Thursday, 30 April 2009

Some Folks Say

Some folks say, and some will disagree
what's true for you, may not be true for me
from what I've seen, of what is shown
and what I've gleaned, from what is known
we draw our own conclusions, naturally.

Some folks say I'm simple in my mind
childlike, gee thanks, you're all too kind
tongue in cheek, I'm kind of mean,
a rotten streak lies in between
the butt of jokes, whose heart was left behind.

Some folks say 'you're better off alone'
sleep in late, and don't pick up the phone
I say nay, it's better still
to sweeten up that bitter pill
and find yourself a lover of your own.

Some folks say my mood swings are severe
much less though, when drowning in my beer
I say nay, and here I am,
up and down and round again
life's a ride, don't hide, the Lord is near.

Some folks say poem is just a song
lyrics without melody, which beg to sing along
I say nay, le ding without
le dong leaves more to think about
and in the end, my friend, shalom shalong.

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