Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year! - G Clair

The poem I really want
looks great in gilded font
the words, they flow and mistletoe
is hung from verse to haunt

I'll try to draw a picture
to pull your mind away
though awkward were those first two lines
I think I'll let 'em stay

My fancy overrated
poems are soon created
down in the heart, true verses start
and imagery related

the thoughts that I am thinking
though strange are sometimes nice
I'll need some fluff to write this stuff
mere words will not suffice

so pour the steaming chocolate
and dish us up some pie
come sit here and have some cheer
and toast the year goodbye!

Let's snuggle up together
and contemplate time's passing
make some plans and rattle some cans
we'll have ourselves a gassing!

We'll get those angels humming
hymns with harps a-strumming
ain't it true, without the hue
plain poetry is numbing?

Say can't you turn that channel?
it's driving me to tears
a marathon is all that's on
it's been that way for years

and what's that thing you're wearing?
and aren't we going out?
"too cold!" you say, now swearing
I think I'm gonna pout!

You're taking down the mistletoe
and packing up the tree?
tired of pomp and all that stomp,
not much for poetry?

that's it, I'm done for New Years,
I need to get to bed,
had planned to write a poem tonight
but kiss this now instead.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Walkin' Along --G Clair

Walkin' along
I hear his voice and get a skip in my step
I have to watch it cause I'm getting a rep
for acting crazy when I'm walkin' along
I hear his song
and nothing else is makin' me tingle
could be the way he put the jin in the jingle,
so amazing, all this talent of his
no wonder 'bout the best that there is

well he's old
though it's said
being old is better off than dead
but we know
where he'll go
who saved your soul and for your sins He bled

and when I'm blue
his voice can reach me in the worst places
bears the burden, then he ties up my laces
and he lifts me like the sun in his song
staying with me while I'm walkin' along...

take it, Bob~

Bob Dylan - Milano 2007 - Spirit On The Water

Kern ( I Want to Be Dylan ) Little | MySpace Video

you are so...

mercy me

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Cabby's Crown - G Clair

Haling down a cab that's going far to fast,
standing on the roadside as it's flying past
turn and watch the tail lights as the next one's slowing down
Picking up the pieces that were left behind
Thought that you were broken but I've come to find
all these things were welded into something of a cabbie's crown

you were cheap, you were easy,going my way, going sleazy
not the Ritz, hotel cheesy,down in Helluva, that's Hell
then you prayed, and you pondered, and at once your sins were laundered
now your past won't weigh you down,looks like you're holding up quite well

once incarcerated for a job you did
spent a year in prison, you were just a kid
didn't even know enough to cover up the video
the drinking and the drugging and the life you knew
da pimpsters and da players with da cooties who
left you feeling dirty but I see you've got a whole new show

you were free,you were lazy, going my way,going crazy
almost pushin' up a daisy,you were halfway home to Hell
then you prayed.and you pondered,and at once your sins were laundered
now your past won't weigh you down, I see you're holding up quite well

Choking on the ashes of your history
how you got away from them a mystery
the gas was on the burners babe, and someone blew the pilot out
so now you drive a taxi for the NYC
working nights, you tell me, "no one rides for free"
Got to hand it to you, you're a hacker, but you've worked it out

you were rough,you were noisy, going my way, back to Joisey
going anywhere, but Boise,not just anywhere, but Hell
then you prayed, and you pondered,and at once your sins were laundered
now your past can't weigh you down, you wear your cabbie crown quite well.

GCM 2.12.2008

holding out

Once there was a day when our sweet music wouldn't play until I'd say
I'm holding out just for you boo hoo hoo
but now I've got a clue, and I do believe it's true
that it's you who's been holding out for me

And so I'm holding out for you, well I'm not cold and I'm not blue
I've got my golden oldies too, to keep me warm, for your form
And when the skies get dark and grim and it's that lonely state I'm in
well I won't be caught in sin, unless I stray hey hey hey

'Cause you're like music to my ears,you've dried my tears for all these years
it seems the only thing to do is wait for you, how do you do
that thing with the music in my ears, you calmed my fears for all these years
and so the only thing to do is wait for you


Cause it's that melody You play, it's drawn me back,I'm here to stay
cause you're the Light and you're the Truth and you're the Way, hey hey hey
you put your music in my ears, you calmed my fears, for all these years
and so the only thing to do is wait for you

Monday, 21 December 2009

Mayhem Santa

run, run, as fast as you can!!!

