Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Quest for Warmth G- Clair

captured there in orange, beneath the old street light
a cloud of breath exhaled, hangs heavy in the night
waiting on the 409 has never been this bleak
the fierce wind nips your ear lobe, and ice cold stings your cheek

I watch you turn your collar up, your back against the bite
one hand on that coffee cup, the other out of sight.
each morning getting colder, the forecast is for snow
in fleece and wool you face the frost, and how I'll never know

I see you’re green, my blue faced friend, the green before the fall
you've never been about the perks, it's conscience above all
the last thing on your mind just now would be to get a Lynx
traffic is lame, road rage insane, and air pollution stinks

don't EVEN get you started upon the SUV
spews out nitrous oxide and guzzles Texas tea
public parking, another rare find, for what you get they rob you blind
and what they miss, the vandal takes, leave you with migranes the car alarm makes

better for all we all take the train
or one car per family 'stead of one car per brain.
watching you stand there with ice crystals forming
Hypothermantic, you NEED global warming!

I know you ain't no girlyman, my ever-ready mate
but my duracel is waiting, and the 409 is late
I jump out from my hiding place, approaching from the rear
my work cut out, without a doubt, the ice lymric is near:

poetic license pending,
I call for a herione's ending
like a frozen filet
without word or delay
I can lift you without even bending

once inside and thawing, you start in about the gas
I turn down the heat, but turn up the seat that's warming up your carcass
and I'm certainly all for the planet, and all for your thinking what's best
but for mornings like these, with your jewels in a freeze, come with and we'll heat up the QUEST.

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