Saturday, 12 June 2010

The One- G Clair

I'm told a man from Nazereth
had taken time to plan His death
from somewhere way before the birth of time
would be a thing worth finishing
for none could wear His wedding ring
until the final pardon for their crime.

And taken from the midst of sin
an undeserving place I'm in
beneath the cross, I stare up at The One
whose blood poured down that gruesome day
in pain the man was heard to say
with his last breath, "That's it, My Work is Done."

They took his body torn and dead
removed the thorns which pierced his head
and crying for this Man they'd come to love
wrapped him gently in the way
as was the custom of the day
without a doubt, they questioned God above.

Now placed inside a darkened tomb
and sealed in stone by soldiers whom
could not be caught asleep lest they would pay
but something happened as He planned
His tomb was somehow left unmanned
as angels rolled the stone aside that day.

So WHO IS THIS who claims to save
in three days risen from the grave
who paid a debt which we could n'er afford~
now written into history
He wrote the world a mystery
and solved it one day, cause that's my Lord.

Fulfilling every prophecy
the Only One my heart can see
is Jesus Christ, be sure you cannot hide
you'll face Him on your dying day
the One True Love who made a way
to cover and protect his precious bride.


Anonymous said...

Very good. Full of vivid imagery. Not typical of you as far as the tempo but very powerful. Thank you.

Gina said...

Thank you, BT. I thonk the tempo is a nice change-up. ALways appreciate your words of encouragement.