Saturday, 18 September 2010

On Vanderveer - G Clair

I wanna live on Vanderveer, where everyday's the same all year
Just start the car, it's not that far and take us there, I'll show you where
Verdant hills on Vanderveer lift the burden, stills the fear
free to all who hold her dear, Fairfield farms are also near

So come with me my silent love to old back roads I'm dreaming of
we'll park the car, and take our time and find a way to make it rhyme
You wave goodbye, "Farewell, my dear, it sure was nice to have you here,
but you'll be back, we'll have a beer and toast to life on Vandervyme"

I spent the night on Vanderveer, and in the morning it was clear
the sun broke treetops glistening on grassy fields and everything
and early up I drank in dew, I felt the chill but warmth came though
I lit some twigs and ate some figs and not once did I think of you.

I hid my gear on Vanderveer and walked for miles on trails back there
with Autumn near the leaves appear to welcome change and I declare
that change will come and lead to drear but not before the colors cheer
the lonely woods of this frontier and suddenly I shed a tear

Truth be told I'm getting old the moldy ground is bloody cold
my back is sore my butt was bitten on Vanderveer, though I was smitten
I guess too quickly after all and swallowed up by nature's call
but left alone my thoughts are clear I'd hurt you more by staying here

'Cause who'd be there to steer you clear of Satan's brew and backwash beer
to bust your chops and mend your rear and warm your toes and bend your ear?
and who to take my great advice on vita veeta vega vice,
and read my poem and get the joke and buy me gingerale with coke

when I get rough without enough,you pull me though the bitter stuff
and put up with my lack of taste and bring me to a better place
and wait for me and pray for me and sometimes a charade for me
but better off than being here the lonely life on Vanderveer

and so before I lose my fear and wander back there with the deer
quick grab some cash for Mickys, Dear and pick me up on Vanderveer

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