Monday, 30 April 2007

begin to understand

share with me the highlights of your day
and if you choose not to say much
I will listen anyway.

Well I know that we all need some time alone
time to simmer, time to think
and time to not pick up the phone

and I need time to trust in what I feel
am I just thinking there's a distance
or is it something that is real?

It's hard to tell, just now, which is the case
I am not much for deciphering
your moods, it's not my place.

A vacant beach and somewhere a dog's bark
watched a full moon light the ocean
and the beach as it grew dark.

Pedaled past two lovers on a blanket in the sand
it's been so long that I've forgotten
the very memory of your hand.

Share with me of the doldrums of your day
but if you choose not to say much
I will listen anyway.

or just walk with me in silence, hold my hand
and if you're wanting not to touch me
I'll begin to understand.


angelissima said...

This is beautiful, Gina. I can feel the longing, sadness and walking on eggshells.

Distance contributes to all sorts of confabulations. Its like scratching a chalk board for a vivid imagination.

One day, day.

angelissima said...

FYI Confabulation is my word of the week.

To fill in gaps in one's memory with fabrications that one believes to be facts...

That's me all over.

Gina said...

been there have you?

hey.....Seaweed at 4.

thanks, Ang. :-D

Josie said...

In my relationship with my ex, sometimes I feel a distance between us, a moment of silence or awkwardness that wasn't there before... but also there are times when we still connect and it feels as comfortable as wearing an old pair of jeans.

Gina said...

that is a beautiful way of putting it, Josie. A comfortable pair of jeans is what I need. These ones do feel awkward...maybe it's time to get a new pair. I would prefer the old ones...

Gina said...

i found something I wrote about my old jeans and now I am so sorry I lost them somewhere...Waaaaaaa.

I need my tattered old Levis back!