Friday, 27 April 2007

hind sight

Suddenly something occurred in my soul
I didn't quite know what had happened and so
I stood here in silence and at the same time
realized you'd gone away.
Never before had I felt so alone
not that it mattered for I have a phone
I've always been fine when there's nobody home
And so I knew I'd be okay.

I did what I do when I'm wanting to rest
climbed up the stairs to my billowy nest
let out a sigh and then wondered why
I'm caught up in something I dread.
This life can be sweet even when it's insane
just look at our faces, not bothered with pain
nobody pointed us to the right train
so we all jumped the short bus instead.

I lay here and wonder how prisoners escape
how smart men can think they evolved from an ape
and how is it that I am now caught on this tape
when the answer is right here to see.
Mistaking my ignorance for a sweet smile
you followed me off the bus for a while
we never spoke much, but we'd walk the last mile
I loved you more than you loved me.

Somebody saw us there, watching that day
two little slow-pokes without much to say
in want of a plan, well our lives got away
and suddenly I'm on my own.
Taking my life in my hands but I'd pray
Father, please guide me, I know not the way
Always too quick at the gate, and the play,
but the 'hard way', I learned on my own.


Josie said...

How well I know this journey. Praying that the ultimate outcome of "this fine mess" will be a life more joyful and contented than you ever could have dreamed of!

JohnB said...

Gina, I wanted to thank you for the visit over at my place first of all.

but this poem is multi-varied, shifting and changing in feel and thought, like a chameleon; such as life is...

angelissima said...

This life can be sweet even when it's insane
just look at our faces, not bothered with pain
nobody pointed us to the right train
so we all jumped the small bus instead.

OH THIS IS PERFECT!! Story of our lives.

Gina said...

Thank you for your refreshing words of encouragment. I seem to bubble over with self loathing during life's aggitation cycle.
Most of the trouble we make for ourselves seems come from stinkin' thinkin', and positive words can completely change our perspective and give us HOPE. Yours are like sunshine for lives that have been trough the wringer. Hey could alway be worse! God Bless you!


I found you at 'Finding my Voice', and though i only read a couple of your most recent posts,
I think you are a natural...Loved your descriptive style. Funny man.

This was an exploration of what happens without direction, a transient's poem....'shifting and changing in feeling and thought'. That's BS..Wait, that's me! Sometimes I just allow the structure of the poem lead me but most of the time I get a melody in my head and write the lyrics to it.
This one had a melody written by Sarah Groves.


One time, we were all piled into the Chevy station wagon ( the one I later totaled the first time out) and everybody started smelling dog crap. My mom says," Everybody check your shoes". Of course, It was me with he load of crap wedged in the grooves of my sneakers. She pulled over in front of a 7-11 and I recall clearly sittin on the curb with a stick digging the crap out while my siblings laughed at me.

Life just continued on that way...stepping from one crap pile to the next...NOT TRUE, but this ism my mindset. Steppin in stinky stuff which are life's challanges, crying and laughing about it.

Thanks for appreciating. I love your blog. The toenail piece was the BEST. THEE BEST.

April 28, 2007 7:45 AM

Dana Dane said...

wow i FEEL this poem...thanks for I ask how you found me...i can't wait to dive in and lurk your blog

Gina said...

Dana, you were on Josie's links...
lurk all ya like, just alot of poems. Youre is more like a funhouse.

Thanks for popping in.