Tuesday, 24 August 2010

the impressionist- G Clair

When he speaks, I hear the sound,
a president who's been around
speaking of the wife with cankle
not that she could care to rankle
Yo, BT, he fights for freedom
Rocky would be pleased to meet him
late at night when lights are lunar
on the road back home, a crooner
fools rush in, no longer Bing
the king of rock, old Pop can sing
a whispered line from any song
but suddenly I'm in the wrong
and one tough stooge I hear he bought a
tommy gun, and "why I oughta"
tell you something you don't know
it's Ahnold Schwanal ho dee doe
and then another voice will join
it's Raymond with his tenderloin
this sailor's gal has quite a name
he cooks his spinach in the same
a wealthy man on distant isle
who's wife is Lovey, makes me smile
Every single voice he's got
is good but when he's best it's not
the person he'll impressionate
but his own voice...it's getting late
but wait, there's more, but I am spent
on telling of the way it went
or so it goes and what'll come
the truth is, well...I love the bum.


Anonymous said...

When I do me voices the G girl rejoices, I'm a stooge, I'm Rocky, I'm BT, I'm Thurston, I'm Ahnold, I'm Clinton, I'm Crosby, I'm Presely, I'm Raymond, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.
Toot, Toot.

Gina said...

AHHHHHHhhh-gukgukgukgukguk..you're all them and more!