and bring on the blue-green hues
a symphony is the setting sun but gimmee the midnight blues

I want to gaze into your glory tell me another story
oh bring on the colors don't let me sleep too long
I want to sing of Your greatness in spite of all my lateness
with all my quirks and troubles, you see in me no wrong

Oh God, you are amazing all creation should be praising
and I'll wait for you forever 'til the sun sets on my song
the days, they pass too quickly but sunset is the best
this moonless night, we hear the waves, which won't disturb our rest

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bottom of the Bay- G Clair

Staring into hazy eyes
I slowly start to realize
that you are several leagues away,
and now I understand~
Tried to solve the mystery
went looking for some history
I'd dive back down if just to see
and stir the sleeping sand.

We drown out all the pain we feel
far-away things seem not as real
but there's a ton of brokenness
on the bottom of the bay
weighted well to keep it down
in hopes that time would surely drown
the misery which hangs around
to cloud the dreary day.

I didn't know just what you felt
the searing fire, the burning welt
the scars of life, of loss and such
which numbed your spirit, hurt so much
and wounds so deep, they should have bled
attended to, would heal~ instead
they linger painlessly, you've said
in places way too deep to touch.

I feel the tug upon my fin
and draw a breath of water in
and surface here to find I've been
caught up in love's illusion.
you nearly dried me in the sun
and here I'm thinking 'so much fun'
but like all fish, I've come undone
awakened from delusion.

I'll never truly understand
for I'm a fish and you're a man
I swim in garbage, not my plan
it's only your pollution.
there is no way a fish will drown
I'll let the current take me down
just one more gem in Neptune's crown
I guess that's my solution.

I make my bed there in the deep
and on my watch, I rarely sleep
the nets they drag for memories,
I keep them all from catching~
the one's you've drowned there in a heep
the painful one's I'd rather keep
and as I swim this sea of *bleep*
none will be for snatching.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

first surf lesson

High tide is making it's way to your door
while I on the sand feel the waves pound the shore
it's pulling me out and I'm wanting you more
it's high time and high tide is coming

the morning sun sparkles on waves the right height
you're finally here and I'm filled with delight
i can't help but hope that my suit's not too tight
In this light I'm a sight but not numbing.

we paddle out longing and wait for the ride
and filled with excitment, the stuff I can't hide
we'll take from each other whatever's inside
for the sea on my heartstrings is strumming

by noon I've been battered and ready to flee
I'm guessing you're feeling the need to break free
you take to the big waves, I'm burning for thee
if these breakers were ice you would melt them

Weary I let that old ride take me in
I float with the current, don't bother to swim
and soon I'm washed up on sand, for the win
and like high tide, I've worn out my welcome

Low tide is good 'cause we all need a break
we give till it hurts and quite often we take
and it's all for the best find those treasures and rest
cause it's low tide but high tide is coming

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Heart Gallery- G Clair

Caught a glimmer of joy in his eyes 'twas so cold
as I left on that bus, he was smiling,
though the memory's quite old and the shimmer has dulled
it's a full-color, framed, out of filing.

Sepia pictures more often I hold
old negatives covered in grime
it's a shame, though foretold, we're all growing old
with limited space and less time.

Despite all the charm my countenance exudes,
these tattered old blinds can't conceal
soft light filters truth from my cheap platitudes
and the good from the dark stuff I feel.

and just when I've found that my heart's been around
and left beaten, embittered and cold
here's Walter Mitty, no sex in the city
self pity is making me old.

Over there in the closet, a huge bank deposit
I'm saving for something worthwile
been trusting the Lord, yet can never afford
that 'single and lovin it' smile.

The clock on wall tells me just where I stand
and it's chime brings the heartache of doom
as the seconds tick by I can't help but cry
all alone in my heart's old dark room.

Watching my step, I tread deep within
without the desire to save face
I gaze at a skin, done by guilt of that sin
in the light of God's love and sweet grace.

Though my heart is your home I've n'er let You roam
through the passages marked 'Do Not Enter'
they lead to the room where the waft meets the loom
forming poems wherein I am the center.

The fabric you see in that heap seems to weep
burdened down with my aches and my pains
I've asked that you'd heal all this stuff while I sleep
but I wake and the damage remains

Your spirit reminds me, at home in my heart
you've taken my sin to the grave
your pleasure to clean up, yet I must forgive
and let go of the garbage I save.

Afraid now to look any further for fear
we'll discover the worst yet to come
You tell me to follow, for You hold me dear
since we're no longer two now but one.

Beginning to see how I'd lost all my hope
when I left on that bus in the rain
I forgive him for not being able to cope
without love and the will to sustain.

