Thursday, 26 April 2007

andy pettitte pin

A couple of days ago, I was having a youthful surge of energy as I loaded my bike into the trunk of my car. I had neglected it and my body, all last year and decided it time for a complete overhaul... Spare no expense! Needing directions to the bike shop, I walked into a 7-11 where the cashier, a lovely woman, easily 55, did her best to sell me on the Yankees collectors pins available with the purchase of the Post.

I tried to hide, but then she said it
"You want a deal? You wont' regret it!"
"But it's the Post and I've never read it"
"Bothers me too, though I won't let it"
" Like 20 lbs, I'd like to edit."
"Hey me too, but I just can't shed it."
"And my hair is a mess and I have to go wet it."
" Just this one.... you have to get it."
" No really, please, let's just forget it."
" It's only 3 bucks and you've got store credit."
"Okay, then give me the Andy Pettitte!!!"


Josie said...

I loved this story! Spontaneous laughter is a delight, and it happens so rarely. I AM 53 and I look every day of it, so I laugh when someone tries to tell me I look much younger. I think you're right, they are in denial! :-)

Gina said...

uhmmm....uh....oh, you probably DO look younger, as some of us are 'blessed' with YLG.... Try this test: Ask several strangers who have nothing to lose to guess your age. Carry a clipboard and tell them you are collecting data for a research project, and that they won't hurt your feelings. When they over estimate, spit at them when they walk away and change the answers. Average out the responses.

"Your as young as you look, as hot as you feel, and as bad as you spell." Annon.

Josie said...

Too funny, I love this idea! :-) (Sadly, I spell fairly well, except at the keyboard, is that a bad sign?)

Josie said...

Hey, you deleted the story... and it was good. Never second-guess yourself.

Gina said...

True. I really did not intend to delete that completely but I had become preoccupied with the editting and became frustrated when I forgot to save my updated version. Could not bear to look at another messy sentance and scrapped the whole stinkin thing.

Spelling can be an issue when your reader is distracted or begins to make assumptions about you based upon maybe a few too many typos.
I don't care about other people's typos...I just keep reading.. makes sense to me. it's mostly my own which bother me as i have an annoying obsession for needing my own stuff to read smoothly.