Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year! - G Clair

The poem I really want
looks great in gilded font
the words, they flow and mistletoe
is hung from verse to haunt

I'll try to draw a picture
to pull your mind away
though awkward were those first two lines
I think I'll let 'em stay

My fancy overrated
poems are soon created
down in the heart, true verses start
and imagery related

the thoughts that I am thinking
though strange are sometimes nice
I'll need some fluff to write this stuff
mere words will not suffice

so pour the steaming chocolate
and dish us up some pie
come sit here and have some cheer
and toast the year goodbye!

Let's snuggle up together
and contemplate time's passing
make some plans and rattle some cans
we'll have ourselves a gassing!

We'll get those angels humming
hymns with harps a-strumming
ain't it true, without the hue
plain poetry is numbing?

Say can't you turn that channel?
it's driving me to tears
a marathon is all that's on
it's been that way for years

and what's that thing you're wearing?
and aren't we going out?
"too cold!" you say, now swearing
I think I'm gonna pout!

You're taking down the mistletoe
and packing up the tree?
tired of pomp and all that stomp,
not much for poetry?

that's it, I'm done for New Years,
I need to get to bed,
had planned to write a poem tonight
but kiss this now instead.


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze and bless me with your writing. No expert am I. It is true art. You just know it when you see it or in this case read it. You are an amazing woman and vessel of God, I G Clair. Happy New Year lovely one.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I wanted to write you a poem,
In response to your beautiful prose,
But I sadly found that I couldn't,
I am not as talented I suppose.

So this ditty was not what I wanted,
But nevertheless, it will have to do,
I'll try sometime to do what I intended,
But for now, Happy New Year to you.

Gina said...

aw, BT, your comments are always encouraging and inspiring to me. Thanks for the memories! I came up with a few more. Happy New Year to you too!

LGS, You're always on the move and always in the groove, your poetry dear Squirrel, can make a toenail curl. Thank you and have a blessed and happy New Year!