Monday, 29 October 2007

through your eyes

through Your eyes
I am magnified
through Your eyes
all the best and all the worst
and in between
and in the quiet places waiting
You could hear me when I cried~
in the darkest times relating
understanding what's inside

through Your eyes
every dark and desperate move
and all the lies
and all the places I've been in
though it's a sin~
but you're a real and present savior
and blesser of my sneeze
and so here I am Lord, once again
asking on my knees

Through your eyes
just see me through this storm
and be my guide,
I can't really see through
to the other side
only you,
You know currents
and the depth of every tide
and you promised to be with me
and i know you've never ever lied

and in the smallest seed of faith
you see the tree it will become
you're making something out of nothing
chose the lowly and the bum
and if my trusting you
is foolish
than rather be that too
than pretend I'm strong and wise
enough to make it without you.

and then when my little faith is tested
when I'm down here in the deep
when it's getting late
and I can't wait
you help me get to sleep.
and when I fall down you are with me
like you fell down with that cross
and you lift the burden
from my back
and help me with the sauce?
and with the words all wrong
you show me
just how to wrap it up
and you meet all my needs
bring us right through the weeds
Dear God that we'll see
through your eyes.

Saturday, 27 October 2007


She turns on her computer there
and tunes into a chat room where

all alone in the whitened space
she's the queen of this empty place

when a voice on the other side
gives a "welcome" and she can't hide

so she types out her greeting line
'howdy~hope you're all feeling fine'

soon she's back in her spacey mode
tuning out from the mother load...

Take a look at the
moon girl
basking in her sunshine
loon girl
drinking up her moonshine
more or less annoying
senselessly enjoying
simple monologue
every line is hers to hog
thinks the chat room is her blog
mind blown way out in the fog

spoil her readers, spare the blues
all the updates, shares her views

to each event and every date
the voice-box offers no debate

another voice she hears inside
has dented up her tin can pride

blah blah blah blah what's the point?
there's no one else here in the joint

and no one else could really care
but still you're out here, on the air

Someone puts a record on
now it's playing out her song:

Take a look at the
moon girl
powered by a third rail
loon girl
chewing on her thumb nail
more or less annoying
senselessly enjoying
simple monologue
every line is hers to hog
thinks the chat room is her blog
mind blown way out in the fog

chat it out
making up a story
soon girl
you'll be in your glory
first you crawl and then you walk
grabbin' up the sidewalk chalk
crooked letters, crooked lines
hopscotch, you scotch all the time
first you'll babble, then you'll whine
sometims whisper, always pine
time will come, you've nothing left to say,

that's okay
moon girl
basking in your sunshine
loon girl
drinking up your moonshine
more or less annoying
senselessly enjoying
simple monologue
every line is yours to hog
think the chat room is your blog
mind blown way out in the fog

Soon you'll tire and need a friend,
just be good and until then
share your thoughts, and don't pretend
type them out and this time hit the 'send'.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Not to be the only one who feels
that it's important
to keep your shirt on
to keep your patience
of this I'm certain
with understanding
in quiet waters
are sunken

Catching wind of something that you said
I'm quite relieved that
you are the type who
can see the end from
a rough beginning
and in forgiving
you make it clear
that there's no
fear in

Reaching out for something that is good
and latching onto
discarded socks you
were thinking 'clearly
they don't deserve you'
but still you serve so
it will continue
and you'll never

Letting go of all that is behind
I might be freed from
my vain devotions
and silly notions
the useless worries
about the future
and of all

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

tell me nothing

I walked away
It's never my intention
to be rude or to offend
but they stood around
and spoke of what I
could not comprehend

of all of the evil
in the world
and all the whys~
and then my friend
spoke up and
much to my surprise

said "Tell me nothing!
Tell me nothing sick and horrible
It's gotten out of hand
the misery's so sad, you see
and I think too much should be banned
and maybe all things work together
for the good, I understand
but please just keep it to yourselves
and leave my head here in the sand~
just tell me nothing".

They were appalled
and so they walked away
and left him there
in what he needed most
and so I prayed
in my own quiet way,
to scare away the ghost

of all of the evil
in the world
and all the whys~
then my friend
spoke up and
much to my surprise

said "tell me something
tell me something good and funny,
make me laugh until I cry
you know there's something good in laughter
though I cannot tell you why~
maybe good news is on order from the Lord
and that's a far cry from the sadness
and a cry I can afford
and though I'd like to know
that God can hear our cries
but otherwise~
if someone dies
please tell me nothing."

Thursday, 4 October 2007


Your life is beautiful
Your life is holy
your life means everything
everything to me~

You were created
in secret places
and only God knew
the best was yet to be.

and when I found out
I was quite nervous
but when I heard your sweet heartbeat
I smiled.

'cause I was made for
this very purpose
to be your mom, little one
and you're my child.

I'll always love you
You'll know you're wanted
and in our family you'll know
you belong.

I'll help you grow up
and teach you everything
and baby, someday
you'll write your own song!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

sculpture of you

With the last bit of the glue
fixed my sculpture of you
which inspired in me a sweet song
and you know that I cared
and with caution repaired
but it seems that I got
the feet wrong.

If it's true what they say
about people,
how we tend to be set in our ways,
and therefore in time
like the lemon and lime
grow more sour
with the passing of days,

then my sculpture of you
is endearing
left foot to leg on the right
and the right foot stuck well
to the left leg from hell
will inspire a fight not a flight.