Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Mr. Moon ( in iambic pentameter)

Not quite but almost to the tune of Dylan's "Spirit on the Water". Just watch the bouncing ball.

(1- 2- 3- 4- 1- 2) Hey Mr. Moon ( dadunt dunt dunt)
shine a light on all of our blues (dadunt dunt dunt)
we passed around the bottle of gueze (dadunt dunt dunt)
while lookin' down at skuffied up shoes (dadunt dunt dunt dunt dadee)

hey Mr. Moon-(dadunt dunt dunt)
your gettin' on my hormonal rythym ( da dunt dunt)
my chemi hemi-spherical schizm
reacting to your lunar deluge

so strike up the band (dadunt dun dun)
won't ya shine a light on all of us crazies
we love you cuz your foolish and lazy
and you do it for attention and news(dadunt dun dun, dumpedy dun)

::well your the orchestrated leader
of the criminally insane
and the bona fide heater
of the hearts on lovers lane
and what's it to ya anyway
just what all do ya gain
when ya push the tides around
and do a number on my brain::

Mr. Moon! (dadunt dunt dunt)
I hope you come around real soon ( dadunt dunt dunt)
I'll try to write a song for the sun ( dadunt dunt dunt)
who keeps a dark old rock in his fun ( dadunt dunt dunt duntety)

Mr. Fool Moon ( Budunt dunt) un-
aware that you're a pain in my rump (badunt dunt)
keep the rhythym 'til we're over hump~
'cuz you know I like the light of your lump ( badunt dunt dunt bumpety oh)

Mr. Moon i love you,
Mr. Moon i love you,
Mr. Moon
i love you,
Mr. Moon.
Gueze (gooze): Beer term for a blend of young and old lambics.

which by the way, ryhymes with Iambic pentameter:


Josie said...

I love this, it's makin me smile! :-)

angelissima said...

Devil MOON!

angelissima said...

I Wish I Were In Love Again
by Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart
(from the musical - Babes in Arms)

The sleepless nights - the daily fights
The quick toboggan - when you reach the heights
I miss the kisses - and I miss the bites
I wish I were in love again

The broken dates - the endless waits
The lovely loving - and the hateful hates
The conversation - with the flying plates
I wish I were in love again

No more pain - no more strain
Now I'm sane - but I would rather be punched - drunk

The pulled out fur - of cat and cur
The fine mismating - of a him and her
I've learned my lesson - but I wish I were
In love again

The furtive sigh - the blackened eye
The words: "I love you - 'til the day I day"
The self deception - that believes the lie
I wish I were in love again

When love congeals - it soon reveals
The faint aroma - of performing seals
The double-crossing - of a pair of heals
I wish I were in love again

No, no more care - no, no despair
Now I'm all there (now) - but I'd rather be puncdrunk

Believe me sir - I much prefer
The classic battle - of a him and her
I don't like quiet - and I wish I were
In love again - in love again - in love again

Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart, 1957

Gina said...


JohnB said..., you write music as well? i could hear this melodically within my mind, like a dream of a darkened stage, battered tables stained with rye and ale gone warm from the persistent mesmerizing...

angelissima said...

whoa! cool.

Gina said...

JohnB- that was written to the Bob Dylan's 'Spirit on the Water'. A little different, but I tend to listen to the same songs over and over until I wake up with it on my brain so it seems natural that my thoughts and these songs in my head would collide.

Gina said...

I love those old songs from musicals. :)

Gina said...

JohnB- can HEAR the melody AND you SEE the scenery?

you don't see dead people do ya?

Anonymous said...

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT WORK G-GIRL! Embrace the very thing that gives you so much pain. It's always been the Moon & PMS that are the root cause of much lunicy & delerium- The moon tuggs on the tidal pools of our minds- I know you are convinced of this- Interesting Fact: Do you know that Jesus died on the cross on a full moon? He had to- it was a prophecy He had to fullfill, lining up with the Jewish lunar calandar Passover celebration. He became our Passover Lamb-as we place the Blood of the Lamb over the door posts of our lives, (JUst as God told Moses to do to save his people & convince the Egyptian king to let his people go)we do it Spiritually speaking today,& the angel of death passes over us & our loved ones- and we are not harmed- we also get to enter into the promised land-( what could that mean?: " all of His promises are YES and amen" the bible says.
Now and after death-" He did it all at the cross- Bought our healing in His own body, took the keys of death and Hell away from satan-set the captives free-and He now sits At the Father God's right side ( the Place of authority) and makes constant intercession for us- Jesus said after His ressurection: "I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am you might be also- In my Father's house there are many mansions-" I go to prepare a place for you." AND HE IS COMING BACK!! any day- He is faithful and true and he is always on time! How's that for unconditional love- we just receive the gift & unwrap it, & enjoy!- "His mercies are new every morning!" we are only responsible for what He gives us-1 day at a time-what a gift each new day is- aren't you glad!! I'm Delerious!- Let me check out this window and see if it's a full moon out.... Well I'll be!

Gina said...

Amen and Amen!