Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New Day

looking back I kind of sensed my story
the sparkles in my heart were stuck like glue
i colored way outside the lines, elated that I'd have to find
my own way, not be tied to something blue.

seems like choosing all the safe things, all those things that make most sense,
can't be right without the input of the heart
soon heart-broken it would seem, had to run, forget the dream
back to safety, where the love was from the start.

so maybe things have not turned out the way I wanted,
though both careful and adventurous, I've tried,
my youthful zest for life has left me haunted,
by shattered dreams, the very thing which was denied.

at the same time there's a hope on the horizon,
an excitement,as i look to God, the One,
and while I'm free to make the choice, I choose to listen to His voice
and in that confidence, a new day has begun.

let the day begin, begin again and cleanse away the past
let the love flow in and out again but this time make it last

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