Wednesday, 30 May 2007

high tide

High tide is making it's way to my door
and I, on the sand, feel the waves pound the shore
you're pulling me out and I'm wanting you more
and it's high time,'cuz high tide is coming~

I wait on the boardwalk where movies were shown
a hundred years later I silence my own
take a ride down to Edgars and play on my phone
well it's high time you called and I'm humming~

High tide. wait for the high tide
wait Love, see what it brings
shells on the sand, and not all are broken
rare beach glass and HEY, my heart strings!

And when I am lonely I go to the sea
I wait for the high tide, it won't wait for me
and I grab onto someone whose grabbing for me
feelin' high 'cuz ice water is numbing~

We swim out there longing and wait for the ride
we speak of excitment and full of our pride
and we take from each other, whatever's inside
and you, on my heart strings, are strumming~

We're out past the breakers, it's easy to be
but one day you find that you need to break free
and I'm out there alone, but not scary for me
riding waves and I know how to milk 'em~

Weary I let that old ride take me in
I float with the current, don't bother to swim
pretty soon I'm washed up on the sand, for the WIN
and like high tide, I wore out my welcome~

Low tide is awesome we all need a break~
we give till it hurts and quite often we take
and it's all for the best, find those treasures and rest
cuz it's low tide.... but high tide is coming!

High tide. wait for the high tide
wait Love, see what it brings
shells on the sand, and not all are broken
Rare beach glass and HEY, my heart strings!


Josie Two Shoes said...

Yeah...Gina's back home...I missed your posts! Love this one Gina, and I can sure feel it. Yup, low tide is ok, 'cuz we know it won't last. N' how about that beautiful moon coming up tonight?

Gina said...

uh oh, too late. You got me started....
Mr Fool Moon, Dadunt dunt dunt... shine a light on all of us crazies, we love ya cuz yer foolish and lazy....and you do it for attention and news....

Sparkling on the water. mmmm mmmm

Oh man....I am going there now.
Thanks Josie!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Oooh, full moon over the water... nothing more beautiful...ENJOY!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Like the poem or is it a song? Anyway like it very much. I think you are a very creative individual. I shall be a regular visitor to your site.

Gina said...

Hey~ Thanks for the compliment, Lone Squirrel! Glad you like it. I love when people like my poems and songs!!!

High Tide is a song. Could be a poem too. Most of them come to me on a melody that suits my mood at the moment. Many are inspired by other melodies that are playing in my head at the time.

Do you write poetry? I've been away and will have to stop over. Or join us for tea and Krimpets? I fancy myself English, though there's not a drop in me...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Well, I used to write a lot when I was in school but had a very bad experience when my headmaster considered one of my poems disloyal to the school and subversive. I had not written since until I started blogging. You can follow my faltering steps if you visit my site and click on the link for poetry.

To me, writing songs is way cool. never tried it except for parody.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Teacher! Leave Lone Squirrel alone!

All in all, Headmaster's just another brick in the wall.