You Lord, my comfort have been here within
you know how my heart is in shambles
You've rolled back the stone, I'm no longer my own
and you smile though my poetry rambles.

So welcome, my friend, yes it's been quite a while
since we've bathed in the sun and run free
got a mind for preserving your beautiful smile
in my state of the heart gallery!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What It's Not- G Clair

come on in to what is real, and I will make a nice hot meal and
you can turn the TV on, sit back, and watch the game that's on...
put your feet up on the chair and grab that blanket over there
I'll light a fire, stir the pot, don't get me wrong, it's what it's not

it's not that I you are all that great, but good enough, the hour is late
it's not that you are all that cold, but last I looked, we're getting old
it's not that I am in the need of someone here to bathe and feed
a homeless, worse, an invalid, a chatty friend or someone's kid

so come on in to what is real, and I will make a nice hot meal and
you can turn the TV on, sit back watch the game that's on...
put your feet up on the chair and grab that blanket over there
I'll light a fire, stir the pot, don't get me wrong, it's what it's not

It's not that I invite your gassing, true we've seen our best years passing
Frankly I have much preferred one's tendencies, like those, deferred
and even though I am not the type to get involved with TV hype
it's not that I'd could really care, or even stare were you not there

so come on in to what is real, and I will make a nice hot meal and
you can put the TV on, sit back and watch game that's on...
put your feet up on the chair and grab that blanket over there
I'll light a fire and stir the pot, don't get me wrong, it's what it'snot

It's not that I am tired of being... here alone, and never seeing
anyone of any kind, I might be lonely, but you'll find
that I am good at making due and if you think you have a clue
then any time you want the best of what it's not, please be my guest!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The One- G Clair

I'm told a man from Nazereth
had taken time to plan His death
from somewhere way before the birth of time
would be a thing worth finishing
for none could wear His wedding ring
until the final pardon for their crime.

And taken from the midst of sin
an undeserving place I'm in
beneath the cross, I stare up at The One
whose blood poured down that gruesome day
in pain the man was heard to say
with his last breath, "That's it, My Work is Done."

They took his body torn and dead
removed the thorns which pierced his head
and crying for this Man they'd come to love
wrapped him gently in the way
as was the custom of the day
without a doubt, they questioned God above.

Now placed inside a darkened tomb
and sealed in stone by soldiers whom
could not be caught asleep lest they would pay
but something happened as He planned
His tomb was somehow left unmanned
as angels rolled the stone aside that day.

So WHO IS THIS who claims to save
in three days risen from the grave
who paid a debt which we could n'er afford~
now written into history
He wrote the world a mystery
and solved it one day, cause that's my Lord.

Fulfilling every prophecy
the Only One my heart can see
is Jesus Christ, be sure you cannot hide
you'll face Him on your dying day
the One True Love who made a way
to cover and protect his precious bride.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Undone-- G Clair

a million peices of my heart
in all the things I tend to start
but never finish
and every thing that's left undone
is just a sign I'm on the run
lest I deminish
and if I stop to take a breath
and contemplate my hour of death
I'd have to wonder
what would be my last request
to sit with winners who were blessed
or rather one more chance to be a blunder?

just like the worm who never made the hook
I slept too late and never read the book
thought I'd be freed from trouble in this life
but still I bleed from heartache and from strife

I dabble in the partial arts,
in tasting wines and shopping carts
with shaky wheels
and all the prizes never won
for half baked pies, and smiling eyes
and flaky deals
time will tell if this get's done
though time is never on the run
nor one for waiting
no matter what you do or choose
or what you keep or what you lose
that sunset's fading

just like the worm who never made the hook
i slept too late and never read the book
thought I'd be freed from trouble in this life
but still I bleed from heartache and from strife

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lights My Ways-- G Clair

Was thinking 'bout my life and how it's gonna be
I left it up to God, He put it back on me
went lookin' for direction but I'm just the average Jane
don't like all these decisions, the unknown mystifies my brain.

I pondered over all the things I've done before
thought I could walk on water, knocked on every door
and nothing much was scary then and nothing much was out of place
Well I walked by faith. and left the rest to grace.

When I said that I would follow, wasn't hard to do~
I stayed away from magic, idols, and taboo
and doing the right thing, the only thing that mattered
You planted the Word, and by the wind those seeds were scattered.

Turned my back on old religion, not the way for me
well you can have your catachism and your rosary
never being sure your gonna make it to the promised land,
God showed how much He loved us when he took the nails in his hand.

You raised me out of darkness way before I'm dead
left the puzzle all undone, and lit the way instead
I'm thinking again, but far much higher this time
It's not my will but yours that I am hoping to find.