Supposedly, this is The Best Recipe EVER for Gingerbread. We shall see. I've got 3 balls of it chilling in the fridge.

Prep Time:
20 Min
Cook Time:
12 Min
Ready In:
4 Hrs

Servings (Help)
US Metric Calculate

Original Recipe Yield 6 dozen


* 6 cups all-purpose flour
* 1 tablespoon baking powder
* 1 tablespoon ground ginger
* 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
* 1 teaspoon ground cloves
* 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
* 1 cup shortening, melted and cooled slightly
* 1 cup molasses
* 1 cup packed brown sugar
* 1/2 cup water
* 1 egg
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Sift together the flour, baking powder, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon; set aside.
2. In a medium bowl, mix together the shortening, molasses, brown sugar, water, egg, and vanilla until smooth. Gradually stir in the dry ingredients, until they are completely absorbed. Divide dough into 3 pieces, pat down to 1 1/2 inch thickness, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into desired shapes with cookie cutters. Place cookies 1 inch apart onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
4. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes in the preheated oven. When the cookies are done, they will look dry, but still be soft to the touch. Remove from the baking sheet to cool on wire racks. When cool, the cookies can be frosted with the icing of your choice.

Fit for a French cake walk

This very awesome cake model of The Eiffel Tower was created for a birthday by My niece, Laura Johnson, with her mother's (my sister) help and encouragement.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful (turned way up and in full flashing color)


i suppose we're...

i only want to...

There is no love
Quite like Your love
To quench the thirst of everyone
And I think of all the
Blessings that you give
And I can't help but learn to want it

And I'm not going back
To the way things used to be
To the place that I once was
And I'm holding on to the promises
You gave me
To the living Word that changed me

In my heart, I want You
And how could you love me with all that I do?
In my heart, I want You
And how could you love me with all that I do?
I get lost when I count the cost
When I try to figure You out

There is no love
Quite like your love
To quench the thirst of everyone
And I think of all the
Blessings that you give
And I can't help but learn to love it

And I'm not going back
To the way things used to be
To the place that I once was
And I'm holding on to the promises
You gave me
To the living Word that changed me

In my heart, I want You
And how could you love me with all that I do?
In my heart, I want You
And how could you love me with all that I do?
I get lost when I count the cost
And try to figure You out

And I get lost when I count the cost
I try to figure You out

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Field and Forest

the last they spoke he said it all
he said his back was to the wall
and far from being her best friend
a man who'd rather see it end
she just can't argue with his truth
it's not her way, for in her youth
she dreamed of places, not pretend
big open spaces, where they'd spend,
in long embraces, hours on end
through fields he chases lifelong friend
but that's not how her story goes,
she won't reaping what he sows.

Born at night, but not last night
I see the problem with her plight
she wants to make the pieces fit
complete the scene her mind has writ
but forcing love to take it's place
to glue the pieces down, a waste
just take a picture, make it last
'cause that one will be fading fast
Let him go and shut the door
Sow true love and reap far more.

the last we spoke I said it all
my tendency to blame the fall
and all the angst scorned love could spare
on fires of Hell, which can't compare
how well I argue with the truth
it's been that way since troubled youth
I dreamed of forests, not pretend
of wooded hollows with my friend
where trees grew tall but wind could bend
where fires could rage but love would send
the rain which hastens souls to mend
that's not my story, so, The End.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

he was just back from vacation and THIS happens...

the man was clearly annoyed, staring straight-faced at chubby faced Cookie,
also wheelchair bound and refusing to budge from her spot in the doorway.
Excuse me, I asked him, what's going on here?
She's out of her mind, he replied in a steely tone
She won't get out of my way.
Yeah she's a strange bird, but
I don't think she's out to make you any trouble.
She is trouble, he answered back.
What happened to you? I asked.
I was hit by a car, while crossing the street.
I stepped out from in front of a parked bus, and the car hit me.
Head on? Did you get run over?
No, I hung on, clung to the door handles, but the guy was going fast, and kept going and I had to let go.
oh MAN, and you lived to tell the story. So did the guy stop?
Nope. Hit and run, but they got him. I'm going to court. That, AND the government owes me...
The government owes you? For what?
They gotta pay me, since they didn't let me go to my daddy's funeral when I was in jail
I was just outta prison, at the time of the accident, served my time.
Then this happened. Because of this, I had to sell my house. thing after you don't miss the jail though this might seem like one.
I actually look forward to my time in's like a vacation.
It's a break from work. Free bed, Free food. No bills. Vacation.
I'll do stuff just to get back to jail. Been in 4 times.
Four times?
I been here a year but I'm getting out next month.
Well I hope you won't be doing anything when you get out,
You're not in any condition to be running from the law.
Not yet, he said, but I'm working on it.

