Friday, 18 May 2007

paintin' days and Fridays

Painting on the walls and feelin' bad
Sometimes I must pretend
as if it really seems to blend
Rollin' around~
Gonna have to sand this mound
painting days and Fridays always get me down.

What I bought, they can't match up the hue
something in the mix was wrong
they sold it to me for a song
Rollin' around
the color's dryin' into brown
painting days and Fridays always get me down.

Funny~ but it seems I always wind up with a mess
thought it smart to get a steal
Funny but it seems I always find I must digress
Go back and buy the real deal.

What I feel my dad puts into words
No need to balk and shout
He knows what I'm all about
shoppin' around
save a penny, lose a pound
painting days and Fridays always get me down.


Josie said...

Too funny Gina... I'm laughing here on this very rainy Friday in New Mexico! Sounds like you got a case of the lowdown painting girl blues... or is that browns? :-) Bet you won't wanna see any paint or wallpaper again any time soon! Love ya, Josie

Gina said...

:-) So that would make you a New Mexican?

My painting browns. The color was supposed to be a latte like the background here but it turned out to be a mauvey dusky shade almost a lavender. Not bad. I wonder if we had the right base. It's okay. Crown molding and white woodwork are very forgiving and a nice area rug will pull the room together.

Rain is good when you have to stay in and work! Right?

Josie said...

Ahh, good deduction Gina! :-) Yup, for going on 28 years. The rain was ok, I was out playing in it running errands and such. Nice chilly night - good to curl up in bed with a book. Bet I'd love your new room color, sounds a lot like what we've done to our offices and halls. White trim always makes rooms look classy! Did you get finished?

Anonymous said...

spackle and sanding is the hardest part on those old walls.Sounds like an interesting color-Ya know mom always likes a little lavender hue in the mix & yes, white trim will class it up. I'm sure it will be appreciated. :)