Sunday, 15 August 2010

Heart Stinkin' Candy- G Clair

he takes the wheel, she's left standing there weeping
he won't turn back, it's just the way that he feels
it doesn't matter much, 'cause soon she'll be sleeping
time and again her heart heals.

waiting around, well she'll wait for a season
seasons will pass, thinks it's all in her head
she buys a calendar and ponders the reason
some things are best left unsaid.

This is her song, though the music is fleeting
and these are the sounds that are harder to sing
she'll write about it since there's nobody reading
nobody's hearing a thing.

another mistake with a miserable ending
questioning why she's left standing alone
she pours out her heart to the woman who's tending
life has a mind of it's own.

Here are some words from a girl who's been taken
leave him alone, don't be there when he phones
change your number and be done with the aching
you've got a life of your own...

you'll have a love of your own.

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