do you have to?

didn't I accidentally tell you this?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

...and the other one is making you a pie.

wild is the wind

killing the blues

bottom of the bay ( song version)- G clair

Staring into hazy eyes, I slowly start to realize
that you are several leagues away, and now I understand
tried to solve the mystery, went looking for some history
I'd dive back down if just to see and stir the sleeping sand.

We drown out all the pain we feel, far'way things seem not as real
but there's a ton of brokenness on the bottom of the bay
weighted well to keep it down in hopes that time would surely drown
the misery which hangs around to cloud the dreary day.

I didn't know just what you felt, the searing fire, the burning welt
the scars of life, of loss and such, which numbed your spirit, hurt so much
and wounds so deep, they should have bled, attended to would heal, instead
they linger painlessly, you've said, in places way too deep to touch.

I feel the tug upon my fin and draw a breath of water in
and surface here to find I've been caught up in love's allusion.
you nearly dried me in the sun and here I'm thinking 'so much fun'
but like all fish, I've come undone,awakened from delusion.

I'll never truly understand, for I'm a fish and you're a man
I swim in garbage, not my plan,it's only your pollution.
there's no way a fish will drown, I'll let the current take me down
just one more gem in Neptune's crown, and that is my solution.

I make my bed there in the deep, and on my watch, I rarely sleep
the nets they drag for memories, I keep them all from catching
the one's you've drowned there in a heap, the painful one's I'd rather keep
and as I swim this sea of *bleep, none will be for snatching.

Monday, 14 December 2009

happy birthday, Jesus- g clair

when I was a child, heard many a thing
'bout God in His Heaven and angels who sing
and streets paved of gold and the one at the gate
whose keeping a record of me on a slate
the things that I do and the things that I say
It scared me to think that I'd sin anyway
and I wanted to know how the God of great love
could measure our worth by the things we think of

not knowing Him then, well I listened to men
who knew less about God than they did their own end
so I prayed to the One asking right from my heart
tell me true, are you there have you been from the start?
can you please help me sort through the myth and the magic
the lies of religion, the hopeless and tragic?
can you meet me right here, just where i am
in my darkness and failures, are you really I AM?

and what of the others who labor for nothing
who have not and hunger for turkey and stuffing?
on the streets, in the cold, stumbling drunk in the alleys
red-handed, white lies, and deep blues in the valleys?
at our weakest, and numb from the heartache of losing
the ones that we love, left behind with a bruising
will we find you in throne rooms in the back of our mind
some Wizard of Oz that we're seeking to find?

A whisper, an answer, a thought I just had
was it me? was it you? could it be, that I'm mad?
But wait, there again, as I stifle my pride
" open the door and invite me inside."
"Ask Me, I'll tell you, I'll lead you along
NOT ONE WORD WAS WRITTEN disproven or wrong"
"And as for the poor, and the weak, and your past
your sins are forgiven, the first shall be last."

"I've chosen the weak things to confound the wise
and turn it around for the greatest surprise"
"The One that I loved, the Dearest of all
the babe in the manger, with the horse in the stall"

He grew to a man, we know him as Jesus
fulfilled the great plan, and oh, how he sees us
He bore all our burdens. and gave us the ring,
we are his bride, and He is our King

and the more that I trust him, the more I debate
I need to ask questions regarding our fate
is God all around us? Is heaven for real?
Does He care for our flesh and the way that we feel?
is one day like a thousand, as thousands are lost
in the floods and the fires and the wars and the frost?
I'll wait for the answers and try to be still
like the child in the manger and the cow on the hill

I will study to find myself well in your sight
while we sit by the fire and chat through the night
and when Christmas has finally dawned on our days
and we celebrate giving in so many ways
I must keep in mind how you wiped clean the slate
for once and for all you reopened that gate
and I must not forget though I'm often at fault
that you want me to shine, to be light, to be salt
and always remember that You are the reason
I celebrate Christmas no matter the season.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Monday, 7 December 2009

What's with the towel and the floating torso? Men, with the fantasties.

