Wednesday, 16 December 2009

bottom of the bay ( song version)- G clair

Staring into hazy eyes, I slowly start to realize
that you are several leagues away, and now I understand
tried to solve the mystery, went looking for some history
I'd dive back down if just to see and stir the sleeping sand.

We drown out all the pain we feel, far'way things seem not as real
but there's a ton of brokenness on the bottom of the bay
weighted well to keep it down in hopes that time would surely drown
the misery which hangs around to cloud the dreary day.

I didn't know just what you felt, the searing fire, the burning welt
the scars of life, of loss and such, which numbed your spirit, hurt so much
and wounds so deep, they should have bled, attended to would heal, instead
they linger painlessly, you've said, in places way too deep to touch.

I feel the tug upon my fin and draw a breath of water in
and surface here to find I've been caught up in love's allusion.
you nearly dried me in the sun and here I'm thinking 'so much fun'
but like all fish, I've come undone,awakened from delusion.

I'll never truly understand, for I'm a fish and you're a man
I swim in garbage, not my plan,it's only your pollution.
there's no way a fish will drown, I'll let the current take me down
just one more gem in Neptune's crown, and that is my solution.

I make my bed there in the deep, and on my watch, I rarely sleep
the nets they drag for memories, I keep them all from catching
the one's you've drowned there in a heap, the painful one's I'd rather keep
and as I swim this sea of *bleep, none will be for snatching.

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