Saturday, 21 April 2007



your'e the queena
my cold morning
Sweet Farina
Cream of Wheat without adorning
and no one makes it like my mom
who has a knack
for food transforming
she melts the butter in a lake
and the mountains are so warming

Semolina, Semolina,
Semolina I love you

Sweet Wheatina
how you stick with me
all morning
in the steama
from the pot
us kids were swarming
and we loved the one who
got us up
and sent us bundled off
to school
well you made us feel
much happier
since the lunch was not as cool

My Semolina
I love you

well you're the queena
my cold morning
and i do dreama
bout how far you came
to warm me
cause your the creama
all the crops
that are grown
out in Italy
and I'm thankin' God for
every grain that came
from you to me.

Semolina, I love you
Semolina, I love you

"Wheatina and Cream of Wheat
From the box, water sugar, salt, butter
Warm, delicious and simple with a large chunk of butter melting on top. Always perfect. The wheatina was taken a bit sweet and the cream of wheat was always buttery and salty. Nothing fancy, no dried or fresh fruit ever came near of these breakfasts."


angelissima said...

Cream of Wheat was my fav. Never a big fan of the Wheatina.

Gina said...

yeah, Ang. I was reaching with that one. The cooking time seemed to take a little longer and had a bit of a cardboard flavor....and those brown flecks...mmmmm i don't know....

Anonymous said...

Granny knew we fought over the lumps- those were the glory days....

Gina said...

i loved the lumps too.