Boogie Down with James Brown

Sunday, 6 December 2009

public places

Went to church today. Found a seat in the back. There was a woman who had some kind of breathing problem directly behind me. Very audible wheezing, probably chronic disease and on the verge of needing hospitalization or at least a couple of puffs from her inhaler, and maybe some oxygen. People in that condition really shouldn't be out in this cold when they have those kind of breathing problems but they come out anyway, so what are you gonna do? So anyway, I was facing forward, waiting until they passed out the communion to get a look at her. Hmm...a black woman up in years, looking half asleep, half alive. I didn't like the sound or looks of her and decided to talk to her right after the service.

Just then, my cell phone started ringing. Rats. Forgot to turn it off when I went in. I hate when that happens. Good thing I was in the last row back there. Holding the little cup of grape juice, I jumped up, grabbed my bag and exited. It just so happened that my bible study leader was out there. This woman can't be much older than me, but she's a school teacher and for some deep seated reason, I feel like a student caught without a hall pass. Nothing goes unnoticed. I nodded, smiling, pointing to my bag which was still ringing, like a crying child. Of course I can't find the phone in the bag. Everything else, yes. So I head for the women's room, take the juice in the bathroom and put it on the counter. Going through the bag I finally locate the phone. By then it had stopped ringing and I thought I may as well listen to the messages.

Around that time, another girl from my bible study comes into the bathroom. She compliments me on my hair. That's the second time she said something about my hair. I guess I wasn't looking so great the first few times she saw me. No wonder, I'd have to fly home from work to make it to the woman's house on time and was usually late. That would trigger my schoolmarm fears. So anyway, I figured I oughta touch up my makeup after taking the juice. Oh man. Another woman from the bible study is standing on line. I pick up my stuff and say hello, and head out of there. By then, the lady with the breathing issue is gone.Gee I hope she gets some help.

So I've been wanting to sign up for a ministry. I used to teach the 3 year olds years ago at my other church, so I figured I'd give the nursery a shot. Last week I wandered in and checked out the nursery. Right off I was introduced to the head of the department, and we exchanged emails. Today I filled out the application. Asked if I was ever arrested for anything other than a traffic ticket. Hmm....does that one time I was handcuffed and read my rights count if it was just a misunderstanding over a court date? I don't think that's what they are looking for, so I left it off anyway. It was several years back and driving related. Nothing criminal in my background and no sense giving false impressions with potentially incriminating information. Probably not going to even show up when they do the background check. If they want that sort of thing they can do the paperwork. I want to present as SPOTLESS. Not some kind of whacked-out crazy woman driver or nut-job wanna-be nanny-hand that rocks the cradle.

One of the questions: Are you now or have you BEAN in counseling. Of course I've been in counseling. Good grief. Marriage counseling counts right? So what are they getting at here? Why no question about medications? If I had a child in the nursery, I would want to be 100% confident that my baby wasn't being touched by some addict with cigarette breath and nicotine stains on their filthy fingers. I'd have to have a look-see at the care providers before I would leave my child. The leadership in this church recognize that they have a responsibility to the children and their parents to root out the weirdos. I am not one of them, I tell ya! I Hold a job which requires toileting and bathing of ADULTs, many of whom are incontinent, and incoherent with dementia. Special needs, man. Do I seem defensive? I am. So. I am hoping that they will not find some small reason to keep me out of the ministry. I just want to fit in quietly. No scenes. Just show up on time and provide consistent and skilled tender loving care to the kids. That's it. Nothing fancy. No cupcakes or party games. Just do my time and go to service.

Following the service I went over to do my laundry. Packed it all in the car. Been doing my own AND my dads these days. I could use the parent's machine but I don't want to break it. I have a tendency to want to over pack. Anyway, I found 2 laundromats which are acceptable. The one is in Lakewood and it draws crowds of spanish speaking people. Weekends are rough, as you often have to wait for a dryer. They have 4 extra large flat screen TVs mounted in the center aisle facing all directions and each has a different screen going with different language. I guess the Hacitics have their own laundry as I never see any Jewish people in here. Maybe they all have their own laundry rooms in their nice houses. That's ok. Someday I too will have a laundry room. Not now, but someday.

I don't mind doing my laundry out. It's good exercise for now. I used to find the people in laundromats amusing but as I got older, the amusement wore off. Every once in a while if I am feeling sociable and have something to say, I will talk to someone, but for the most part, I mind my own business. Today I walked in and it was fairly crowded.

