Sunday, 11 July 2010

Muted- G Clair

In the muted blue glow
of your favorite late show
with the light
from the bathroom
left on~
I can make out your face
and it's hard
to erase
from my memory,
you are gone.

In our silence
a sweetness,
a comfort, it's true
needing less
to be said
meant much more~
we lived well
in our day
and had so much
to say
but your smile,
it just cut
to my core

As we sat
side by side on the sofa
'twas your hand
on my ankle
that said~
'I am here,
you are there,
there's no distance',
I swear
you still whisper
sweet nothings
in bed.

So forgive me
for getting
all sappy
but our late show
is on
you are there
in the hazy blue den
I can't hear Letterman
got him muted
so music can blare,


lgsquirrel said...

Sad but hopeful? I like the imagery; fresh but real.

Gina said...

Hope deferred makes the heart sick! Stay hopeful!