Friday, 30 July 2010

The Run Around- G Clair

He went around
and came around, and went around again
Then he came around, went back around
and came around again.

"What's with all the run-around?"
I asked my breathless friend
"What goes around, will come around
and right up to the end."

and holding back my laughter
I caught up with the clown
if it's women that you're after
just wait, they'll come around.

Been waiting my whole lifetime
and I don't think they see
that I can take them places
if they'd only come with me.

"Who runs this ride, you run beside,
and can't they cut the speed?"
"I have no clue, but maybe you
can jump this thing, and plead."

"One last run around, dear girl
it's worth the ride, you'll see
it won't be long, enjoy the song,
I'm a sick sorry son of a b."

I hopped aboard his dream machine
where ladies rode the poles
and pushed passed blown out bimbos
to the room which housed controls.

I peeked inside the window there
and much to my surprise
no one's mannin' anything on this
carousel of lies.

A sea of lovely lonelies
ride 'The Future' from the past
around again a few more times
our lives are fading fast.

Suddenly he's on the ground
and draggin' on his knees
with sweat upon his forehead,
I said, "Jackass, LET GO, please."

"One last run around, dear girl,
don't you worry none 'bout me
appreciate your deep concern
I'm a sick sorry son of a b".

Well, it took some major doing
to release his grip of fear
and then I jumped, and bruised and bumped
was finally in the clear.

"we've cashed in all our chips today,
but we'll be back, for more-
you push to run the Future
and I'm lonely to the core.

We hobbled from the Carn-evil,
my weary friend and me
what goes around will come around
DEAR GOD please set us free.

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