There was this one short heavy black man who reminded me of one of the characters from 'What's Happening?' I glanced at him as I walked past him. He was speaking very loudly on the cellphone almost non stop. He noticed me looking at him and said, "Disoriented?" I have no idea what he meant but I answered " Quite" and made a mental note not to look at him again. He came over into my aisle and continued talking really loudly, as if wanting everyone to get the impression that he had some powerful position. At one point I overheard him say, " ...and I made him look stupid, real stupid." I was thinking, "I bet you did." As I finished loading the machines I noticed he had moved closer to me, and so I headed the other way. Not interested in talking to this guy. What I didn't notice was that he also left the aisle and went around the other way, also toward the door. He followed me out, held the door. I avoided eye contact and kept moving. By this point I was getting the creeps. As I walked toward my car with my empty bags, he came toward me while reaching into his pocket. I was thinking here I am in broad daylight. Is this guy gonna pull out a gun or knife? I opened my door as he pulled out a card and handed it to me. Griffin something. Branch Manager for some financial corporation. I said " What's this for?" He sai, "It's my business card. Give me a call." Give him a call? I looked at the card. I certainly would not be calling him. " Are you a mortgage guy?" "Yeah. Give me a call." He turned and went back into the laundromat. I sat out in my car, looking at this guy's card, stunned that two seconds of eye contact and one word would warrant this kind of response. That's the end of that. I don't want to solicit attention or business cards from anyone. I sat in my locked car reading the bible and then went back in to throw my stuff in the dryer. There was Griffin. Standing over by his wife and kids. I walked past. "Hey... Griffin." He glanced up and then turned away quickly. I guess he didn't want any attention either.

On the way home, I thought I would stop by Pep boys for an oil change. OK, so they couldn't fit me in. Tomorrow night? OK I made an appointment for tomorrow night after work, and grabbed some water and gum on the way out. I love the woman who rang me up. She was wishing each customer a very happy holiday which I thought was nice.

Anyway, I left the parking lot and headed on down the highway. Turned down the next block, thinking I'd take a ride past this little crackerbox I had seen for sale which was now under contract. I really wanted and to see if I still got the creeps from that street. This was one of a couple of neighborhoods in Howell in which I had promised myself many years ago that I would NEVER EVER live! What was it that bothered me about this street? I was driving along thinking it was the narrowness of the road without curbs, and the piles of leaves with cars parked along the street, the junky little capes and ranches which reminded me of being poor and worse, my own poverty. Not being able to afford even a stinking house on this miserable street, thanks largely to NJ taxes irks me. Well sure it would help if I worked full time,, if I changed jobs, but I love my job. So I shouldn't complain. The whole self defeating lifestyle is fitting in quite nicely with the pattern I've established with each dumb decision I've made and this time I am going to wait. Against the advice of hungry mortgage guys and realtors who insist it's a BUYER'S MARKET. As I drove a little further, I noticed a father out with his 2 boys in a go cart. That was nice.

Many of the shabby little starter homes were being fixed up. Hmmm....People making the best of it. Yes, I thought, this little community was almost bearable. I continued down the street, checking out these little bungalows, and drove slowly past a tall man who stood out on his front lawn. I glanced at him, and yes for a second there was eye contact. Oh no...I have to NOT do that. Keep driving. I got down to the end of the road and turned around. There was a fork in the road and I could have taken that way, but decided to go out the way I had come in. Past the tall man who was now standing in the middle of the street. Oh man. What the heck is he doing out there? I approached slowly and he stepped back a few feet. Wierd. As I came up to him, he spoke some words. Instead of moving on, I stupidly decided to stop to see what he was saying to me. Rolled the window down a few inches?

"There are kids around here." He was looking rather disturbed with greasy hair, dry flaky skin and red rimmed eyes, blue eyes. Looked like a drinker to me.
"I am aware of that."
Then he told me that I needed to slow down.
" I know you are lost but you need to slow down."
" Actually I'm not lost."
" Well do you normally drive around places you don't live?"
" Why are you asking me personal questions?"
" I just don't want you driving fast on my block."
" Alright" as I pushed the button to close the window.
I continued slowly up the block and stopped at the guy with the 2 kids.
"Excuse me sir, but did you think I was driving too fast before?"
" Not at all. You're fine."
" That guy down there said I needed to slow down, but I wasn't driving fast at all."
"THAT GUY? Ignore him. He does that to everyone. He's strange. You're fine. Just ignore him."
"Thank you."

