Friday, 31 October 2008

Rise Above

There was a time
I was a child
and I could clmb
the wooded wild
and see out over treetops
way beyond this place called home
Now I am grown
can barely climb
but give me time
and I will find
another way to rise above
and see beyond this poem

The paths I loved
when I was nine
are overgrown
with thorny vine
and streams beside
which I would sit
polluted now
and hardly fit
but give me time
and I will find
another path a sparkling stream
which winds around and satisfies
a quiet place
where I can dream.

Where there's a will
there is a way
there is a path
that's yours today
and if you come upon
a place that somehow seems impassable,
the answer still
the same today
That if you ask
and if you pray
the things you hope for
come what may
will rarely seem impossible.

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