Thursday, 10 May 2007

just that into you

It's been a while,
and I can't stay too long
just not my style
don't wanna tag along
I lost your number
but hey, don't take it wrong
It's in the book,
you're off the hook, Fong Wong.

So is it true?
No longer with Val now?
And what is this~
She broke your heart somehow?
erased your ringtone
and closed the book you say?
Hello, my friend
try reading this today...

Yeah, 'She's Just
That Into You'
and it's high time honey
that you saw it too
you've got nothing left to say or do
but complain. what a drain~
Momma's just that into you
and when you get it, Eddie
you'll be drowning blue
but if you let it, Eddie
time will pull you through
though it burns your heart with pain.

I see your face,
and it's a haggard sight
you wanna cry
and I just think you might
but underneath
is a heart that's real
and it won't get tarnished
'cuz it's stainless steel~
And it won't get crushed
maybe bruised and busted
but not mangled up or bloody rusted.

Get it straight
and make it understood
she's moved out, brotha
from your neighborhood
she's taken off
she's taken up indeed
she's not your type
so suck it up and bleed!

Yeah, Wang Chung's
just that into you
the old mare's
just that into you
and when you get it, honey
you'll be drowning blue,
and then your ol' steel heart
will split in two

and from your wounds,
not even gushing words
can glue
jagged edges back together.
Given time,
your eyes are gonna see
past blinding tears of stinkin' misery
you'll see to thank her later for setting you free
baby, you can sail through stormy weather.

Be glad she's gone
was something of a hick
maybe someday, brotha
something's gonna click
that the woman was plainly very sick
hard facts turn fiction, when you're with a chick~

And when you wandering
through love's valley of tears
and you pondering
your own secret fears
look for your writing
it's there on the wall~
well your just NOT
into her at all!

Heres to you~
'Not That Into Her'
and damn, that's nasty
count it as a slur~
but when you get it right
the thing your'e falling for
will be good and sometimes sad~
And then you'll know
she's truly into you
It's something strong
that makes you stick like glue
and it's the same for her
as it is for you
and it's the best you've ever had.

PS. Well meaning friends are always good for some painfully soothing advice.


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Gina said...

Ha! It was my R&B/rap best....I was inspired by that kid in front of the M&Ms store in Times Square- "News Report" was my fave.

Maybe I will write in a climactic chorus with a scale change. Manilow it.