Saturday, 28 April 2007

I listen

Once owned a Ford Taurus though often it's said
a Ford on the roadside is probably dead.
I never let stuff like that go to my head
I know how it is to be down.
Ran my hand over the gun metal grey
if it was a horse we'd have galloped away
but the oil was blackened and so that fine day
I decided to take it to town.

My hasbund was known for mechanical skill
took pride in his work, though I battled his will
I knew he was right about everything, still
I wanted to have my own way.
It was his contention that I was a pain
he often made comments that seemed so inane
but still I knew he knew that I had no brain
for the technical end of the day.

He said he would change it the next Saturday
but I thought to myself there's a much better way
at Jiffy Lube, service is good and I say
that it takes them no more than ten minutes.
Five minutes to get there and five minutes in
they offered to clean up my dirty engine
I gladly accepted, and paid for the gin
or whatever that mixture had in it.

Back at the house feeling quite satisfied
a little bit nervous on account of his pride
but the Taurus can't wait, cuz what if it died
and think of the money we saved.
Well he wasn't at home, so then I could relax
Got dressed for work while rehearsing the facts
I drove up the parkway and in one hour max
the Taurus it bucked, and then caved.

Squeaked into the place where my money was earned
I called him and naturally he was concerned
we had it towed out, I felt angry and burned
now I needed a brand new transmission.
I try not to dwell on the past or roadkill
we all have our issues, they bother me still
I'm often quite stubborn, and always a pill
but once in a while now, I listen.

And it's
all of my fault
this trouble I'm in
I'm screwing up things
and I KNOW it's a SIN
but I
to do something
right for a change!

Sept. 10, 2001. I was scheduled to work a double shift at my client's home, which meant an all nighter. The job was in Rumson NJ, not far from the ferry from Atlantic Highlands to NYC. We would often take a drive up the Atlantic Highlands with our client to get a view of the NYC skyline. He had been a well known banker in the city years before and had been decorated, so to speak, and hightly praised for his genious in saving the city from bankruptsy back in the 80s. Us nurses were really proud of our VIP, who had his own table at the 'Top of the World'. He had celebrated his 80th birthday there....a mentor of Jon Corzine. He was a lovely Democrat, a libral as I understood it. No matter, he tolerated me just fine, a role model for all liberals and I basked in his kindness. It wasn't his accomplishments that we loved, so much as his courage,dignity, patience and wonderful personality and humor which never left him thoughout his battle with illness. We love him still. Did I mention I had my oil changed? Yeah, the additive they put in the oil, an engine cleaner caused the sludge to break up in the oil pan and sending a steady flow of emboli to the transmission, killing it rather swiftly. I didn't know it at the time but I felt it was so suspicious that I hired House to check it out and those were his findings. He's another one....

Sept. 11, 2001. Because of the Jiffy Poop destruction, my hasbund at the time had to drive the 40 miles to my work the next morning to bring me home. It was around 7:30 that he arrived and we decided to stop on the way home and get a bagel on this beautiful September morning. I noticed the front page of the Asbury Park Press and remember thinking how nothing was really going on. The front page had some article about the investigations into Ciba Geigy plant. Anyway, Al dropped me off at home and I went to bed and he off to work. About an hour later from a deep sleep, the phone rang. My mother, telling me turn on the TV...something was going on.


Josie said...

Your tale of your ex often being annoyingly right,reminds me so much of me and my father... as I get older I'm learning too, to sometimes listen. But still, it can be so defeating to try to accomplish something on your own based on what you feel is a good decision, and have it go bad - leaving someone to say "I told you so."

Sept. 11th certainly put your Sept. 10th problems into perspective, didn't it?

JohnB said...

a repeated motif to be sure gina...all us humans never change.

Anonymous said...

hahah HASBUND!!!! you keep me rolling on the floor. Mind me asking? what is the " BUND" part? More Like a HASBEEN!hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

"Jiffy Poop"- ya should have sued the fatherless sons!

the 9/11 smoke screen put everything into perspective.

Gina said...

Bund is the bond which was undone.

Has been undone= hasbund.

A good man, but still bund. We have a certain bond, more of a friendship that we always had. Better than marriage. Bund.

Gina said...

I can only go so far in the legal process before I poop out. Can't sustain the emotional energy. I never think i will get anything...but you are right I ought to have persued it.