Monday, 14 May 2007

concerning the morning

Concerning the morning, I'd sleep right on through
and not ever see it or drink in the dew
but for some silly reason I cannot explain
my eyes fluttered open without any strain
and in the position I happened to lie

I could look up and take in clearest blue sky
the window was open, the sweet smell of spring
wafts in on the breeze while the birds sweetly sing
I could easily remain here and let myself drift
but something inside calls for more of this gift

I pull myself out of that place of soft warming
and sit on the edge of clear consiousness forming
Still in my flannels I pull on a sweater
slip into my clogs and now feeling much better

walk down to the door and out on the deck
these babies need planting, I say, what the heck
dig into cool dirt, without much of a care,
and plant my petunias in the flower box there.

I let my mind rest as I breathe in fresh air
the rising sun filters through forests back there
I remember the 'red sky at dawn' weather warning
and ponder the beauty concerning the morning.


Josie said...

I could almost feel the morning as you describe it - very peaceful and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!! brought a smal tear to my left eye. thank you G-

angelissima said...

Your new background is incredible!
Where did you find it?
The poem? One of your best!

Josie said...

I love the new background too, G. Perfectly suited to your poems, and so very pretty!

BayonneMike said...

Gina stealing a page from Xmastime who stole it from Tinsel and Rot? Say it ain't so!

Gina said...

Josie- You just get everything, don't you? That's exactly how it felt. I loved that poem you wrote about your marriage...the repost. You have a gift for descriptive writing. Have you written any other poetry or prose?

Annon. The left eye...too much! I will work on that other one.
"Beloved meets Truth"....

Thanks Ang, I stole it from Omastime and Tinsel and Rot and Jack Pitzer,and....

Mike- yeah, well, what can I say? the man's an inspiration. Besides it went with the southern style... I don't know about no Tinsel and Rot....have to check that out... Ever hear of Howellbama?

BayonneMike said...

Ain't never heard of no Howellbama? Is it a band? Or a new section of Howell? Let me guess. It's near Ramtown hee hee hee.

Gina said...

yeah well, it's near Bricktucky, and all us Ramtown Une-shots are feudin' with ya'll Salem-Hillbillies.