Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sunset Love Song- G Clair

Reminding me of shorter days the orange globe sinks into haze
no longer casting heated rays but shadows on the beach
the warmth and softness of the sand beneath my back and in my hand
it cools as evening takes the land and sleep, within my reach

Words are written in my mind with colors I could only find
in sunsets which were left behind like paintings dried with love
I turn to face the laughing lush who paints the skies without a brush
and every stroke, poetic mush, which lingers high above

fiery red excites the soul and sets the mood in motion
orange and pink elicit sighs like a full moon on the ocean
streaks of purple are always fun and bring on the blue-green hues
a symphony is the setting sun but gimmee the midnight blues

I want to gaze into your glory tell me another story
oh bring on the colors don't let me sleep too long
I want to sing of Your greatness in spite of all my lateness
with all my quirks and troubles, you see in me no wrong

Oh God, you are amazing all creation should be praising
and I'll wait for you forever 'til the sun sets on my song
the days, they pass too quickly but sunset is the best
this moonless night, we hear the waves, which won't disturb our rest


lgsquirrel said...

Hi Gina,
I have been away but am back now. I hope that you are well.

God indeed is praise worthy but your poem too is none too shabby.
Indeed i think it is the best for quite awhile that I have read.

Gina said...

Welcome back from your travels. I hope all is well with you! Thanks for reading and your thoughtful compliment on this poem. God's creation ought to mirror his character, right? Praise to Jesus, the artist, for his loving kindness and faithfulness to complete the work he has begun in those who trust in Him!