Thursday, 17 December 2009

he was just back from vacation and THIS happens...

the man was clearly annoyed, staring straight-faced at chubby faced Cookie,
also wheelchair bound and refusing to budge from her spot in the doorway.
Excuse me, I asked him, what's going on here?
She's out of her mind, he replied in a steely tone
She won't get out of my way.
Yeah she's a strange bird, but
I don't think she's out to make you any trouble.
She is trouble, he answered back.
What happened to you? I asked.
I was hit by a car, while crossing the street.
I stepped out from in front of a parked bus, and the car hit me.
Head on? Did you get run over?
No, I hung on, clung to the door handles, but the guy was going fast, and kept going and I had to let go.
oh MAN, and you lived to tell the story. So did the guy stop?
Nope. Hit and run, but they got him. I'm going to court. That, AND the government owes me...
The government owes you? For what?
They gotta pay me, since they didn't let me go to my daddy's funeral when I was in jail
I was just outta prison, at the time of the accident, served my time.
Then this happened. Because of this, I had to sell my house. thing after you don't miss the jail though this might seem like one.
I actually look forward to my time in's like a vacation.
It's a break from work. Free bed, Free food. No bills. Vacation.
I'll do stuff just to get back to jail. Been in 4 times.
Four times?
I been here a year but I'm getting out next month.
Well I hope you won't be doing anything when you get out,
You're not in any condition to be running from the law.
Not yet, he said, but I'm working on it.

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