Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Guess who...

I'm walkin' along
I hear him sing and get a skip in my step
I have to watch it cause I'm getting a rep
for acting crazy when I'm walking along

I got his song
and nothing else is makin' me tingle
not just the just the melody but also the jingle,
and so amazing all this talent of his
he's a wonder, 'bout the best that there is

and when I'm blue
his voice can reach me in the worst places
he bears the burden and he ties up my laces
and then he lifts me like the sun in his song

Just like he's with me when I'm walking along.


Josie said...

Ahh, so I was right then about who you are talking about here (though I won't say his name and spoil the curiosity of other readers). He was my first husband's favorite, I've still got some of those early songs embedded in my memory. I like some of his newer things too -age has a mellowing effect on most folks, sorta like good wine!

Gina said...

I couldn't make out what he was sayin for a while. And then I heard the new CD.