So that's it. I guess I am learning after all these years NOT to TALK to STRANGERS! Don't stop. Don't talk. Just ignore them. And if they talk to you first? Keep your distance, keep your answers short, or just yell " NOOOOO!!!!!" and run away. As my brother Vinny says, " Run, don't walk." His number one rule : DO NOT make eye contact with strangers. He has also advised me to NOT talk to people in laundromats, Burger King, or public libraries (since that's where the people go who are not eating or doing laundry). Happy Birthday, Vinny! We are the same age for one week.


Friday, 4 December 2009


the randomness, the senselessness
you strive to make life count and then it comes to this
and in the end you're left with pain
and someone writes a song and it just seems inane

there is no way to justify, find meaning in your loss, you know
but still we try
there are no words you need to hear
you only want the comfort, and it seems so clear

it's in our hearts, we want to take
your misery, to share your grief and ease the ache
well-meaning words, it's just the thought
and sinking down, too weak to stand
with arms you're caught

held up and loved in silence there
is something more than words can say to show we care
just being there.

- Gina Morrone

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

One. Two. One Two Three Four...

They met in a hurricane
Standing in the shelter out of the rain
She tucked a note into his hand
Later on they took his car
Drove on down where the beaches are
He wrote her name in the sand
Never even let go of her hand

Somehow they stayed that way
For those 5 days in May
Made all the stars around them shine
Funny how you can look in vain
Living on nerves and such sweet pain
The loneliness that cuts so fine
To find the face you've seen a thousand times

Sometimes the world begins
To set you up on your feet again
And ohh it wipes the tears from your eyes
How will you ever know
The way that circumstances go
Oh its going to hit you by surprise
But I know my past
You were there
In everything I've done
You are the one

Looking back its hard to tell
Why they stood while others fell
Spend your life working it out
All I know is one cloudy day
They both just ran away
Rain on the windshield heading South
Ohh she loved the lines around his mouth

Sometimes the world begins
To set you up on your feet again
And ohh it wipes the tears from your eyes
How will you ever know
The way that circumstances go
Ohh its going to hit you by surprise
But I know my past
You were there
In everything I've done
You are the one

Chiliman's Eye

The other day I phoned a friend, I shan't be usin' names
"Not alright, I tell ya, Gee, my eyeball's shootin' flames!"
"Owie! Owie! Owie! Oh!, Chiliman I like ya so
tell me what has happened though I know you will be well"

"While chopping jalapenos without the proper guise
I washed my hands both 'fore and aft' but much to my demise
I went to pop my contact in and soon would realize
a flaming side of poppers and a sizzling batch of fries!"

Well I knew he wasn't faking and it took me by surprise
that my heart was feeling something which I couldn't minimize
he must have sensed me crying, guess it opened up his eyes
T'was an awkward bit of silence there one-sided love implies

and sensing he could break me down, I felt I must disguise
so I layered up and told him, "I've got onions in my eyes!"
"Woe is you and oh so woe, Gee girl how I like you so
tell me what has happened though I know you will be well."

"While chopping up the onions without the proper guise
I washed my hands before and aft' but much to my demise
can't blame me now for hoping we could do without the lies
But I'm just a bloomin' onion and I need to guard my...eyes."

And with the sharin' of the troubles and the things that caused us pain
there's comfort in the knowing, for what else have we to gain?
And if I lose you then tomorrow, because today I have been real
far better to have loved and lost, than held back what I feel.

And when everything which must be added is put in the Chili-man's crock
a five-to-one hand wash of water and bleach is best to avoid pepper shock.

-Gina Morrone

New Day

looking back I kind of sensed my story
the sparkles in my heart were stuck like glue
i colored way outside the lines, elated that I'd have to find
my own way, not be tied to something blue.

seems like choosing all the safe things, all those things that make most sense,
can't be right without the input of the heart
soon heart-broken it would seem, had to run, forget the dream
back to safety, where the love was from the start.

so maybe things have not turned out the way I wanted,
though both careful and adventurous, I've tried,
my youthful zest for life has left me haunted,
by shattered dreams, the very thing which was denied.

at the same time there's a hope on the horizon,
an excitement,as i look to God, the One,
and while I'm free to make the choice, I choose to listen to His voice
and in that confidence, a new day has begun.

let the day begin, begin again and cleanse away the past
let the love flow in and out again but this time make it last

Video Illusions

Listen to this with your eyes open, and then with them closed. Try listening to part of it with your eyes closed and then halfway through open them...