Saturday, 12 May 2007

lights my ways

To the tune of Bob Dylan's "Thunder on the Mountain" (Modern Times)

Was thinking 'bout my life and how it's gonna be
I left it up to God, He put it back on me
well I'm lookin' for direction, I'm just an average Jane
don't like all these decisions, the unknown mystifies my brain.

I pondered over all the things I've gone and done before
thought I could walk on water, knocked on every door
and nothing much was scary, and nothing much was out of place
Well I walked by faith, and left the rest to Grace.

I'm thinking that my life here is beyond halfway
I find myself with bills I can't afford to pay
well playing hard is easy yeah, but paying back is hard to do
And tracing all my steps, seems they somehow led me back to You.

When I said that I would follow, wasn't hard to do~
I stayed away from magic, idols, and taboo
and doing the right thing, the only thing that mattered
You planted the Word, and by the wind those seeds were scattered.

Turned my back on old religion, not the way for me
well you can have your catachism and your rosary
never being sure your gonna get into the promised land,
God showed how much He loved us when He took the nails in his hand.

Your raised me out of darkness way before I'm dead
left the puzzle all undone, and lit the way instead
I'm thinking again, but far much higher this time
It's not my will but yours that I am hoping to find.

I've got some time to spend and time is on my hands
I wanna do your will and follow your commands
I know it's not by might, and not by useless power
But by your spirit I will serve to my last hour.

And as I'm on my way, just doing what I do
I'm gonna try my best and kiss it all to you
Well I make mistakes and I've seen some wicked days
but out of every darkness, your faithful love, it lights my ways.


Josie said...

Amen to this one, ditto for me too! At some point in our lives we hopefully come back to what we deep down know was real all along. Nothing lasts forever, except the grace of God.

Gina said...

Yeah, Josie. Glad you get it!

I know it's gonna be okay. Learning to let go, trust and relax. Baby steps.