I've got some time to spend and time is on my hands
I wanna do your will and follow your commands
I know it's not by might, and not by useless power
But by your spirit I will serve to my last hour.

And as I'm on my way, just doing what I do
I'm gonna try my best and kiss it all to you
Well I make mistakes and I've seen some wicked days
but out of every darkness, your faithful love, it lights my ways.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

With You -- G Clair

looking back I couldn't see
 the storm clouds rising up inside me
here alone I've faced a darker day
hard to know where you begin just like the rain
you touched my skin and suddenly I'm drenched
and looking for a place to hide away

 with you ( with you)
 hide away with you ( with you)

take me back to where you're from
and dry me off beneath the sun
and speak to me the words which turn cold winters into summer
melt the ice within my heart please make it safe
and never part my life with you is so much more
 than what it was, a bummer

 with you (with you)
summer fun with you (with you)

Clouds move in and storms roll past
the darkness comes but never lasts
and through it all the Lord, our closest friend
First and Last, He's still the same and
trusting in His Holy Name
He's sure to bring us sunshine in the end

 with you (with you)
in the end with you (with you)

you are LOVE -- G Clair

You are here in the light
in the darkest of the night
and you surround me
You surround me
I was lost, but was found
wandered off again
but You came out and found me
You surround me

speak softly
tell me not to be afraid or to consider
any other way, that which is bitter
keep me from religious law and letter
in You things work together for the better
for You are Love, simply Love

not alone, never was
but I struggle to be what they have expected
and rejected~
once again, not enough
while these words come off the cuff
there's something waiting
but hesitating

speak softly
tell me not to be afraid or to consider
any other way, that which is bitter
keep me from religious law and letter
in You things work together for the better
for You are Love, simply Love

came away from that place
filled with pride I needed grace
and how I shivered
yet you delivered
took these rags, then this cart
wrapped your arms around my heart
and in your clothing
no more self-loathing

speak softly
tell me not to be afraid or to consider
any other way, that which is bitter
keep me from religious law and letter
in You things work together for the better
for You are Love, simply Love.

Sewer Break Blues- G Clair

To the Tune of Bob Dylan's "Rollin and Tumblin".

Well we smelled something bad and went lookin for the cause
I said we smelled something bad and went lookin for the cause
well we opened up the basement, and our minds gave way to pause~

there was a stench so strong that it gave my nose a pain
I said a stench so strong that it gave my nose a pain
well the floor was flooded and the ceiling pouring rain~

well the sewer line broke and it and it's arainin' down like crap
said the sewer line broke and it's arainin' down like crap
and never before have I seen this stuff on tap~

Mr. Rooter. God bless you, gonna pump out all our brown
Mr. Rooter, God bless you, gonna pump out all our brown
but we can't use the can, and these sewer blues are gettin' us down.

and if we don't pay the plumber, well our bladder's gonna burst
Said if we don't pay the plumber, yeah our bladder's gonna burst
well I'd go outside, but I'm sittin here dyin' of thirst.

A billable job, said Phil, it's gonna be okay
Well it's a billable job, said Phil, it's gonna be okay
just give me a workin' man's bowl for the business of the day.

Well these sewer break fumes, enough make me wanna spew
I said these sewer break fumes, enough to make me wanna spew
and if you don't mind the outhouse, baby you can work here too.

Sound of Flushing toilet

Walkin' Along -- G Clair

Walkin' along
I hear his voice and get a skip in my step
I have to watch it cause I'm getting a rep
for acting crazy when I'm walkin' along

I hear his song
and nothin' else is makin' me tingle
could be the way he puts the gin in his jingle,
so amazing, all this talent of his
ain't no wonder, 'bout the best that there is

well he's old
though it's said
being old is better off than dead
but we know
where he'll go
who saved his soul and for his sins He bled

and when i'm blue
his voice can reach me in the worst places
he bears the burden, then he ties up my laces
and he lifts me like the sun in his song
staying with me while I'm walkin' along

it seems to be true
when it's pouring down he'll break out the moonshine
and while you're soaking up the melody's sunshine
he'll take the rhythm, leave the singin' to you
and walk you through it though you haven't a clue

well he's ripe
as a goat
with all the hype he's got the right to gloat
though he knows every note
prefers just talkin' through whatever he wrote

awalkin' along
I hear his voice and get a skip in my step
I have to watch it cause I'm getting a rep
for acting crazy when I'm walkin' along
I hear his song

and nothin' else is makin' me tingle
could be the way he puts the gin in his jingle,
so amazing, all this talent of his
ain't no wonder, 'bout the best that there is