Thursday, 19 April 2007

trashy confession

Taking out the garbage
just the other day
I noticed stuff in there
Maybe I shouldn't throw away.

I do declare that several bottles
missed 'Recycle' bin
I looked away and thought out loud,
"Come on, it's really no big sin".

Then I thought
of how, it's true, I rarely separate
It all goes out, it's all for naught
let's skip the big debate.

Around here things are done on time
and always by the book
Mom tends to save and organize
so you'll never need to look.

A place for everything she says
and all is in it's place
so it comes as no surprise
our garbage shows no trace~

Of things that don't belong there
such as plastic, glass and such
I try to mind the rules you see
but sometimes it's just too much

To find the will to break a habit
and so they get my usual rant~
There's an overload of recycleables
down at the recycling plant.

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