Friday, 27 March 2009

Forgive me for not saying so but...

I'm keepin' all these things inside
yet saying so, guess I can't hide
but you don't really need to know
so what's to talk about?
And it's early to bed and early to rise
and what I keep back, well that's no big surprise
just one less thing I'm offering
the world to think about~

it's better for you that I've saved you the time
and kept 'em as drafts 'cause they're privately mine
well I'm not always open though often I find
in my heart that I'm secretly smitten~
but who really cares what I've got on my plate
and who'sit said what about what's her name's mate
and before I can write it, it's yesterday's news
and the views, none are wise that I've written~

so I'll pick out a few since I can't take no mo
and read all you've got, like you're some kind of show
a daily soap opera I'd rather not miss
save the kiss and the bliss or be dissin~
And though you tube is boobery, still I can choose
what I'd rather be hearing without any dues
if I need a good cry, I can tune into blues
and bawl my eyes out or just listen~

Hang onto your hat, you can meet me for lunch
I'm easy, but don't get your briefs in a bunch
it's true and you knew that I rarely say much
but somehow I can make myself clear~
just give me a call, you can drop me line
I'm better in person, when feeling quite fine
my knickers are twisted, at times in a pinch,
I'm a wench but I'll always be near~

I'll wrap up this poem with a quaint little line
it's good to say nothin' with so little time
then maybe the words that I use though they rhyme
will be ones that your wanting to hear~

or not.

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